2022 Spring Brew: Genshin Blessed Me With Two 5 Stars, I Bought Things & I May Be A MOA?

Spring feels like it went to fast. I will say though watching the pretty flowers bloom has given me much life, even if it’s brought my hay fever with it. I may have also fallen down a hole of watching TXT content, hence I may now also be a MOA. Ooops?

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Becoming A Stay 101: A Guide To Stray Kids

Shadow Of The Fox // The Trilogy Which Broke My Heart

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Bookish Collision: I am planning to in the coming months to revive to the best of my ability the discord I co-own. If you like books and reading, you’re welcome to join using the invite link here.

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This is by no means every single post I hop to during the months but a small selection of some of my favourites, which you may enjoy reading too!

It’s no secret that I adored the Chinese Drama Falling Into Your Smile, if you’re looking for an in depth drama review highly recommend Sumedha @ The Wordy Habitat’s post!

If reviews aren’t your thing, Jayati @ Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile shares 8 reasons you need to watch Falling Into Your Smile!

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books wrote a fabulous post How To Write SEO-Optimized Blog Posts: 8 Tips For Beginners as well as her other post 8 Hard Truths About Book Blogging (And Easy Tips To Keep On Loving It).

Kal @ Reader Voracious brought us a guide How To Use Post Tags Correctly | SEO Basics, which made me realise, I had been using tags wrong on my blog posts for years. (shout out to Kal for always putting together wonderful guides, I’m forever learning new things thanks to her posts!)

Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts wrote about Should You Blog Under a Pen Name? Absolutely adored this post, so many great points are made and you all should read it.

Tasya @ The Literary Huntress wrote about Asian American K-Pop Idols You Should Check Out, I knew a few of the Idols but there were several I didn’t know about.

Content Consumed

Books Read

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendre Blake [Reread]

I skim read a lot of this, it was more of a refresher since I do think I’ll read the sequel at point. Enjoyed it, it was a nice read where I didn’t have to think too hard because I already knew the general gist of what was happening.

What’s Not To Love by Emily Wibberly and Austin Siegmund-Broka

Ah this was such a cute, light read that I absolutely devoured. I loved the main characters, the enemies to lovers type of dynamic without it being toxic. Truly this author duo are becoming fast favourites.

Up All Night edited by Laura Silverman [anthology]

Really enjoyed Old Rifts and Snowdrifts by Kayla Whaley, the writing style and the characters were adorable. Appreciated the casualness of the disability rep as well. Will definitely keep on eye from more books from this author in the future! Con Nights, Parallel Hearts by Marieke Nijkamp was also a delight to read, the time loop aspect was super fun and I will also check out the authors other books.

Creature Capture by Laura Silverman and Under Our Masks by Julian Winters were also enjoyable for me. Other than that I liked most of the other stories, I did skip 3, I skim read for a bit then noped out because I wasn’t vibing. So I read 10/13 of the stories which isn’t too bad.


The ODDINARY album by Stray Kids released in March, safe to say I loved all the songs. My favourites would have to be Lonely St, Charmer and Waiting For Us though. (I do love Maniac as well but we’re talking songs that aren’t the title track.)

Soph may have finally yeeted me down a hole with Kingdom’s music, I’ve loved a few of their previous songs. Most notably Night Air the acoustic version, hits different. That being said their latest comeback, look I don’t know what they put into that album but it has no right hitting my as hard as it did. I adore Blinder and Ascension from their most recent album.

Dreamcatcher also had a comeback in April. Listening through the album I have to say Dami’s solo Beauty Full has my whole heart, the rock vibes are just so me. Starlight, Maison and Together are also solid favourites for me as well.

Wonderland by AleXa has been on loop so many times, specifically her performance on the American Song Competition. Her energy, the charisma I’ve listened to some of her other songs but I think I’m also finally falling more for her music now too.

TXT had a comeback and I think it finally kicked me into becoming a MOA. I was already at the edge, teetering dangerously because I have been listening to their songs since their debut. Just now I’ve been consuming other content by them….ooops? Good Boy Gone Bad is an absolute bop, I also really loved the Opening Sequence to their new album as well as Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go.

Tomboy by (G)-IDLE has been on loop quite a bit, the chorus is catchy as hell, their outfits in the music video are on point. I also really love the ‘lalalala’ part later in the song. Anyway, it’s a bop.

Love Dive by IVE is also a solid song. I am hooked on the way they sing narcissist it sounds nice to my ears ok. I haven’t listened to any of their other songs yet, I may do though in the future.


I’ll be sharing what I’ve watched in this section, from YouTube videos to any dramas to anime and more. I will include links to things where possible though!

I finished watching last few episodes of this drama over March and April. I stand by the fact Unforgettable Love’s plot needs some work since the flow of it doesn’t always make the most sense to me. I enjoyed this drama for the characters and their backstory, without the characters I probably would have just stopped watching. Definitely got irked at how it took 1 episode for them to break up but eh.

The clichés and tropes weren’t really for me, again the characters and the actors really came through with making me stick with this. I think I stopped at ep 20 and was so close to just not watching the last 4 episodes. I’m glad I did, it was a nice ending even if parts were confusing at times. Again, I was here for the vibes and I did like the friendship between the two female main characters.

Instead of finishing one of my outstanding dramas or anime’s, which would have been the smart logical thing to do. I started a new drama, Happiness which comes in at 12 episodes and focuses on an outbreak of a virus that basically causes the infected to eventually become more like zombies. I started it because the main female lead looked strong and badass, it didn’t disappoint. I wasn’t sure what I was getting with the romance, it’s soft and all in their actions towards each other rather than showy words or gestures. I loved their chemistry and the kid in the drama also stole my heart. She was so sweet.

Towards the latter half of the drama I really felt like slapping several other characters with a wet fish. My only problem with this drama is the ending was rather rushed, still thoroughly enjoyed watching it but they could have done with maybe an extra episode to fully finish everything off. Rather than rush through it all.

Made a tiny bit more progress on the rewatch of this drama with Jayati and Ruby. Simply I have no words to explain the pure love and appreciation I have for this drama. Being able to shriek with these two whilst watching the episodes live at the same time, has been a total joy. It’s definitely making the rewatch experience that much better.

Falling Into Your Smile is 31 episodes in total, we’re currently on episode 5, it’s an eSports drama that highlights friendships, relationships and tackles the toxicity you find within fandom spaces. It’s honestly a masterpiece and I am biased but I truly haven’t found another drama where I love all the characters, where there’s great chemistry and a captivating plot line.

Life Updates

Spring felt like it was playing a game of hide and seek with Winter in the early months. My allergies also came out to play which was not fun. Hayfever is a time and I don’t appreciate the high pollen count, that being said Spring overall wasn’t too bad of a time.


The highlights of this month were the ODDINARY Album coming out and I got Ayato on Genshin Impact. The month was mostly a blur of me struggling to get motivated and feeling very tired.

Generally April was a month filled with seeing some friends, hanging out on co-op with other friends and generally just trying to catch up with people who I haven’t seen in a while because of work. The photo on the right is what I had when I met up with two friends, the hot chocolate was amazing and the aero mint rocky road was nice…a bit rich but I loved it.

My ODDINARY albums also arrived towards the end of the month so I’ll share what I got from the albums. There were some duplicates, so I’ll possibly end up buying some others. Not sure yet if I will collect any of the things from the ODDINARY era. We’ll have to see.

Blue album: Changbin postcard, Changbin ID card, Han photocard, Lee Know photocard, Hyunjin + Han and Hyunjin + I.N blue edged photocards, Seungmin + Han and Hyunjin + Seungmin black edged photocards.

Black album: Hyunjin postcard, I.N ID card, 2 Hyunjin photocards and the same edged photocards as in the blue album.

Red album: Changbin postcard, Lee Know ID Card, Changbin photocard, Felix photocard, Changbin + Hyunjin and Chan +I.N red edged photocards, Changbin + I.N and Hyunjin + Lee Know black edged photocards.


Soph happened this month. I got yeeted into Kingdom and AleXa, as well as listening to Dreamcatcher’s new album. I got another 5 star in Genshin, Ayato’s weapon. (wheeee I am so happy the game was nice and gave me his weapon. Honestly if it gave me another 5 star bow I may cry because I don’t use bow characters.)

My kpop related purchases came in this month! I may or may not have developed a love for collecting photocards and postcards for some of my favs. Is it another expensive hobby? Yes. However, it gives me much joy and I think I may look into getting a binder of some sort to store everything. Until then though, I’ll just display some of it on my shelves and the rest in the albums.

I reorganised my kpop shelves as well this month. I am in love with how they look, although there’s currently more stuff in it than in this photo. My skz collection is sharing ateez’s shelf space. It’s all good haha.


Again I really do not like the month of May, it’s usually my worst month in the year and I have no idea why. Either my mental health absolutely spirals or it just feels like a bleh month. This time it was a mix of my mental health nose diving and then I got COVID. I am ok, my symptoms were a sore throat, cough, some nausea on the first day and a headache and felling very tired. I am negative now and so far have been fine, hoping it stays that way. So yeah May wasn’t the best for my mental health at all. It’s ok – we have June – a new start is approaching.

How are we approaching the half way point of 2022? I hope your spring went well, what books/shows have you been consuming? Any new songs/artists that you’ve been loving recently? 💜

14 thoughts on “2022 Spring Brew: Genshin Blessed Me With Two 5 Stars, I Bought Things & I May Be A MOA?

  1. Spring passed waaaay too fast. Honestly, I already miss the spring atmosphere here (and the cherry blossoms because they were the highlight of my spring). Thursdays Child has been on repeat for me since the album came out. Opening Sequence and Thursday’s Child has far to go are my faves, too, together with trust fund baby. As for new artists, the majority of both my April and may playlists are stray kids songs….and Im still watching a lot of other skz content….so I guess I’m a stay now? (ur post is at least partly to blame for that cause it made me listen to slump and that’s still my fave song so THANK U). I hope you have a great June!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah it really did! Omg cherry blossoms are so pretty, maybe one day I’ll see some in person. Hehe we have great taste in songs. Ah thank you, that made my day ah so happy my post helped you on your way to becoming a stay 💜 Slump is such a good song, it’s one of my favs and I hope you have a lovely June too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like the last quarter had a lot in store for you, esp in May. Hope June and the further months are much better for you ❤ I have no idea where the last 3 months went. I feel like I'm doing a ton and nothing at the same time. Honestly, May has been a month of internal struggles which I'll probably talk about in a newsletter or blog post, but I'm still wading through them. Let's see what happens this month!

    Hope you have a great Summer ahead!


    • Yeah it really did :/ Hoping the coming months will be good to me as well 💜 I feel that with not knowing where the last 3 months went, I always feel that when it’s time to do one of my wrap ups. Ah well sending you all the love and energy for wading through everything! 💜


  3. Waah you got so many great pulls from the Maniac albums! I also love TXT Opening Sequence and Thursday’s Child, their albums have always been great and this minisode doesn’t disappoint either! I haven’t watch any of their content, but I love their music so I know if I ever start I’ll immediately become a moa lol. I also love Love Dive- a lot of people felt the song anticlimatic but I really love the beat and the chorus!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did, I’m so blessed to get Hyunjin and I.N pulls for some reason they usually appear at least once (normally multiple times) in my unboxings hehe. Yessss they’re such good songs and omg please watching their content has me laughing, it gives me much serotonin. See I quite liked Love Dive, the chorus has me hooked!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahh I’m so sorry may wasn’t the best for you, but am really really hoping that june will be the most amazing ever to make up for may!! honestly, time is running insanely fast at this point and WHERE DID WINTER AND SPRING EVEN GO??? It’s scary how we’re almost at the half-year point already 😅😅😭 all the books you mentioned sound so amazing?? AND I DESPERATELY NEED ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD NOW 😭😭 fingers crossed for a fabulous June and sending all the good wishes your way ❤️❤️ I absolutely LOVED this post and am so excited for more from you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah I am also hoping for June to be a better month for me. That’s an entire mood haha, time is a wild concept at this point. Eeep thank you so much, that means to much to me, sending you so much love and hope you have a wonderful June too Anoushka 💜


  5. 🥺 I love you for sharing my long-ass post and for reading it like twice because it was very long. You’re an absolute blessing. (I was also tempted to write FIRST when I got the ping and then come back later but we all know how that went last time, lmao.)

    AND YES I WAS ABSOLUTELY EXPECTING YOU TO PUT ASCENSION ON HERE I’M SO GLAD YOU DID because that music video is a masterpiece (but so are a lot of their music videos, songs aside). Blinder is actually my favorite even more than Ascension, but I think I liked the entire album overall.

    “Soph happened this month.” I did and I have no regrets. *laughs evilly into the sunset*

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mean of course I’m sharing your post, it deserves ALL OF THE LOVE 💜🥺 Lmao yes we know how well that works out for you hehe

      Sksksk I mean how could I not include Ascension but Blinder is also my favourite from their album. Yes you did happen, *shakes head as you cackle into the sunset*


  6. AHHH Hii!!! Your blog is absolutely STUNNING, I’m obsessed!!🤩🤩 AND I ADORE YOUR BLOG’S NAME!!! 💗💗
    and oooh anna dressed in blood looks so intriguing, I really need to pick it up sometime!
    AHHH THOSE DESSERT PHOTOS LOOK SO DELICIOUS, my mouth is actually watering now 😭😭
    And ooh I’m so sorry you got covid and weren’t doing to well in may, I hope your feeling much much better now ❤️❤️
    Hoping June will be much much better for you, and CANNOT WAIT TO READ MORE POSTS FROM YOU💖💖💫💫🥺🥺

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah hello! aw thank you so much 🥺 hehe my blogs name is in honour of my love of tea sksksk at this point I think I’m made up of tea haha. Ah thank you, hope you have a lovely June as well and enjoy anna dressed in blood whenever you get the chance to pick it up! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  7. You read SO MANY BOOKS and I love that for you! I remember how a year or so ago you reported the same book for months on end ahahahaah

    I didn’t know you got COVID last month, so sorry to hear and am glad you’re feeling better now! I hope June has been kind to you and thanks as always for including one of my posts in your highlights!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did, it averages about a book month which I’m happy about. Omg yes I remember that, being stuck on a book for months is painful haha.

      Yeah I didn’t really talk about it much but I’m just glad I’m ok now. Of course, always love your posts and I hope June is good for you too! 💜


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