Graphics Disclaimer

Graphics created for my blog are made by myself, using CorelDraw 12. I may use base images from books owned by dad, to get a basic shape for a graphic. I’ll then edit, change it and style it to suit my style. Photos used in my featured images are all taken by me. (with the exception of Novel Newcomers which is a stock photo)

Book covers/DVD covers used in posts are either from Goodreads or Amazon, 9/10 they’re from Goodreads so I can match them to the edition I read.

I own the rights to the final graphics implemented on this blog, DO NOT use/copy the graphics onto your site, unless I’ve explicitly state a certain graphic may be put onto your site. (e.g Bookend Events – the logos were designed by myself but you are able to place them on your own blog in conjunction with the event)

Drawings and Writing

I may share photos of my drawings which I did by hand, those drawings belong to me, along with the photos. DO NOT repost the photos of my drawings elsewhere I may also share excerpts of some of stories, share the odd poem which was written by me. I’ll state whether something was written by me, and add in a disclaimer on the relevant post as well. If it’s not written by me I’ll give credit to the source.

Stories/poems/songs share on this blog which are written by myself, are owned by me along with the rights. If you see something written by me on someone else’s blog, I’ll have added in a disclaimer so you know I own the rights to that content and it should only appear on the blog it appears on.


All books reviewed/featured here on Cuppa Clo fall under the one/more of the following:

  • Bought by me with my own money/voucher
  • Gifted to me by friends/family
  • Borrowed from my library
  • Were requested for an honest review by either an author/publisher/PR

My reviews will state where I the book came from, if it doesn’t, they may be old posts of mine I’ve yet to get round to formatting.

This blog is my hobby, not my job, I’m not paid for my reviews nor my content. I get zero compensation, the only money. DO NOT request me to write a positive review of your book. If you’re interested in me reviewing your book on my blog, then please read my Review Policy.


All opinions on posts written by myself are my own, they’re not affected by the source. For any guest posts the opinions belong to the person guest posting not me. For collaboration posts, opinions shared in the post belong to myself if it’s a part I wrote OR the other person I collaborated with if it was a part they wrote.

Any posts which are guides/advice, tips & tricks are written based on my personal experience, the way I do things and got to certain milestones/accomplished things may not be the same route another will take.

Posts focusing on helping you with your writing again, are methods which worked for myself, as a writer who’s been writing for 7 years. I know what works for me, hopefully some of the knowledge I’ve gained will help you, if it doesn’t. Don’t worry, we all have our own methods for writing, we can all learn from another.

I retain ownership to ALL posts written by myself, if it’s a collaboration post then it’s joint ownership with the other blogger. Roundtable style posts which I’ve contributed to, aren’t owned by me but my thoughts/opinions are my own in those posts. Any guest posts ARE NOT OWNED BY ME. The blogger who wrote them, retains full ownership of the content they wrote, and are able to contact me should they wish for their guest post to be taken down.

If you want to quote something I’ve said in a post, share my post or one of my posts inspired you please link back to the appropriate post. Not only so as to credit me, but also I’ll probably blog hop to see the post I inspired.

Quotes, infographics etc will be captioned with a link to the source, if I use any.

page last updated 12/07/20