Bookending Winter 2020: Announcement

I am beyond excited to announce that Bookending Winter will be happening friends, if you’re a book blogger looking to get more involved in the community. Find new blogs to hop to and generally have some fun this Winter, look no further friends! These events are co-organised by myself and the wonderful Sam @ Fictionally Sam, who is my partner in crime. Huge love for Sam and of course all our hosts for this seasons event. Whether you’re a new book blogger, seasoned or your recently back from a hiatus, we hope you can find something in this event which you can join in with!

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Ways To Improve Your Book Blog To Gain Followers, Increase Engagement & Tips For Small Book Blogs (Celebrating 1K Followers!)

Increasing your following, engagement and overall stats of your book blog isn’t easy. Never mind when you’re a newbie/small blogger, feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to be doing. The points I’m sharing today, are ones which have helped me, throughout my 3 years as a book blogger. I’ve split up the main three sections, with subsections within so we can dive a bit deeper into the how’s, what’s and why’s. I hope this post can help you out but a reminder that you should be having fun when blogging!

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Why You Should Be Striving For Quality Content Over Quantity

In my early days of blogging, I thought I needed to be creating multiple posts a week to get engagement. Whilst I wasn’t totally wrong, I’ve learned a lot in my 3 years of blogging, one of the things I’ve learned is quality > quantity. It can be very easy to fall into this hustle like culture, even with a book blog, where we make no money but it’s like a second job. You fall into this grind, you find your flow and many of us have experienced it with our blogs. The dizzying highs where we felt like we’d never run out of content to the dark lows where we consider quitting forever.

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How I Curate My Social Media Feeds And Tips For How You Can Too!

There is so much content around us to consume that it’s super easy to get lost in the noise of it all. By noise I’m talking when you’re endlessly scrolling through your feeds, randomly clicking videos on YouTube. It’s easy to get lost to the endless scrolling and lose so much time online. There’s an abundance of free content, waiting to be found by YOU. Whether you’re interested in blog posts, videos, photos or you’re more naturally prone, to conversing in a language of GIFs and 260 character limit tweets.
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Blogging Pressures We’ve Faced As Teens With Charvi @ Not Just Fiction

This post should’ve gone up months ago. Alas it’s here now so please, welcome one of my awesome friends to the blog, I love her to pieces and if you’ve not been to her blog yet. What are you doing?! It’s Charvi @ Not Just Fiction! Her blog content is honestly some of my favourite content and she’s such a sweet, lovely person too.

School is a pressure most teens have, whether we like it or not. Anyhoo, as teens we also face other pressures that can be unique to our age. Some of these pressures, will fade as we get closer to our 20’s others will still be here, because no matter our age, our background we are all under different pressures. 

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18 Tips To Juggle Your Life And Blog With Merv @ Merv Reads

Wheee so this is a special post for you guys, as Merv and I found out that our birthdays are next to each other. We figured instead of us just doing a post on our lonesome, we’d collab on two. One for my blog (the one you’re about to read) and one for her blog. So hi, I’m 18 today and below you will find 18 tips (9 from myself, 9 from Merv) on how to juggle blogging with your life. 

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Want To Guest Post On Book Dragons?

Interested? I hope so, cause I really want to feature you guys on here so now’s your chance! So after doing a post on whether I’d ever have a co-blogger, it caused me, to make up my mind that I did want to feature guest posts on here. Mainly cause I’m all about spreading the love, so guest posts is another way for me to do that for you guys.

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I will include the form link you need to fill out, to be able to be put on the list of people to have a guest post on my blog. Before you go fill it out keep in mind I am only accepting guest posts in the form of discussion posts. If you’re interested but are unsure about what topic to choose, all you gotta do is say you’re unsure on the topic, and ask for my suggestions 🙂

I will also be tweeting the link to this form regularly, so I’m hoping to get a few people involved. As I have an idea in my mind for this little segment. Anyhoo, if you’re interested fill out the form. I will be launching the guest posts as a new series, so hopefully it will be a nice addition to the blog and for you guys as well ❤

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Click here to fill out the form if you want to be put on the list for guest posts

Click here if you’ve not yet heard about my Blog Hopping Index

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I honestly can’t wait for these guest posts guys, I love discussions and I love reading discussions. So getting to do this, and also give you guys some exposure on my blog, is amazing and I’m so happy about it ❤ Also I do write guest posts for other blogs too 🙂 so feel free to reach out to me, if you’d like me to do a guest post for your blog