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Guest Posts

5 Reasons Why Love In Books Is Overrated guest post on Northern Plunder (Lauren)

A Slow Reader Or A Fast Reader: You’re Still A Reader! on Bookish Bibliophine (Ansia)

Why I Love Books (original poem written by me!) on Fannatality (Fanna)

Book Reviewing 101 is a 3 part series, which is over on Foals, Fiction and Filgree! (Sheila)

#1 Reviewing All Books 
#2 How Important Are Star Ratings?
#3 Reviewing Backlist vs Hyped vs New Releases

Collaboration Posts

20 Things Blogging Has Taught Us collab post with Merv @ Merv Reads (this was in celebration of Merv turning 20, and me turning 18 the day before!)

Over On Bookwyrming Thoughts

Why I Started Planning Content For 2019 In October

Why It’s Ok To Fall Off The Blogosphere Now And Then

Should We Fight Or Surrender To The Reading Slump?

Three Love Cliches I’m Done With (And They Need To Die)

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