Guest & Collaboration Posts On Book Dragons

Hello and welcome, if you’re here then I’m assuming you’re interested in guest posting on my blog! Due to me being a huge lover of schedules, I do schedule in advance, which doesn’t always leave for a lot of wiggle room BUT I’m sure we can always figure something out.

Before I get into guest posting on my blog, be sure to check out Novel Newcomers if you started blogging in 2017 OR 2018. As that’s another way to possibly get onto either my blog, or Soph’s!

Now you may be wondering what a Guest Post is – how do they work? What’s it all about, well below is guest posting in a nutshell for you. I’m also open to collaboration posts, so if that’s something you’re interested in then keep reading.

Guest Post Breakdown

  • This is where you write a blog post to be posted onto someone else’s blog. You won’t be able to then post it on your blog, since that’d create duplicate content. Plus the whole idea, is to gain exposure and maybe have some fun writing a post?
  • In terms of how Guest Posts work with me, I’ll need you to write your post for the deadline set. Then email it to me ideally, email me the Google Doc with all links already in.
  • I ONLY ACCEPT discussion posts as a form of guest posting on Book Dragons. If you want to guest post, but aren’t sure on a discussion, then just reach out to me! I’m more than happy to help you out.

Collaboration Post Breakdown

  • This is where you and at least one other person, team up to write a blog post for one of your blogs.
  • You’ll agree on whose blog it’ll be posted on whilst working on it, in this case I’m more than happy to collab on a post with you, and for it to go on your blog! Equally I’m happy to have it on my blog 🙂
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a topic in mind for a collab post, we can talk through what we want to do a post on! (I don’t bite so if you’re new to blogging, you’re more than welcome to collab with me!)

So if either or both of these options appealed to you, then if you’d fill out this form, I’ll be in touch as soon as I’m able.

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