Recommending Books Inspired By My Birth Chart

In honour of me cycling through the cosmos 22 times, I thought what better way than to celebrate with a post. Only then I wasn’t a 100% sure what post to write. My mind was empty. Ok that’s a lie my mind is currently on Jukebox mode and is rotating between having random Stray Kids lyrics going through it and the Pink Panther theme tune. However neither of those things were helping me with what to focus this post on.

After much thinking, rewriting this post numerous times, my wonderful friend Ruby actually thought of this post. We share a brain cell, so her half of our cell really came through with this idea.

Disclaimer: The planets, houses and signs are as simplified as I could make them in this post. The meanings and keywords given are just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the iceberg is too vast and this post is already long.


Sun in Scorpio

The Sun in astrology represents your inner self.

Scorpio Key Words: depth, mysterious, death, transformation, observant, intuitive, fear of vulnerability

If there’s ever a series I consider being part of my soul it would be the Chicagoland Vampires series. I definitely resonate with my Scorpio sun sign. Whilst it’s one of the most misunderstood signs, there’s a reason for it, many Scorpio’s and those who have a lot of this sign in their chart, are unlikely to let people truly inside. Think of a body of water. There’s the lovely crystal clear waters, where you can see the bottom and you know it’s not super deep in those places. Then there’s Scorpio – a little murky and the bottom doesn’t seem that far away but if you try to find it you’ll realise you can’t find it.

Some Girls Bite is the first instalment in the series. Following Merit, who gets turned into a vampire without consent but doing so saved her life. She has a lot of emotions about being turned without her consent, which get explored throughout this book and later on. Merit’s depth as a character grows the more you read the series. She’s one of my favourite characters of all time, this series is one I could happily reread for the rest of my life. There’s slow burn paired with enemies to lovers (I mean I guess it counts as enemies to lovers if you squint a little?). Whilst the series primarily focuses on vampires, it features other supernaturals such as sorcerers, shifters, fae and many more.

Moon in Capricorn

 The Moon in astrology represents your emotions and feelings.

Capricorn Key Words: ambitious, organised, reserved, cautious, security, reliable, down to earth

Ah yes, Capricorn moon reporting for duty. On today’s itinerary we have: learn how to express ourselves better, be comfortable letting people see our emotions, realise we are not a burden to our closest friends and family and after lunch we have a class on why suppressing emotions is not helpful. Ahem. I’m not saying this is true for every Capricorn moon but with how the rest of my chart falls, it certainly doesn’t assist me in letting people in.

When I was thinking about which book to recommend here, I wasn’t too sure because this sign is not to do with love per say but emotions and how we process them. Yet it’s also in many ways linked to romantic relationships and our other relationships. I Love You So Mochi was cuteness overload. I think I melted several times over and I would very much like my own Akira, who is the softest boy every. I could see pieces of my self in Kimi. The disregard that her creative passion could become a career. The way she prefers to keep things in her own fantasy land because then they’re perfect – you don’t get hurt but you never experience anything either. Her relationship with Akira was so sweet, all I want is my own Akira who’s understanding and fine with my tripping over my own tongue and struggling to express myself.

I loved seeing Japan through Kimi’s eyes, with Akira as her guide and this story is just very fluffy. Kimi attempting to form some sort of connection with her grandparents on her mum’s side, whom she’s never met until now. Kimi and her grandmother’s relationship nearly made me cry, watching them work on sewing projects together was so wholesome.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury is all about communication. .

Scorpio Key Words: depth, mysterious, death, transformation, observant, intuitive, fear of vulnerability

Mercury is a planet all about communication. You likely already knew that since mainstream cries wolf for this planet being the reason over communication going awry when it’s in retrograde. I was actually born whilst it was in retrograde, which adds a different flavour to the way I communicate and the whole communication aspect. Truthfully I find it easier when the planet is in retrograde vs when it’s not. Those who are born during a Mercury retrograde can be some of the most creative people. They may often feel misunderstood and like a wallflower, constantly clinging to the outsides of the fray never quite integrating properly.

Eliza and Her Monsters was a book I didn’t expect to feel as seen as I did. Eliza is the creator of this popular webcomic, online she’s known as Lady Constellation, offline she’s simply Eliza. Making herself invisible to get by each day, spending those days working on panels for her comic. Told in mixed media, the drawings and chat boxes really made this story come alive and I would totally read Eliza’s comic.

I don’t express myself all that well verbally. My thoughts become jumbles, writing things down or pouring them into writing, everything just made more sense to me. As a child I preferred to write down my thoughts or creatively express myself. I have been in fandom spaces before and so I saw many fragments of myself in Eliza’s character. I understood her creative drive and subsequently her burnout. She’s not the best at communicating but I still felt for her and this book will always have a piece of my soul. With how it represents those who were or are in fandom spaces, how it shines a light on the creatives of the world and touches upon anxiety.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus rules over love. Encompassing friendships and other forms of relationships as well (i.e business relationships)

Sagittarius Key Words: adventurous, intelligent, reckless, blunt, philosophical, freedom-seeking, travel

Oh Venus, the planet of romance in a fire sign. Until I read up about Venus in Sagittarius I felt rather disconnected from this placement.

Anyway book wise, The Iron Fey is my choice for this part of my chart. The relationships in the series are everything. We have friendship, romance with a dash of forbidden sprinkled on top, a sassy cat who steal the spotlight whenever he pops up on page and a world of Fae who are facing a new type of threat. Technology and the way it’s causing the people to forget about the fairy tales and things that give them life. Add in the fact their weakness of iron and that there’s this whole new type of fey out to take over their realm…you’ve got quite the tale.

If you love characters wandering through a world, having to learn about their own magic, navigating love and just their general life being turned upside down. This series is it. Oh, you should totally read it to for the snark between Puck, Ash and Grim (the sassy who makes the dynamics between the main characters hilarious. I love him.)

Mars in Virgo

Mars is about taking action. It’s indicative of your more explosive characteristics, how you approach your goals and reflects your ambitiousness

Virgo Key Words: analytical, perfectionist, efficiency, organised, self-doubt, adaptable, modest

Mars is the planet of war. It’s indicative of your more explosive characteristics, how you approach your goals and reflects your ambitiousness. So mine’s in Virgo and I laughed aloud reading that I have a perfectionist nature, it’s very accurate. I like things to be perfect, I strive for perfection and I struggle to push through with my more creative hobbies when they don’t align with how I see it in my head.

Now as of posting this, I have not yet read this book, however it sounds like the perfect recommendation for those who have perfectionist tendencies.

You Asked For Perfect sounds like it’s going to be a trip. Watching our main character who is the ‘perfect’ person and has the ‘perfect’ college application, realise perfection isn’t always the best thing to aim for. Sometimes when we aim for perfection, it prevents us from starting the thing at all because we’re afraid of falling short of our own expectations. I will update this section after reading the book!

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter is about knowledge.

Gemini Key Words: chatty, two-faced, smart, inquisitive, unemotional, connections, versatility

Set 25 years after Hiroshima bombing, Soul Lanterns is a glimpse into how the lives of those who survived were affected. Historical fiction isn’t a genre I typically read from, however I occasionally pick up books from that genre if they pique my interest. Soul Lanterns happens to be one I recently read; I found myself crying and just feeling overwhelmed with all my emotions as it invites you to see how the different survivors dealt with their grief.

How the children who were born after the bombing, were trying to understand it’s impact, made more difficult when there were many survivors who found talking about it too hard. Understandably so because their lives were changed in an instant, people they loved gone in an instant. I really love this book, I think it’s one of my favourite reads of the year.

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn is about life lessons.

Taurus Key Words: patience, security, grounded, artistic, stubborn, reliable, loyalty

Saturn highlights where we need to grow in this lifetime. The life lessons it gives us are often hard but the growth done is worth it. Immediately I knew I wanted to recommend Shadow of the Fox. Not just because it shredded my heart into teeny tiny pieces. The trilogy takes us along for the ride as Yumeko trying to do what the monks who raised her would want her to do, fulfilling her destiny whilst trying to hide her kitsune powers that they both helped her use and hide. She stumbles across a samurai, Tatsumi, who is seeking the very thing she has.

The growth this loyal kitsune goes through in 3 books with all she has to learn is very Saturn energy. One day I’ll reread the trilogy but not yet. I’m still recovering. If you want a grumpy x sunshine pairing with slow burn, with a sprinkling of found family look no further.

Uranus in Aquarius

Uranus revolves around technology.

Aquarius Key Words: aloof, intuitive, freedom-loving, unemotional, technological, clever, sociable

Perhaps not a book I talk a whole lot about but I read the first two books in this trilogy several years ago. This Mortal Coil includes advanced technology in a world where a deadly disease has broken out. I can still vividly remember reading the first two books and trusting absolutely no one but our main character Cat. (yes it’s that kind of book where you end up doubting every other character because what if they betray us?) Uranus in Aquarius is about change, progress in technology and this series just fits beautifully. I loved the characters and the world, seeing how technology had advanced so much. Only for it to not really matter because of the disease that was rapidly spreading, with no known cure.

Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune is about inspiration and dreams.

Aquarius Key Words: aloof, intuitive, freedom-loving, unemotional, technological, clever, sociable

Neptune is a planet covering multiple things. Since mine is in Aquarius I’m choosing to focus on the fact I may have a ‘talent and interest in music’. It’s partially true, there was a time I used to write song lyrics, however I haven’t written any in years. Plus I never learned an instrument so…anyway onto the recommendation!

Thinking about books which feature music several sprang to mind but I think Once Upon A K-Prom fits the best here. Told in dual POVs allowing us more insight into our main characters, I really fell in love with this book. I don’t have the words to describe how I felt seen by Elena. There was a time in my life where I felt very invisible to people. I could understand where she came from, why she reacted the way she did. I absolutely adored the childhood friends to kind of strangers to lovers aspect in this book. Robbie is such a sweetheart who doesn’t always get it right, since he’s too busy listening to external opinions. You don’t need to know anything about K-Pop to enjoy the book by the way.

Pluto in Sagittarius

Pluto is about transformation and destruction.

Sagittarius Key Words: adventurous, intelligent, reckless, blunt, philosophical, freedom-seeking, travel

Transformation, destruction, revealing truths are all part of Pluto. Coupled with it being in the fire sign Sagittarius, this instantly made me think of a certain character. Tea from The Bone Witch gives me Pluto energy. I haven’t read the other two books in the trilogy but based on what I’ve seen in the first book. She’s on the darker side, going against the grain in order to potentially transform the world for the better? Tea’s magic also revolves around being able to raise the dead, which is a magic that’s generally frowned upon. Despite it being a magic they need in order to keep certain monsters at bay. I can’t wait to see how Tea transforms in the next two books, book 2 has me thinking we may also see a lot of destruction as well.


1st House (Ascendant) in Leo

1st House is how you appear to others. It’s also known as your rising/ascending sign.

Leo Key Words: leadership, childish, show off, determined, impatient, trusting, playful

As a Leo rising, who is an introvert, the polar opposite to how Leo is often described I really couldn’t connect myself to my rising sign for a long time. Until I realised I do come across rather Leo like online and in my workplace at times. Whilst I wouldn’t say I’m a magnet attracting people to me, I have noticed on reflection that I haven’t really had a problem floating around different social circles when I was in school. I find talking to people fascinating, specifically if it’s a topic I’m interested in or I can lend them an ear.

Glass House is the first book in the Morganville Vampires series. It was one of the series that I wore like armour in school, alongside Chicagoland Vampires. I was fully in my vampire book phase at 11 (though it began earlier because of watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer). The early years of secondary school for me were…not the best. This series gave me some of my favourite characters, a friendship squad I adored with Claire, Eve, Michael and Shane. My favourite character would have to be Eve, simply because she really inspired my brief Goth phase.

2nd House in Virgo

2nd House is all about money, possessions, self esteem, your values and material wealth.

Virgo Key Words: analytical, perfectionist, efficiency, organised, self-doubt, adaptable, modest

Honestly one of the trickier houses to match to a book rec but I managed it. Focusing in on the money and possessions part of the 2nd House, The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water definitely has these two things as focus points in the book. Now I will say, this book is primarily vibes and character driven. The plot is pretty loose and the world building isn’t really done in great depth. Despite that though I enjoyed reading it, the main characters captured my attention with their wit.

3rd House in Libra

3rd House is about communication, siblings and neighbours.

Libra Key Words: balance, intelligent, cooperation, thoughtful, sociable, perfectionist, judgement

My communication style is rather interesting if we look at it from an astrological POV. Libra in 3rd House and Scorpio in Mercury retrograde. Basically I struggle putting my thoughts into words, additionally I dislike conflict. I have the urge to talk things through, immediately isn’t always possible since people may need time to cool off and collect themselves. I guess I really like balance and can’t stand being at odds with anyone I cherish as a person.

Serious Moonlight came to mind for the way Birdie struggles to communicate at times, overthinking things, second guessing herself. Hi, yes that’s me. Initially picking this book up because it had ‘moon’ in the title, what I found was a story revolving around communication, love and finding your feet in the world. I loved Mona, who was Bridie’s mum’s best friend, Mona was such a nice addition to the story. Her unconditional love for her best friend’s daughter, who she helped raise. Their bond was so special. Also the romance in this book, 10/10 very cute, at times awkward because of miscommunication but the miscommunication is talked through eventually and doesn’t cause any huge fallouts.

4th House in Scorpio

4th House is about home, family and where you feel you belong.

Scorpio Key Words: depth, mysterious, death, transformation, observant, intuitive, fear of vulnerability

Devouring books with the found family trope is one of my hobbies. Sometimes where you belong is with a bunch of friends you chose to let into your life, instead of the people or family you were born into. Sometimes it’s those friends who understand you the most, where you feel safe to be yourself without pretence.

Six of Crows makes me think of ‘where you feel you belong’ because all the main characters find a place to belong beside each other. Kaz made sure of that and he reminds me of the Scorpio qualities, of being protective of those that he holds dear to him. Not always explicitly said but in his own way, he protects the people he cares about, who are like family to him. It has been a hot minute since I read the duology but I can firmly say I loved it. I adored the characters, my favourites where Kaz and Inej. The found family trope is to die for and I enjoyed the heist aspect in the first book.

5th House in Sagittarius

5th House is about romance, creativity and kids.

Sagittarius Key Words: adventurous, intelligent, reckless, blunt, philosophical, freedom-seeking, travel

Always Never Yours combines both the creativity and romance in a story following Meghan, who manages to have relationships that never last. The guy inevitably ends up falling for someone else, instead of dwelling on it though she pursues her passion with directing theatre until she get’s cast as Juliet. Then there’s Owen who is an aspiring playwriter, currently working on his script inspired by Rosaline from Romeo & Juliet. I loved this book. I adored the fact it revolves around theatre, Shakespeare and writing scripts. The way it delves into feeling like you’re always second best, relegated to being upstaged your entire life and realising that does not have to be your narrative if you change it.

6th House in Capricorn

6th House is about daily work, health and routines.

Capricorn Key Words: ambitious, organised, reserved, cautious, security, reliable, down to earth

Songs About A Girl is the first book in the trilogy. Where we’re following Charlie as she navigates her passion for photography, school and being able to say ‘I’m with the band’. I adore this trilogy because it’s much more than just a character who works alongside a band and falls in love. There’s some sort of past history that Charlie ends up wanting to uncover about her mother who died years ago. The dynamics between the bandmates were so well done and I would highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who loves books relating to fandom. Or you just love a good old contemporary meshed with some mystery and music.

7th House in Aquarius

7th House is about your lovers and enemies.

Aquarius Key Words: aloof, intuitive, freedom-loving, unemotional, technological, clever, sociable

The Infernal Devices series immediately sprang to mind for this one. The relationships between Tessa, Will and Jem are just…everything. It’s the bond they share with one another, not just Tessa x Will/Tessa x Jem but the bond between Will x Jem as well which made me think of them. Whilst the House is focusing on lovers and enemies, it includes other important people in your life. Will and Jem are important in each others lives, which is evident throughout the series. The unconditional love between all 3 them is unlike anything I’ve found since.

I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of the series, if you’ve not read it, if you only read one series by Cassandra Clare I give you this one. It truly has my heart, set in Victorian London, with Shadowhunters, other supernaturals and Tessa falls into this world initially to find her brother. Eventually she finds friendships, love and more along the way.

8th House in Pisces

8th House is to do with other people’s resources, sex and anything deemed taboo.

Pisces Key Words: dreamer, healing, psychic, creative, vulnerability, deception, adaptable

Honing in on ‘taboo’ here and the fact we’re in Pisces for this house, meaning the signs usual daydreaming qualities are flipped somewhat. I realised pretty quickly that We Rule Night fits this House rather well. Our two main girl characters both do things deemed ‘taboo’ in this fantasy world. One disguises herself as a man to join the army. The other gets caught using illegal magic. The consequence should be imprisonment, however they’re given a chance to escape, join a women’s military flight unit. They’ll be undertaking deadly missions, in the cover of darkness, should something go wrong they’d be on their own.

This also fits ‘other people’s resources’ because the women’s flight unit are doing the missions the military doesn’t want to bite them back if they went belly up. The main challenge is our two main characters actually getting along since they can’t stand each other. In order to, rule the night though, they’ll need to work together to succeed and survive.

I read this book a few years back but I remember devouring it in more or less one sitting. I fell in love with the characters, the world and the cover is gorgeous!

9th House in Aries

9th House is all about travel, study, broadening your mind and the Great Cosmic Quest.

Aries Key Words: hot-tempered, leadership, explorer, impulsive, passionate, confident, independent

Sometimes I find myself getting restless or craving some sort of change. With the fiery sign of Aries in this house, it’s no real surprise that I will just suddenly decide to rearrange my bedroom. (yes I have impulsively decided many a time to move all my furniture around, no I don’t recommend it at like 9pm). This satisfies my need for some sort of change since my other options like travel have been limited for a while.

Trail of Lightning is set in a world where most of it has drowned due to a climate apocalypse. The Dinétah (formerly the Navajo reservation) has been reborn. Whilst the Gods and Heroes of legend now walk the land, so do all the monsters. We follow Maggie who is a Dinétah monster hunter and a village’s last hope to find a missing girl.

This book, well the first two books in this series have my heart. They’re everything I love from Urban Fantasy/Dystopian books. Monsters, hunters, a world in shambles and I really love this world. I love Maggie, at times she can be reckless, hot tempered and stubborn but she also cares. The dynamic between her and Kai, who she reluctantly brings along on her journey is just everything. 10/10 dynamic and I will resume impatiently waiting and praying we get books 3 and 4 one day.

10th House in Taurus

10th House covers ambitions, career and how you make your mark in this world.

Taurus Key Words: patience, security, grounded, artistic, stubborn, reliable, loyalty

I have read through a few interpretations of my chart, one thing that pops up in them all is how career wise I’m most aligned with teaching, journalism, writing or anything creative. It’s also very accurate, I feel my soul light up being able to do something creative. For this reason I give you The Roughest Draft, revolving around two characters who used to work together as writers, now they can hardly stand to be near one another. Needing to fulfil the original contract though, which demands they write one more book together, this book unfurls showing as Kat and Nathan attempt to write together again after they haven’t spoken in 4 years.

This book was just everything I never knew I wanted from a book. We get some flashback scenes to help fill us in on their past together, how they used to be compared to now. If I had to pick a book that was ’emotionally charged’ it would be this one. I ate this book up in a day, my brain was hooked on it and so curious about what would happen and why they hadn’t spoken in years.

11th House in Gemini

11th House rules social circles, networks and friends.

Gemini Key Words: chatty, two-faced, smart, inquisitive, unemotional, connections, versatility

A lot of chatty and sociable energy is in this House and sign. It’s pretty fitting for Tori, the main character from Three Mages and a Margarita. It’s one of my favourite series, featuring magic and a main character who is simply human. She doesn’t suddenly become special later on, she is human but she finds friends with a bunch of people who have magic and are skilled fighters.

I adore this series, our main squad have my heart, the banter has me constantly cracking up. The magic system is fun and the romance is woven in so nicely. Also the covers are spellbinding.

12th House in Cancer

12th House is all about fears, spiritual life, secrets and your unconscious.

Cancer Key Words: intuitive, emotional, nurturing, protective, family, empathetic, vulnerable

12th House is all about fears and spiritual life. Mine’s in Cancer, which speaks of being close to your family and uncovering family secrets. Tying in perfectly with this recommendation actually.

As of this post going up, I’ve partially read this book, I’m about 13% into it. Our main character Jess, is closeted and she ends up hearing a voice in her head which claims to be her dead grandmother. This book promises, spirits, paranormal things and facing your fears. I will update this section after I read the book.

I hope you enjoyed this very long recs post. This took me so much time and honestly, I’m proud of it even if I lost a wee bit of my sanity pulling this off in just over a week. Have you read any of the books I shared above? Are any on your TBR? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Recommending Books Inspired By My Birth Chart

  1. i love the concept of this post and it has quite a few books that are on my tbr. it was super interesting to see you recommending books based on your chart and why you picked them. i love how you picked i love you so mochi for capricorn haha.

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    • Ah thank you so much Sumedha! Eeep hopefully you’re able to get to those books on your tbr soon ^.^ I mean I love you so mochi was fitting for my capricorn moon self haha 💜


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