About Me


*sips tea*

Welcome to my humble den, where a book dragon resides along with her friends. Hi there *waves* I don’t bite, promise. I’m Clo a sarcastic book dragon who lives in England, UK. Ahem, and yes I do fall into a lot of British stereotypes, the main one being my love of tea.

  • Zephyrus (Zephy) is our German Shepherd and yes that’s me and him in the photo at the top
  • I’m working on a WIP that I’m super excited about, it’s Urban Fantasy and the main character has a GSD hehehe
  • I identify as bisexual
  • I’m currently 19 (I still want my ticket back to 18-dom)
  • I was born in the Year of the Dragon
  • I love astrology and recently started to get back into it, in a BIG way as well as learning about the moon phases and the effect the moon has on us
  • Zodiac Info: Sun is Scorpio, Moon is Capricorn, Ascendant is Leo

My love of reading can’t be traced to one specific point, as I’ve always had books in my life, always been reading. However my love of writing, actually stems from reading Jacqueline Wilson books. From there I realised I wanted to write to allow people to know they’re heard, that they are valid and yes we see you. From 11, I started writing books, gradually dabbling in poetry and at 15 I branched into creating lyrics.

This blog is home to my thoughts, opinions on books, sometimes the odd film/TV series as well as other people’s thoughts and opinions. When they pop in for a cuppa and take over for a day (want to take over my blog for a day? Check out if I’m accepting guest posts!)

As well as posting on Book Dragons, my soul has been indefinitely kidnapped by Soph, meaning you can also find me over at Bookwyrming Thoughts sometimes. (bi-weekly maybe if Soph and I can get ourselves sorted!)

Sam and I are Co-Founders of Bookend Events, a quarterly event with the aim to bring the bookish community, closer together. Find more info here and our twitter is @bookend_events.