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Helloooo welcome to the page where you can easily find all original features on the blog! Something I enjoy doing is finding new ways to mesh my love of telling stories with the world of blogs, books and all things bookish. It’s a way to exercise my writing muscles and also provides you with some fun and relatable content to read!

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Bookworms Explained

“Bookworms Explained” is a series of posts, where I attempt to explain the behaviour and thoughts of a bookworm. If you’re a fellow bookworm, leave a comment at the end and tell me your thoughts on the topic. As something I will say, all bookworms have many similarities but we’ve also got our differences. There’s always the exception to the rule.

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Bookworms Explained: Why We Bring A Book Everywhere With Us

Bookworms Explained: Why We Play Hide The Floor

Bookworms Explained: Why Do We Spend Tons Of Money On Books That End Up Gathering Dust?

Bookworms Explained: (Stereotype Crunch) We’re Not Always An Introvert Who’s Shy And Wears Glasses

Bookworms Explained: The Old Age Question Of What’s Your Favourite Book And Why We Can NEVER Pick Just ONE

Bookworms Explained: How To Talk To Us

Bookworms Explained: Our Body Language Decoded

Bookworms Explained: Our Weird Logic Untangled

Bookworms Explained: That Never Ending Debate Over What Counts As A Book

Bookworms Explained: Spoilers Aren’t Hilarious

Bookworms Explained: Why We Reread When We Have a Never Ending TBR Pile

Bookworms Explained: Extroverted Bookworms (Guest Post)

Bookworms Explained: Why We Judge Books By Their Covers (We’re All Magpies Really)

Bookworms Explained: Why We have a Weird Love for Stationary

Bookworms Explained: Our Stressful Relaxation (Organising Shelves, Stressful Books…)

Bookworms Explained: Why We Endanger Our Books With Baths!

Bookworms Explained: You Shouldn’t Buy Anymore Books Until…

Dusting The Shelves (COMING SPRING/SUMMER 2021)

“Dusting The Shelves” is a new feature on Cuppa Clo! I’ll be sharing my thoughts, feelings and opinions on books I finally read, after they’ve been sat on my shelves collecting dust for years. The ‘shelves’ may be my physical book shelves and book cases OR my Goodreads/mental shelf on books I’ve been meaning to read for years.

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Dusting The Shelves: It Only Took Me 5 Years To Read The Lunar Chronicles

Dusting The Shelves: Finally Finishing The Throne Of Glass Series After 8 Years

Dusting The Shelves: Tackling The Red Queen Series After I ReRead The First Book Multiple Times

Dusting The Shelves: Getting Emotionally Destroyed By The Bone Witch


“Imagines” is what I dub these series of posts, where I take a topic and write an imagine themed around it, for you all to enjoy! They don’t have follow an order and can be read out of order, I hope you enjoy these posts, as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Imagine If Two Bookdragons Dated

Imagine A Bookdragon Dating A Human

Imagine If Two Bookdragons Got Married

Imagine If Two Bookstagrammers Met

Imagine A Reader In Mourning (#BEautumn19)

Imagine A Bookdragon In A Blackout During A Snowstorm (#BEwinter19)

Imagine A Book Blogger In The New Year

Imagine A Bookish Picnic With Your Friends (#BEspring20)

Island Adventures

“Island Adventures” is an interactive story, written by myself (Clo) and was inspired from a conversation on Bookish Collision, a discord server for the book community! Simply we got talking about if we could just portal to a deserted island and live there forever. Grab a snack, a cuppa and get comfy as anything’s possible at this island and YOU can vote to decide what happens next in the story!

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Island Adventures: Welcome To The Island & Choose The First Adventure!

Thank you so much for checking out this page! I hope you found a post/series you loved, make sure to follow my blog for more fun series and posts ranging from bookish topics to lifestyle themed posts. Hope you’re having a wonderful day wherever you are ❤