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This page is dedicated to all of my guest and collab posts elsewhere in the blogosphere. I’ll also do my best to keep it up to date. If you’d like me to guest/collab post with you, then feel free to reach out to me on twitter/instagram or discord if you’re also there! 

Guest Posts

Meet The Blogger on Naija Book Bae (Naija)

5 Reasons Why Love In Books Is Overrated guest post on Northern Plunder (Lauren)

A Slow Reader Or A Fast Reader: You’re Still A Reader! on Bookish Bibliophine (Ansia)

Why I Love Books (original poem written by me!) on Fannatality (Fanna)

Collaboration Posts

How Bloggers Write Their Posts collab post with Charvi @ Not Just Fiction

Roundtable Style Posts

round table style posts I categorise as having multiple bloggers coming together to contribute on a post, about a single topic/theme! 

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We’re All Successful Book Bloggers

Thank you for checking out my other posts elsewhere! Have a lovely day full of books and a good brew