Seasonal Switch: Winter Version (BEWinter20)

Ever wanted to swap a books season? I mean it would be interesting, take all those summer contemporaries and just…change the beaches for the bitterly cold winters. What about all those sci-fi books, how would you switch the season in outer space? Today I’m sharing some books I’d love to see in a more wintery setting.



This post is part of Bookending Winter 2020! Today’s prompt is Seasonal Switch: Winter Version from the lovely Clo @ Cuppa Clo (that’s me!)



Prompt Recap

Taking your favourite books, imagine if the book took place in Winter instead? Imagine Winter in Outer Space? What would it look like on a spaceship? How about that favourite summer romance but now it’s in winter? What would happen? How would the seasonal switch affect the story (or not!)?

The Boy Who Steals Houses by C G Drews

This contemporary book is set in Australia, which is perfect for this prompt! Swapping the Australian heat and beach, for a cold and snowy adventure. I read this book at the start of this year, it’s such a beautiful story somehow Cait manages to pull at my heartstrings. Imagining this book taking place in a cold and snowy winter though – now that would be interesting. I’m picturing Moxie sewing all these fabulous outfits and the whole De Lainey family bickering over who’s going to shovel the snow off the drive. Then there’ll be Sam who’s just helping the De Lainey family, whilst he sits on a sofa sipping hot chocolate and yes…I need this. Can the De Lainey family please go on holiday to somewhere cold, so this can be brought to life?

As a side, you should definitely check out this book if you haven’t already. It’s an important book focusing on family, with ownvoices rep for autism. This book is full of heart wrenching lines, it’ll make you smile, cry and wish you could protect the characters.

Guild Codex Series by Annette Marie

I’m cheating a wee bit here. So the Guild Codex includes multiple series, which each follow a different main character in the same world. You get to see glimpses of the other characters in each of the books, which I adore so much, I love seeing how they all interact. For this reason, I’ve gone with the the world, whilst there are definitely scenes with winter vibes and snow (as these books are set in Canada!) I would love to get like a thicc novel full of winter adventures with these mages, demons and awesome characters. I feel like the banter between Tori, Aaron, Ezra and Kai would make it an enjoyable read. Paired with Robin and Zylas…I don’t think having the actual books set in winter would change too much. Since they’re set in Canada, however I do think the snow would be an inconvenience, for the mages and for fighting. Like they’re just trying to fight and BOOM snow falls off a roof of a building burying them in snow, which isn’t a problem for Aaron as he’s a pyromage so he can melt it. But for Tori, she’d be stuck, probably catch a cold…it’d be entertaining though.

If you’re after a new urban fantasy to fall in love with – highly recommend all these books set in this world. Guild Codex: Spellbound follows Tori, she’s a human who get’s thrown into a world of mages and magic with nothing but her sass and wits to help her. Something I love is how she remains human through the series, she’s not a mage, no magic but she sticks by them because they’re her friends. Then we have Guild Codex: Demonized which focuses on Robin as our main character, unlike Tori, she’s not just a human, she’s erm a Demon Contractor..of a sort. Then there’s Guild Codex: Warped which I need to start but it follows Kit, he’s got magic from what I’ve seen from him in the other books and I’m super excited to start this series. There’s also another confirmed series which will be out in 2021.

It may seem a lot but I promise you, it all seamlessly weaves together, giving you more depth and insight into the world.

You can interpret this prompt however you like by the way, you can choose books you’ve read, books on your TBR and you can choose how to switch that books seasons. Anyway, I hope y’all are excited for Bookending Winter, you can still sign up if you haven’t already! Which characters would you love to see in a winter setting?

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