Recommending Books, Dramas & K-Pop Songs For The End Of Summer

Summer may be coming to end shortly but the heatwaves haven’t gotten the memo just yet. In order to survive the heat, I’ve compiled a list of recs from books, dramas and songs, to get us through the sleepless nights. (Definitely because it’s hot and not because we’re losing sleep to dramas and books ahem.)

Before we dive in if you’d like books similar to The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny, check out Marie’s post where she shares 10 YA Books Like The Summer I Turned Pretty. If you’re after more K-Pop songs, highly encourage you to check out Tasya’s list of Refreshing K-Pop Songs For Your Summer Playlist, it’s such a good list!


Once Upon A K-Prom by Kat Cho

I absolutely flew through this gem of a book. If there’s one thing I love more than a cute contemporary with the whole childhood friends to strangers to lovers. It’s all of that with the childhood friend being a famous K-Pop Idol and returning to try and fulfil a childhood promise. It was addicting and it read a bit like a K-Drama to me which I adored so much! 10/10 would watch this if it got turned into a show. Also appreciated the way this book touched on the topic of friends changing. It can be jarring to realise that someone you once knew so well, you find you don’t recognise them, it’s possible to rekindle that friendship if both sides are willing.

Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberly and Austin Siegmund-Broka

This book stole my heart with the writing, this author duo have quickly risen to become on my list of fav authors. This was the first book by them I tried and I adored it. I love how it explores love, relationships, friendships as well as the fact it includes friends to lovers. The fluff in here is immaculate and I loved how there was the whole drama and script writing aspect to it.

Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

I recently reread this one and if you’ve ever been in fandom, or are currently in fandom this book will feel like a huge hug. There aren’t enough words to describe the love I have for how this book uses mixed media to immerse you in the story. Plus I just really love how our main character is a creative and is the creator of a popular webtoon. As a side note I would also read this webtoon because it involves constellations and Eliza’s online name is ‘LadyConstellation’ which is a brilliant name if you ask me.

Songs About a Girl by Chris Russell

The first book in the trilogy which I was not expecting to enjoy as much as I did. Truth be told I did originally only pick up the first two books because the second one was purple and then the first one was shiny. (I am predictable I know) The books are on the chunky side for contemporary, however there’s a lot of secrets to unravel within this series. It’s another warm hug to those in fandom, particularly if you’ve ever wanted to be like ‘oh I’m with the band’. The characters stole my heart, the dynamics between the characters were beautiful and the romance is definitely more on the backseat throughout the series.

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett

Set in a small town, the vibes are on point for summer. Exploring the themes of communication, relationships and taking responsibility for your mistakes I really enjoyed this one. The romance was very cute, a nice medium burn with ex-childhood friends turned sort of enemies? (not really enemies to be honest but they definitely had to sort out their communication issues.)


Falling Into Your Smile

If you want to forget about the heat, this drama will make sure you forget as you get immersed into the world. Featuring a slow burn romance with a grumpy x sunshine dynamic, this drama focuses on the lives of professional gamers. Specifically how Tong Yao our main female lead, navigates this industry as the first female to get into a professional team in China. It’s still my all time favourite drama. For more of my thoughts on this wonderful drama, you can check out my post here, where I go into more depth on why it lives rent free in my mind.

A River Runs Through It

The vibes of this show are everything. Being set in the early 2000’s really gave me the nostalgic feels seeing all the old tech. I would totally rewatch this drama, or at the very least certain clips which I don’t say about most of the dramas I’ve consumed.

I love the characters growth in this drama, the main characters growth is such a wonderful thing to see. I will say, this may take the cake for the slowest burn of all slow burns. (At least within dramas, Fairy Tail takes the cake overall with slow burn xD) You may feel like screaming at the screen but other than that, 10/10. I really enjoyed this drama, one of my favourite slice of life ones I’ve seen so far.


Want You To Say by Playback is a hidden gem. I’m so sad this group disbanded though because I would have probably become a fan. This song is just so catchy, has summer vibes and their outfits are everything.

When I think of Summer songs, I think of Wave by Ateez the vibes, the outfits just everything about this screams summer. This was also one of the first songs by Ateez I listened to and I was forever getting San and Yunho mixed up since they have similar hair colours in this M/V. Also Mingi’s ‘Hakuna Matata yah’ is iconic.

One of the unit songs, Surfin’ by Stray Kids, encapsulates summer in one video. It’s such a bop and the M/V just makes me want to sit in a pool and be cool. Felix’s part has no business being this catchy either.

The collab I never knew I needed in my life would be – No Problem by Nayeon ft Felix of Stray Kids – the summery vibes of this song coupled with how well their voices blend together. I’m just saying this song is perfect for blasting during the summer.

Hola Hola by KARD was one of the first songs by them I ever heard. The aesthetic just makes me think of summer, freedom and just making memories. I am a sucker for anything which features the ocean or a beach and this M/V includes both of these things, the chorus is very catchy too.

I adore the M/V for Dreamers by Ateez it’s so dreamy and I just want to go there and bask in all the pretty scenery.

This song currently has my entire soul and heart. Time Out by Stray Kids is such a vibe, the M/V has the ocean and beaches paired with the rock sound they went for. Look I am in love with the guitar sounds and just the overall vibe this song gives. It’s giving ‘summer soundtrack to being the main character in our lives’ and I am here for it.

Eeep I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to find something that piqued your interest. There’s nothing I love more than falling down a binging hole with a book or drama…even a group. Sometimes I like bulk listening to groups discographies. Do you have books, shows/dramas or songs you feel deserve more love or that would be binge worthy? Let me know in the comments below.


12 thoughts on “Recommending Books, Dramas & K-Pop Songs For The End Of Summer

    • Hehe thank you! OMG yes I love KARD’s Hola Hola, such a good summer song ^.^ Yessss funnily enough Nayeon and Felix’s song just came on as I’m replying to you hehe, it’s such a bop. TIME OUT IS MAKING MY HEART TIME OUT OK, OK. (no but seriously I love time out with my whole being, such a good song and the rock vibes are immaculate!)

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  1. AHHH I LOVE ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS!! It’s just such a comforting read!! And omg chasing lucky seems so cute and heartwarming??? I’m RUNNING to pick it up right away!

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