Island Adventures (Original Story)

COMING 2022/23

Island Adventures follows Lexi, our main character as she navigates an island full of book lovers who’ve all ended up there thanks to some magic. Together they must navigate the island, working together to build the island back into a prosperous and thriving place. Magic allows them creative freedom with the only limit being their imagination and one another. Love may bloom and secrets shall unfurl like the ferns along the forest. Perhaps they’ll turn the island into a book lovers haven?

This story was originally going to be interactive, however I got pretty overwhelmed at being able to prewrite it and schedule chapters ahead of time. Instead for the duration that I am actively posting this story in separate posts which act as a chapter. I will be putting up a poll over on my twitter and instagram to allow you readers to have some input on various choices the characters make.

This page will be updated with information and I will include updates in wrap up posts πŸ™‚