My Journey With Astrology, The Moon & Tarot

I would like to hold my hands up and confess my undying, unconditional love for the moon, a constant reminder that we too go through phases – they too shall pass. My journey is just beginning, I have so much to learn still, yet I feel this urge to share a small glimpse into my journey so far. Whilst I am a reader, someone who is hopelessly in love with words and fictional worlds, I’ve also begun to fall in love with parts of the real world. The really small things, like the way the sunlight looks on a foggy morning or how the sunset paints the sky in shades of pinks and purples.Read More »

Ways To Improve Your Book Blog To Gain Followers, Increase Engagement & Tips For Small Book Blogs (Celebrating 1K Followers!)

Increasing your following, engagement and overall stats of your book blog isn’t easy. Never mind when you’re a newbie/small blogger, feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to be doing. The points I’m sharing today, are ones which have helped me, throughout my 3 years as a book blogger. I’ve split up the main three sections, with subsections within so we can dive a bit deeper into the how’s, what’s and why’s. I hope this post can help you out but a reminder that you should be having fun when blogging!

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Why You Should Be Striving For Quality Content Over Quantity

In my early days of blogging, I thought I needed to be creating multiple posts a week to get engagement. Whilst I wasn’t totally wrong, I’ve learned a lot in my 3 years of blogging, one of the things I’ve learned is quality > quantity. It can be very easy to fall into this hustle like culture, even with a book blog, where we make no money but it’s like a second job. You fall into this grind, you find your flow and many of us have experienced it with our blogs. The dizzying highs where we felt like we’d never run out of content to the dark lows where we consider quitting forever.

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How My Formatting Has Evolved In 3 Years Of Blogging ft Sharing My Formatting System

I can’t believe I’m about to immortalise my old formatting for years to come in screenshots. Future me is already cringing at this. Something that’s hugely important with the creation of posts, is the formatting of them, how they’re laid out. Have I always had aesthetically pleasing formatting? No…although eventually it will appear that way because I intend to reformat every single post so it matches. Grab a cuppa friends, as I’m about to take you down memory lane and explain my formatting process as it changed.

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Why I’m Changing How I Buy And Consume Books

Your paperback loving gal is planning to cross into the side of eBooks. I love physical books like most readers, they give me great satisfaction to see them sitting in my room. I just don’t want to see every books I’ve ever read in my room because some books I could quite happily punch and throw out the window. I promise no book of mine has actually been thrown out the window

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Imagine A Book Blogger On Their Blogoversary

My blog’s officially 3 years old! With that being said there are so many ways for us to celebrate our blogoversaries. Some of us choose to do a special type of post, often taking the form of a q&a, others do a lessons learned type of post…the possibilities are endless ok. Today’s imagine will be looking at the various forms a blogoversary can take, virtual cake may be involved friends.

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Celebrating 3 Years Of Blogging With A Long Q&A (Including My Thoughts On BTS, Favourite Posts I’ve Written And More)

Happy birthday to my blog! I’m gonna make this intro as short as possible, this post is over 5k words long and I am so sorry. You may need to grab a warm beverage and snacks of your choice, as I’m gonna be chatting about a variety of topics. We’ve got bookish questions, general/lifestyle questions and blogging questions and they’re split into those sections. I hope this post helps y’all learn a bit more about me and satisfies your curiosity hehe. 

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