My Journey With Astrology, The Moon & Tarot

I would like to hold my hands up and confess my undying, unconditional love for the moon, a constant reminder that we too go through phases. My journey is just beginning, I have so much to learn still, yet I feel this urge to share a small glimpse into my journey so far. Whilst I am a reader, someone who is hopelessly in love with words and fictional worlds, I’ve also begun to fall in love with parts of the real world. The really small things, like the way the sunlight looks on a foggy morning or how the sunset paints the sky in shades of pinks and purples.

I debated whether I wanted to share this…everyone’s journey is going to be unique. I hope this post can bring you some comfort: if you find solace with the moon, if shuffling a deck of cards brings you peace, if you feel alive when figuring something out about your birth chart. Even if none of these things resonate with you and you’re reading out of curiosity; I hope this post makes you search for what sets your soul alight.

My Journey So Far

The Star, The Moon and The Sun from The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne

I’ve found that the moon, astrology and tarot are all deeply entangled for me. If I were to try and tell you just about my journey with the moon, I’d have to mention the Zodiac signs, which play an important role with the moon. If I tried to talk just about tarot, I’d start drawing on my knowledge of the Zodiac signs, the elements to break down things; or I’d be searching for any and all representation of the moon on the illustrations. Additionally, I am very drawn to The Moon, The Star and The Sun cards which I find super duper interesting. They are entangled in my eyes, in your eyes they may be totally separate but work together in harmony.

Wherever you are on your journey, please remember that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, this isn’t a competition. You’re not behind everyone else, even if society makes you feel like you are. I felt like this for most of my teen years, constantly behind on milestones, left out in various ways but there was also a sense of disconnect too. I was disconnected from myself and it’s taken years, for me to realise this, to realise I do just choose to disconnect from myself, from my emotions when it becomes too overwhelming; my brain goes not today and numbs everything out. I’ve spent years supressing my emotions, not fully listening to my intuition and choosing to listen to my fears. I’ve self sabotaged opportunities for myself, out of fear of not being enough or deserving; I only recently realised this is what I’ve been doing.

The Star, The Sun and The Moon from the Oriens Tarot Deck by Ambisun

There have been times where I felt lost – unsure of my purpose in life, why was I here and where should I go career wise? The moon is my companion, it holds my fears, my worries, my musings as I think about all the things late at night. Astrology is like my map…only it’s the map to me. It’s not set in stone, which seems to be one of the many misconceptions about Astrology. Astrology is not “predicting” your future, it’s merely showing you why things could be happening, if you want to believe in Astrology, in the Universe. Tarot is my guide, it’s my friend for when I have no one to turn to for guidance because sometimes the only guidance I need is from myself.

I couldn’t pinpoint where my journey began. Maybe it began when I was a child, pointing out the moon to my mum in the car. Or when I asked my dad about the planets and became so obsessed with them I would watch DVD documentaries about them. Perhaps it began when I began to feel seen by so many Scorpio quotes on Pinterest. Perhaps it began when I grew curious of crystals, gemstones and what was so important about them. There isn’t a definitive starting point to this journey, just like there isn’t a definitive ending point; this kind of journey never ends…it’s kind of beautiful in that sense.


I’ve always found people fascinating. In the sense of, why are certain people, who are born in certain months similar? Why did society normalise people knowing their Sun sign but then disregard the rest of the birth chart? Since in my humble opinion, your sun sign is the core you but it’s just a fraction of who you are, who you could be and I think society loves to sell us on labels. I am guilty of this, I was strongly a Scorpio through and through gal. Now I’m more of a, Scorpio is my soul but the signs are all part of me and I love them all. When you appreciate all the signs, you can begin to see how they all play a role in influencing you. It’s also totally ok if you don’t feel any connection to your sun sign, it doesn’t mean astrology is “fake” it’s likely on your chart, you have another sign which is dominating or an element which is reoccurring.

The Astrology Made Easy: A Guide To Understanding Your Birth Chart by Yasmin Boland book

Astrology Made Easy: A Guide To Understanding Your Birth Chart by Yasmin Boland – is the the first book I read about Astrology. I highly recommend it, if you unsure where to begin with astrology, Yasmin Boland breaks down the key areas to astrology really nicely. Everything is broken down, explained and you can read it in chunks and make notes as you go if you want to. It’s been a huge help in me learning the basics to Astrology.

Astrology finds me when I’m feeling the most lost, it finds me when I’m unsure of my path, who I am, where I need to go. I’m someone who likes having a general idea of what I’m doing, I like having things to work towards and having nothing is really tough for me. You can attempt to suppress what you’re naturally good at, you can try and run from the dreams you hold dear inside you. The Universe has an uncanny way of throwing you back onto the path.

For example I wanted to be a teacher for years. I discarded this idea of mine, despite the fact everyone who knew me in real life, told me I’d make a good teacher and be good at it. Simply because I felt like I wasn’t good enough, I felt like I’d be rubbish because I struggle to speak in front of large groups of people. I spent 2 years doing a course that I didn’t hate but I didn’t love it either. It didn’t make my soul hum with happiness. Wandering off course from one of my purposes in life meant the Universe threw me a sign and several more. After finishing college, I applied for a job working in a school, which I go and everything felt strangely aligned? In a way I’d never experienced before.

It was whilst I was working that I began to realise that perhaps my dream of being a teacher, wasn’t so farfetched after all. Before I committed to actually purchasing a Teaching Assistant course, so I could be qualified (they’re not cheap either!) I wanted to be sure this was the right thing for me to do. That I wasn’t just doing it because of people nagging at me to do it. Checking my birth chart again I noticed how several words kept popping up, specifically teaching, writer, creative, working with children and I knew deep down it was the right path. Seeing that in my chart, reassured me that I was finally listening to my intuition.

Personally I think the Universe has a way of throwing you opportunities to help align you with one of your purposes. This also subjective, if you’re not open to these opportunities it’s unlikely you’ll even notice them. A part of me can’t help thinking that the first time I may have inadvertently manifested a dream, would be getting my current job. I talked to my parents about it using “when” not “if”. Somehow, I had this confidence that I would get the job and the self doubt was locked away for a while.

Your birth chart is not your “destiny”, it’s a map and you are the explorer whether you realise this or not. Those of us who choose to dive deeper into astrology, can use the knowledge to our advantage to understand where we should head, why we react to situations the way we do. We can also help others understand their own birth chart, if they let us.

I should have been born today, 21st November, which is why I posted this post today. It was for my birthday but at the time, I wasn’t happy with the state of the post. I waited, I revised the post and now it’s here. If I’d been born today, I’d have been on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, a water and fire sign, instead of being firmly in the Scorpio zodiac. It’s interesting to contemplate how different I could’ve been if I’d been born on my due date, instead of 3 weeks early. 

The Moon

The Moonology: Working with the Magic of the Lunar Cycle by Yasmin Boland book, with three cards from the Moonology deck: Full Moon, Waning Moon and Full Moon in Virgo

My companion, a constant presence no matter the time of day, nor it’s phase I’ve always been drawn to the night. I’ve always felt this deep sense of connection to the night sky, to the stars, the moon and a part of me has always felt more awake and living during the night. Honestly I don’t remember how I found out about the moon having an affect on us, or the meanings of different phases, it could have happened when I was looking into astrology.

See the moon has a different energy, depending on the Zodiac it’s in, which can affect us. Incidentally it affects everyone differently due to our charts all being different. A few of my blogging friends are probably aware by now of the deep unconditional love I have for the moon. I will literally stop whatever I’m doing to go see the moon. If I can’t sleep, the curtains get drawn so I can stare at the moon, just seeing the moon in the sky soothes me in a way I can’t explain.

I used to really hate the sun, even though we couldn’t live without the sun, I just really disliked the day, the sunlight. These days, I’ve come to appreciate the day, the sun too. I adore seeing the sunrises and sunsets.

These photos were taken on the same day, back in September 2019 when I saw the sunrise, I got up at 5am I think? Either way being able to watch the sun rise in the sky and capture it, is one of my favourite feelings. Watching nature go about her usual routine, is humbling and often catapults me back into being present in the moment.

If you ever get a chance, wake up early and watch the sunrise, or go and watch a sunset. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, just seeing the sky being used as a canvas is humbling. Watching the clouds streak the sky, the oranges, pinks, purples, blues is a bit of casual magical.

Recently I’ve begun to notice, how much I miss being by the ocean. Just standing on a beach staring out at the horizon, is enough to quieten my thoughts. To let me become that little bit more present. This links in with not just the moon, because of it’s influence over the tides but also the fact my Sun sign is a water sign. At my core I am a water sign and so it makes sense that I am drawn to water.


Fear comes to mind. I was very afraid of Tarot, mostly I felt like it was way too complex for me, which is how come I bought the Moonology Oracle Deck. That specific deck is one I love, it’s close to my heart and I can generally interpret the meanings without referring to the guidebook now. If something scares you, do it, providing it’s safe to do so. I wish I’d gotten a tarot deck sooner but I also know it happened at the right time. Getting a deck a few months ago, was the right choice, since I was ready to give my energy to it.

8 of Pentacles, The Tower and 3 of Cups from The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne

Currently I own The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne and the Oriens Tarot deck by Ambisun.

The picture here shows 3 cards from The Light Seer’s Tarot. Two of which I’ve pulled already, I’ve not yet pulled The Tower but the illustration for that card really speaks to me…be it the lightning or the adorable animals.

8 of Pentacles I love for the colours and the moon phases, whilst 3 of Cups I like staring at all the purples. All the cards are illustrated beautifully, which makes it hard for me to pick favourites.

In saying that though, it did take me a while to find a Tarot deck I felt connected to. Since we can’t physically touch the cards I can’t go off based of the energy the cards give me. Instead I base my choices of the designs. Specifically, I go off my reaction to The Moon card and the general artistic style. I’ve noticed already I have a strong preference for nature themed decks – this really doesn’t shock me though. I’ve always loved being in nature, this does limit the amount of decks though which visually call to me. For other people, they may need to see a different card or be drawn to a darker theme of deck. I think that’s what I adore about tarot, you may be drawn to the same deck as another person but it’s unlikely it was for the same reason.

The Hermit, Two of Wands and 5 of Pentacles from the Oriens Tarot Deck by Ambisun

I did my best to edit the photos of my Oriens Tarot to try and give their vibrancy justice. I think I’ve managed to, in person the colours may not be “as bright” but they’re impactful. The designs are so pretty and I can’t wait to get to know this other deck of mine.

Interestingly different cards in this deck captured my attention, The Hermit, Two of Wands and 5 of Pentacles are just three I wanted to share. Something I also find somewhat amusing, is how this deck arrived the day before this post was due to go up. It arrived just in time…almost like the Universe knew.

How All Of This Influences My Daily Life

You may be sat there, wondering how any of this could influence my daily life. Excellent question, I too am still wondering this. I’m still learning, observing and makes notes on all the things which catch my interest. Eventually things will begin to make sense, until then I’m more than happy to keep exploring and figuring out how all this affects me. My cards help nudge me to listen to myself, forcing me to acknowledge old wounds and constantly challenge me to let go, to grow, to keep moving forwards. The moon is my peace, I want to make more of a habit actually of just dancing under the moonlight. Sounds silly, childish even but there’s something about just letting go and seeing everything bathed in moonlight which makes me love the night all the more.

I pull cards for the weeks/days energy or guidance as well as trying out other spreads I discover on Pinterest. Recently I dedicated a notebook to my card spreads, I just knew that was the purpose that notebook should have, it’s a pretty notebook with a nature theme. It also means I can easily see past spreads, which will be helpful to reflect on in the future.

You can see the notebook in the photo on the right, along with the 6 cards (I’ve stacked them though) that I pulled for a recent spread. I currently use a Pigma Micron pen to write in my entries.

Astrology is an ongoing learning curve, I tend to work mostly on understanding my own chart, learning things in chunks and eventually I hope to become aware of where the planets are, what’s making an aspect with what etc. As all of this impacts us, which is just really cool to think about.

For the moon, I make a conscious effort to note down the phases and sign it’s in each day, just knowing this has made a difference. I’ve already begun to see patterns forming, although I’ll continue to observe it all and maybe one day I’ll write a more detailed post.

You can see here a recent weekly spread from my bullet journal. I note down the phase of the moon, align it to the respective day and draw the sign the moon is in on that day.

The moon unknowingly influences us, it’s only once you’re aware of the possibilities, that you can start to notice the patterns. Air signs in particular are quite chatty signs, they’re about forming relationships, communication, balance and harmony and that definitely comes out of me when the moon is in an air sign. Water signs are emotional, intense signs and as my sun sign is a water sign, the feelings are pretty strong. I’m more likely to feel emotionally overwhelmed if we’re in a water sign. Earth signs, my moon is in an Earth sign so I definitely feel most…peace when the moon is in an Earth sign. I feel grounded and ready to continue the steady course. Fire signs it’s like…they burn through the limits I placed on myself as they say ‘we’re charging forwards today, with whatever we’re doing’.

Eventually I intend to plan things based around the moons phases and the signs it’s in, as well as making it more of a concrete habit to spend time with my decks. So that one day, I may be able to read for others and get paid for it. I suppose all of this is also why I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog, I’ve been working on my own journey and I’ve not had a whole lot of energy left to channel into crafting blog posts. 

This post is very close to my heart, I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of my journey so far. If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to leave them in the comments or message me on social media. Gradually I plan to produce more content around these topics, for my blog as it’s something I really enjoy talking about.


24 thoughts on “My Journey With Astrology, The Moon & Tarot

  1. Great post! I’m glad you could use tarot as a tool to gain more insight on yourself on your journey. I dont shuffle my deck as much as I’d like too but it’s still comforting that I can choose to dabble in it when i do feel like it.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Clo I love that you’re so open and prepared to share your journey with us. I haven’t looked at my own tarot cards for quite some time, but this post makes me want to get it all out again and study where I’m at. Sending you much love πŸ’•

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’m so glad I was brave enough to publish this post to be honest, it’s one I’m proud of and I hope it can help inspire others to chase what sets their soul alight. Aaaah yay, I hope you do get them out again soon hehe, love you loads πŸ’œ

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m not someone who actively seeks astrology or looks at tarot cards, but it is very interesting to hear about from others like you. I’m always fascinated by the updates you share on IG, and now I got even more insight. I’m glad you found it to connect to ❀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ah I’m happy I could give you more insight hehe, if you’re every curious my dms are always open. I love chatting about these things in case you couldn’t tell and I’ve definitely been having fun sharing updates on insta stories hehe. So am I πŸ’œ


  4. I feel like I haven’t said this before but it might have come across that I’m not a huge astrology person but I love that the moon and astrology cheers you up and gives you guidance and peace because I know the feeling of finding something great. I don’t always understand most of it *hides face* but I love hearing you talk about it ❀

    Liked by 3 people

    • *tackles you in a hug* I mean I did get the feeling you’re not a huge astrology person but thank you ❀ ilysm and welp I definitely plan on talking about it more on my blog eventually hehe

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience! I personally find the Tarot and Astrology also compliment each other so well in self-growth and give space to shape out your very individual approach and practice in spirituality.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for reading! Yes I so agree with that, they do compliment one another well providing insights and guidance throughout people’s individual approach and spirituality practices 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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