Books That Touched My Heart This Decade

It’s kinda crazy that’s we start a new decade next year. It also got me thinking and reflecting on the past decade, all the things I’ve done, how I’ve grown and changed. As well as all the books I’ve read, how they shaped me, allowed me to escape and grow. Today I wanted to share some of the books I’ve read in the past decade where the stories stayed with me, long after I turned that final page.

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Series I Started This Decade And Still Haven’t Finished

I love a good series like any other bookdragon. I’m also excellent at leaving series unfinished, whilst I was working on another post which you’ll see on my blog near to the end of the month. I realised how many series I’ve started this decade and have yet to finish, which inspired this post. I’ll no doubt forget to include some series but I’ll be compiling this list to the best of my knowledge. (I also fully intend to make a spread in my bujo to help me try and finish all these series)

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Bookending Winter 2019 Announcement!

Snow is already falling for some of us, which means Bookending Winter is right around the corner! December is bringing you some wintry fun as our Winter event takes place all month long, we’ve got some awesome prompts lined up, twitter chats planned out and much more! Thank you Sam @ Fictionally Sam as always, for being my partner in all things, these events wouldn’t be possible without Sam and I working together. 

These events are open to all book bloggers – so if you’re a book blogger looking for something fun to get involved in – keep reading!
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