2023 Goals: Blog, Languages, Life & Reading

It’s been a minute since I made a goals post on the blog. I wasn’t too sure to be honest if I would even share this one but I figured it wouldn’t hurt; for accountabilities sake. I have a complex relationship with goal setting, where I set the goals, work towards them for a month or two before promptly falling off the face of the earth with it. I am persistent but not yet consistent and that is the real issue I have.

Previously I had made vague goals with the intention that they were flexible and wouldn’t stress me out. However this also meant I wasn’t really able to accomplish anything, so this time around I’ve done my best to make the goals measurable and specific.


I’m not aiming for anything grand to be honest. In the past I maybe would have a numerical goals for my followers but…I’m just so grateful to anyone who is still reading. To the new ones who found my blog and come back now and then. Know I appreciate each and every one of you.

  • post at least ONCE a month (my wrap up posts do not count for this though!)
  • blog hop at least ONCE a month (I’m aiming for twice ideally but sometimes I’m just not in the mood, so if that happens I’m ok with just bulk hopping once in a month.)
  • promote/mention my blog on my Instagram more frequently
  • Bonus: actually publish a collab post this year with my wonderful friend Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts. We are regularly coming up with ideas that get lost as we ramble about all sorts of things. Listen somehow we are capable of juggling multiple conversation with one another across socials but struggle to focus on a collab post xD


This is where my whole ‘persistent but not yet consistent’ can really be seen. I will keep returning to the languages, which is good but useless in a way because I’m not consistently learning or keeping up with the language. A part of this I’ve realised is I struggle to be stimulated to study in my own house. Now, I may have a solution to this but that depends on other factors so yeah.

German Goals: to be able to write about my day with few mistakes; be able to read and understand 90% of the words; expand my vocabulary with words relevant to my interests

Italian Goals: understand the basics; read basic sentences

Korean Goals: be able to read Korean aloud with 50% accuracy; be able to write a small paragraph or two about my day/thoughts etc; focus on vocabulary which relates to my interests and commonly used vocab


My life goals are pretty chill this year to be honest. All of them are totally do-able, so we’ll see how the years goes. Not gonna lie I’m most excited about getting another piercing, my need to wear all the celestial earrings is very strong these days.

  • get a third lobe piercing on my right ear
  • finish the cross stitch I began last year
  • pass driving test
  • do a kpop dance work out session at least ONCE a week (if only doing it once a week then do it for 30 minutes, if it’s split up over the week then 10 minute ones)
  • do stretches for flexibility every day where possible (listen this is one of those things, where once I got into the habit of doing it, I felt good…then I stopped and now I’m like huh why do I ache so much? idk maybe because we’re permentantly hunched into a ball?!)
  • do one social thing every month where possible (e.g meet up with a friend, take myself out on a ‘date’ to window shop or something)


Unlike last year, I am going to be taking part in a few other challenges and a readathon. I’m putting zero pressure on myself to complete these challenges though. The only reading goal which matters is I do my best to read one book each month. Anything else is a bonus!

read 13 books in the year

This was my goal last year because it’s basically a book each month plus 1 because I love odd numbers and I adore 13.

12 reads from 12 friends challenge

I will do my best to complete this challenge, no promises though because I am a mood reader and I refuse to force myself to read just to finish a challenge.

Project Backlist

This is a challenge my wonderful friend Kal @ Reader Voracious put together! As for my goals, I’d like to have read 80% of my owned physical TBR by the end of the year. Along with reading 5 books on my TBR that have been gathering dust for a while.

Astrology Readathon

This is a readathon that I have created and will be running from March 20th 2023 until March 20th 2024. You don’t need to know or understand astrology to join the readathon. The prompts are based off the 12 Zodiac Signs and the planets in Western Astrology. Anyway, I’m excited for it and I hope a few of you join in. I will be doing my best to complete as many of the prompts as possible though. (announcement post will be out early Feb!)

Reading Updates on Instagram Stories

I forget Goodreads and Storygraph exist so if you want reading updates, there’ll be on my instagram first. I’m hoping to use them more next year to share my reading updates for the various challenges and my readathon. I will of course still use them to share life updates, what I’m up to and other shenanigans.

I also plan to make a highlight for these updates too, so they can be consolidated for anyone who wants to revisit them or may have missed them.

To keep myself accountable, as well as you all updated, there will be a section in my quarterly wrap ups where I’ll mark my progress on all these things. For more immediate updates though, I’d suggest following my Instagram, since I’m more likely to share things there first. (I also unbox things I get so if you like seeing things I buy in my wrap ups, instagram sees it first and sees everything too. I don’t share everything in the wrap ups!)

Well these are all my goals, hopefully I can accomplish them all this year. As I mentioned before, for updates on my progress you can check my Instagram stories or wait for my seasonal brews. What are some of your goals for the year? Feel free to share them with me in the comments, best of luck to you all with the goals you’ve set yourself for the year!


13 thoughts on “2023 Goals: Blog, Languages, Life & Reading

    • “I wasn’t too sure to be honest if I would even share this one but I figured it wouldn’t hurt; for accountabilities sake.” Wow okay call me out like this because that’s a BIG MOOD. I think I’ve given up on consistency though because I’m also persistent and not consistent, but habits aren’t for everyone and it’s definitely not for me (though with that, I also tend to not do them for a long while… which makes things difficult).

      Also yes, we need to work on that collab post or two because wow, we regularly have 2-3 conversations at the exact same time while keeping ourselves in tact but somehow when it comes to one post we just… don’t.

      The fact you don’t stretch absolutely pains the depths of my soul because I can’t go a day without stretching without feeling like a coiled ball.

      Good luck on your goals! Here’s to hoping you accomplish them all but also if you don’t, it’s okay and I’ll still keep bugging you (and leave terrible comments like “First!” because I’m chaotic and know I can get away with it on your blog lol).

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve been in a weird funk with deciding what I want to share and what I just…keep to myself and like ramble to close friends xD But I figured sharing my goals like this would maybe help…or at the very least gives me something tangible in the online world to refer to xD

        Yes we do need to work on it…how many times do you think we’ll say this and then ring a ding ding it’s the end of the year and no collab post has appeared. (I think the post should write itself tbh, rather rude of it making us do all the work)

        Thank youuuu, I appreciate you loads my fav bug, you can get away with pretty much anything sksksksk πŸ’œ


  1. Hoping we get an end-of-the-year update to hear you achieved all your goals!! (it’s always the effort that counts even if you don’t tho πŸ’œ)

    Also, I’m dying for another piercing too – tho I’m going for a double helix. And I can’t wait to hear more about your astrology readathon πŸ₯° (not making any promises that I can complete it but I’ll definitely give my all trying to haha)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll more than likely give progress updates in my quarterly wrap ups xD But I’ll also do an update in the end of year wrap up too most likely.

      Oooo double helix, I love the look of the helix piercings but I just cannot commit to one. I have a fake helix hoop though, which has been a ton of fun to put in and then remove as I please. Ah I can’t wait to share the readathon with everyone, hopefully ppl will enjoy it! Thank you so much for commenting πŸ’œ

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh excited to see more posts from you this year! I haven’t kept any additional goals for myself apart from the ones on my blog but I do want to keep my anxiety under check and also focus on writing. I think I’ve become afraid of my independent writing for far too long and let myself drop far too many projects before even completing a first draft so I really want to work on that this year πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sksksksk I wish I had a clone to write all my posts for me because wow does my writing energy come and go as it pleases *wails* Ah good luck with your witting and your anxiety one, wow I relate sending you all the hugs πŸ’œ


  3. posting at least once a month (not counting wrap-ups) is also one of my goals, though we’ll see how it goes haha! i love all the goals you set up for language-learning. taking my thai studying more seriously is definitely a big priority for me this year, but i just have goals like “expand vocab” and “improve writing.” the specificities of yours definitely are making me want to be more detailed! stretching is also a huge goal of mine! every time i stretch i’m like wow this is amazing, i feel great, i need to keep this up or risk losing my flexibility… and then i do it like once a week 😭 hoping that we both can achieve all our goals in 2023! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaah here’s to us managing to keep to the posting once a month goal! I’m usually very good at setting vague language goals, only to realise that’s probably why I’m not making any progress since there’s nothing measurable to see the progress. You and me both with the stretching, I’m hoping to get back on it for Feb because I’ve been ignoring it all Jan oops. Here’s to us both doing our best with all our goals this year! πŸ’œ

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