The Great Alaskan Race Tag (#BEwinter19)

Tags are my kryptonite. One of a few. I hoard these lovlies like there may be a tag shortage at some point in the next lifetime and instead of working on my own mountain of tags…I’ll do this fun tag. I love huskies and so this tag was a YES for me from the start! 

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Imagine A Bookdragon In A Blackout During A Snowstorm (#BEwinter19)

Snowstorms don’t happen in England, we can barely cope with a light sprinkling snow, no seriously…we grind to a halt and start throwing grit everywhere for fear of our lives. We just fail at being prepared for weather that’s the tea. When we do have a decent amount of snow though, we do quite literally break as a country but what do the bookdragons get up to during a snowstorm? What if there was a blackout too? 

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Bookending Winter 2019 Announcement!

Snow is already falling for some of us, which means Bookending Winter is right around the corner! December is bringing you some wintry fun as our Winter event takes place all month long, we’ve got some awesome prompts lined up, twitter chats planned out and much more! Thank you Sam @ Fictionally Sam as always, for being my partner in all things, these events wouldn’t be possible without Sam and I working together. 

These events are open to all book bloggers – so if you’re a book blogger looking for something fun to get involved in – keep reading!
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