Why You Should Be Striving For Quality Content Over Quantity

In my early days of blogging, I thought I needed to be creating multiple posts a week to get engagement. Whilst I wasn’t totally wrong, I’ve learned a lot in my 3 years of blogging, one of the things I’ve learned is quality > quantity. It can be very easy to fall into this hustle like culture, even with a book blog, where we make no money but it’s like a second job. You fall into this grind, you find your flow and many of us have experienced it with our blogs. The dizzying highs where we felt like we’d never run out of content to the dark lows where we consider quitting forever.

Now I’m not here to tell you posting multiple times a week is too much and you’re doing it wrong. The only right way is for you, the right way for me is not the right for another person. For example not everyone would post 5 times a week, equally posting once a week may not be for you either! It’s all about finding that sweet spot, which works for you and where you are truly happy with your content.

I find myself spending more time on each post, letting go of the need to just post because its been a while. Instead I focus on the quality. Is this post longer than it needs to be? Could I expand more on this point? Does this need rewriting? How is the formatting? Do I like it or does it need work? I used to post multiple times a week – now I’m content to just post once a week. Allowing me to channel my energy into really promoting those posts. Let’s get into some of the reasons why I personally believe you should focus on quality and not quantity content!

People Notice When You Put In The Extra Effort

It shows when someone has put in a lot of effort and time into something. I’m not saying that you need to put in endless hours to your posts…this is a hobby. It should be fun and not like a job even though it will often feel like a job most of the time Even if they don’t say it, they will notice things like a change of formatting, new graphics maybe a new layout.

Perhaps your structure is more refined this time around, less rambly I can dream or perhaps you’re able to create a longer post. Whilst I enjoy creating content, I also enjoy seeing people engage with my content. A big part of getting people to engage with your content, comes from connecting with others, the visuals of your posts and blog, the topics you talk about and how well you’re able to promote yourself. 

As book bloggers we tend to consume a lot of content by other book bloggers. So we know better than anyone, how much time it takes to write a simple post; without the formatting, without graphics. The bare bones can take hours, to reach the final product can take weeks, months even. It’s ok to rush posts, it’s ok to take your sweet time with them too. Go at your own pace, there’s no need to be trying to keep up with book bloggers you admire. Why? You are your own person, your own voice and those book bloggers you admire will probably tell you that you should do you. Be yourself, go at your pace and eventually you’ll find your rhythm. 

I notice when bloggers put in a lot of effort and energy into posts, I also notice when blogs tend to be saturated with book blitz, reviews and promo posts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to support authors, books and all of that. Yet it doesn’t entice me to engage with you when there’s no content there for me to connect with. The effort you put into creating content, should be the amount of energy you can give, without feeling drained and like blogging is becoming a chore. If you only want to spend 3 hours max on a post, do so! If you want to spend a week on a post to get it just so, do so!

You Feel Proud Of What You’ve Created

I don’t know about y’all but there’s nothing more satisfying, then sharing something with someone when you’re proud of it. I’m talking about when you put your time, energy and soul into it. Whether it’s an essay for school, homework that really captured your attention, something creative that you just got immersed in. There’s something about being able to share that with others, show them what you’ve created and whilst not everyone will praise it. You should still feel proud of what you created.

The same can be said for online content. I want to be proud of the content I post on this blog, I hope it can be useful to others so you’re able to grow and improve too. I know not everyone will like my content or me and I’m ok with that. mostly ok with that, I have days where I’m not and days where I’m fine with the idea of people not vibing with me I’m proud of me, my content and all I’m doing and so should you be! Your opinion is important, the most important when it comes to the things you create. We are of course our harshest critic but you should take a moment, to step back and really pat yourself on the back.

You have a blog, you’re creating content and you’re learning as you go. Maybe you don’t have a blog, whatever you’re doing though remember to feel proud of what you accomplish. It’s not being selfish, self centred or obnoxious. You are allowed to feel pride, you are allowed to share the content you work so hard on and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Ahem…to circle back to our point after my mini pep talk 😉 I always feel a sense of pride now with my posts, a feeling I didn’t feel before I switched up my formatting. The visuals can make a huge difference too, to how you feel and view your own work. For me, my formatting is one of my favourite things about  my posts at the moment. Watching my post take on this wonderful structure, where the colours reflect my favourite colours and everything has a place and purpose. It doesn’t always have to make sense to other people…sometimes it’s enough for it to just make sense to you. Like certain parts of my formatting make sense to me but to other people they’d not draw the link or connection. That’s ok too.

Less Likely To Burn Out

The more pressure I placed on myself to produce content for the blog, the closer I got to being creatively burned out. Especially as I used to be taking a Graphic Design course for the first two years of being a book blogger. That meant I was nearly always using my creative energy and eventually I ran out. I’d pulled on it too much, for too long, without replenishing it. I paid for that by having to take a hiatus simply because I was drawing a blank on all content. Creative burnout is a different type of cruel punishment I find, when you’re a creative at heart and soul, having that block really hurts. Just know it’s only temporary, you can get your creative energy restored as you begin to consume more content. Focus on yourself and gradually ideas will begin to flow through you once more.

Generally though, I’ve found that prioritising the quality of my content has meant I’m less likely to burn out. This is due to me focusing on the quality of maybe 4 posts vs 12 posts. I’m able to channel my energy and time into making those posts ones I’m proud of posting. My brains not worrying about not having enough content for the month or that we’re going to run out next month…which leads nicely onto my next point!

Related Blog Post: I wrote a post earlier this year on Ways To Replenish Your Creative Energy so if you’re struggling on how to replenish your creative pool, check out that post!

You’ll Have More Content To Spread Out Through The Months…Instead Of Losing It All In One Month

I’ve made this mistake so many times. I can’t begin to tell you how much I wish I’d paced myself better in the early days, still I’m here now. Pacing myself at last and enjoying being able to take my time with creating content. If we were to focus in on book blogs for this point, it can be really hard to create content where you get engagement. Particularly if you’re only reviewing, as reviews are still not getting the same kind of engagement as say discussion posts.

Something I’ve been implementing into my bullet journal these last few months, is a brain dump. Primarily I use it for blog post ideas, not all of them will become a fully fleshed out post, however those that don’t can always spark an idea for another post. If you don’t write it down, even in note form, you’ll never know if it could’ve been a wonderful post, which brought you engagement.

Taking your time to create a post will usually mean you’re spending more time on it, thus you don’t have as much time to spend creating more content. Depending on how much time you’re spending per post, how often you want to post and the quality of post you want to attain each time. Will depend how many surplus ideas you have to play with in the coming months.

For example, I had planned to launch two new series on my blog by now. Unfortunately due to my work life getting busy, resulting in reading being sporadic for me (I erm struggle to prioritise reading ooops). It’s meant these series aren’t finished as I need to read and finish books for them to start. It’s not a problem though, it just means I’ll have content to fall back on eventually, which will be nice. Luckily I’m able to fall back on other post ideas I’ve had in the past, so I’m still able to post once a week.

In the end though this is your call to make, just don’t feel like you need to post all your ideas in one month. There are 12 months in a year, plenty of space for your wonderful content to see the light of day when you’re ready!

Consistent Posting =/= A Huge Quantity

I feel like a lot of us make the mistake of thinking, in order to succeed and grow as bloggers, we need to post OFTEN and have a lot of posts go up. Yet I wonder if any of these questions had crossed your mind before you read this post. How do you plan to be consistent with burn out? How are you going to create content when you’ve used up all your ideas in a month? Consistency doesn’t mean posting 3 times a week if you don’t want to. It’s about posting content regularly, gradually your readers will come to learn that you typically post say 3 times a week whereas for another blogger they may only post on Fridays lmao hi, I usually only post Fridays these days any other posts are extras

There are so many ways for you to remain consistent without burning yourself to ash. Scheduling ahead is my favourite way of remaining as consistent as I can be. Whether it’s prewriting a months worth of content before hand or a few days before. Scheduling ahead even by a day, a few hours, it all helps in the long run I feel. Another way is to use a planner, if scheduling isn’t for you then visually map out when you’d like things to go up. It can be a loose guide – for example a goal for me this October is “to post once a week on the blog” – I don’t specify a day although it’s likely to be a Friday. It doesn’t have to be though and that’s the beauty of just giving yourself a gentle guide without restricting yourself to the point you’re stressing over meeting self imposed deadlines.

Related Blog Posts: Why I Schedule Like It’s Going Outta Fashion is an older post of mine but the points I make still stand by today! Also there’s some pointers in there if scheduling isn’t for you, there’s still other things you’re able to do. Why I Started Planning For Content 2019 In October is one of my favourite posts I think, it’s one I did over on Bookwyrming Thoughts (Soph’s blog!) and whilst I definitely am not as…far ahead with content planning like I was in 2018. I’m still a big believer of being a few months ahead or even just a week. It really does make all the difference.

Fun fact I’d planned for this post to go up in September, however I was struggling with where I wanted to take this post. I let it sit, let myself stew over the topic and then one day I just sat down and drafted the entire thing. My writing process isn’t going to be the same as yours, I’m well aware not everyone is able to just sit for a few hours and churn out nearly 2k words in one go.

I hope this post has at least helped some of you, reassured you and caused you to think about the content you’re making. At the end of the day, it’s your space to make content, I just wanted to chat about what I’ve found now that I’ve prioritised quality > quantity. 

How often do you post a week/month? Do you feel like it’s too much? Or are you comfortable with how often you post? Do you wish you posted more/less? Have you ever experienced creative burn out? Talk to me in the comments and thank you so much for reading!

42 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Striving For Quality Content Over Quantity

  1. I completely agree with you – I like to post 2 times a week, and well sometimes, my posts become rushed and not as well formed or written as I would’ve liked. I am slowly learning that it’s okay to take a break or miss a posting day and I have to say that your blog has been a big factor in helping me realise that! Thanks ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ah yeah I remember when I used to post three times a week regularly, it often felt like I was constantly on this wheel of creating content without being able to catch a breather :/ Awh Jayati that honestly makes me so happy 🥺 I’m so thankful my blog can help you realise its ok to miss a posting day and/or take breaks ❤

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  2. Really good post! Also, yes especially for the not burning out part. I especially feel the worst when I post everything and feel like I can’t afterwards. I actually post more often than most bloggers (thrice a week is more right?) and I’ve often had people tell me that I post faster than they can read. That kind of makes me guilty because, am I spamming you? But also I have too much to talk about! I have things to share which I can’t post anywhere else! The whole reason I kept my blog niche-less was so I can do a brain dump of all my thoughts. Recently I decided to actually cut back to two posts (of my own) per week but.. I’m already feeling behind on content haha. I have so many things to share!! I’ll burst with all this content one day 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yep thrice a week is what I used to post on a regular basis for months but it became too much to be honest, it felt like I was just constantly on the grind and not giving my posts the time to fully marinate and form properly xD But I totally resonate with having so much to talk about cause that’s been me my entire blogging journey basically. I think it’s all about finding the right pace for you, if you’re ok with posting thrice a week and are happy with your content then that’s perfect for you!

      Sksksksk you’re not spamming, I do feel overwhelmed most days seeing people posting multiple times a week cause I’m just…how did I ever manage that. It’s also overwhelm because I want to go blog hop like straight away but I can’t particularly for most of your posts because I want to be in the right mindset to leave wonderful comments.

      If you feel like you’re bursting with content, you could always loosely plan out content for the rest of this year and see where you’d ideally like things to go so that way you know you’re sorted for the rest of 2020? Just an idea, it’s something I’ve done in the past and it’s really helped me out and prevented me from posting all the posts in one month ❤


  3. I totally agree! On my previous blog I really struggled with being consistent, and felt like I needed to be posting so many times a week, and it led to me rushing a lot of posts and having a lot of content on there I wasn’t proud of.
    Now I’m trying to take it slower and write posts I really love, and whilst I currently feel like I have loads of ideas, I’m trying not to rush in and post everything at once.
    Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ah I so feel that, I’m happy that you’re able to take it slower and write posts you’re really loving now though. The whole not rushing in is really a test of patience and the more you blog, the better you know yourself as a blogger i.e the amount of posts you can post in a month without feeling drain/how much time it takes to create a post you adore etc. Thank you so much for reading ❤


  4. i really enjoyed reading this, this morning whilst being really tired from staying up late to get a blog post done. almost made me reconsider the whole posting every day in october haha. but yknow, its a once off to then go back to listening to quality. then again… we’re still really focusing on the whole quality aspect for sure tho. but i could NOT keep this up for more than a month and definitely not alone

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah that makes me so happy Lauren eeek, glad you enjoyed the post! I mean I feel like doing things such as Blogtober and other events where you post once a day for an entire month are ok, as long as you erm prepare? I don’t know I mean I know I wouldn’t manage doing it on my own so it’s wonderful you’ve got a co-blogger to help share the workload.

      I feel like you’re posts always manage to be high quality posts though, like whenever I read your posts, it’s just quality *chefs kiss*

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  5. This is such a brilliant post, Clo! I totally agree with what you say here. When I started blogging a lot of the advice I found said to post regularly, but over time I have been able to adapt to what works for me. It used to be three posts per week, and now it is two. ☺

    Also, you are absolutely spot on about having more content to spread out over the months. Lately I have thought of a lot of exciting post ideas and it is tempting to want to post them all straight away, but it is much better to wait.

    Such a great post. Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Stephen! Yep a lot of blogging 101 posts/advice posts advise to post regularly, which is all well and good in the beginning but I definitely have found it took a toll on me.

      Hahaha it’s amazing how much content I have to play around with now, that I’m not posting like 15 posts a month xD Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too!

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  6. This is such a great post, you’ve brought up so many important points! When I first started blogging 9 years ago, the standard was to post every single day and I have absolutely no idea how people managed to do that because it would be either all reviews or all memes and then a book haul at the end of the week so their content would get stale very fast.

    I try my best to post three times a week at the most but there are times when I’m not able to get a post out on time or the post isn’t working out so I’ll either push it back or drop it entirely so that I’m not stressing myself out on rushing a post.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ah thank you so much Louise! Wow I can’t imagine posting daily, I did it once in my early days and vowed to never do it again xD Three times a week is a nice number I feel, I used to post thrice a week and it’s great for spreading them out over the week but not so much if you get stuck on a post…cause then you feel the pressure and guilt etc. But I’m glad you’re able to push it back/drop it so you don’t stress yourself out! Thank you so much for commenting ❤


  7. Haha, I also schedule like it’s going out of fashion. And like you, my aim is to post once a week – though I’ve been able to write more than 60 posts last year, and I’m going to close 2020 with more than 70, if everything goes as planned…but those are extra posts.

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  8. Omg Clo, I’m loving all these detailed, helpful and wonderfully written posts you’re making these days! Everything in this post was brilliant and I especially agree with the point of blogs being saturated with book blitzes cause it really annoys me and I’m never able to connect with those blogs.
    I love this post and I love you too :*

    Liked by 2 people

    • *incoherent sobbing* I’m just happy ppl are still loving my content but thank youuuu I appreciate you so much. I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts, even if I’m posting less 🥺

      Eeep yeah I uhm really struggle to connect to blogs, which are saturated with book blitzes/heavy on reviews mostly because I don’t actively search for reviews on books. I love youuu ❤

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  9. Great post, Clo! I also avoid blogs saturated with blitz posts because I have nothing to say ever.

    Honestly I can’t believe I posted 5x a week for like over a year. How did I do this and how do I replenish that energy? I went down to 3x a week and now strive to hit that but don’t stress if I miss that mark. With my illness, I struggle with energy to do much of anything, so I want to maintain the joy blogging gives me rather than freaking out about hitting a self-imposed quota. And honestly? My blog performs just as well, if not better, with less content going up.

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    • Yesss I side eye blitz saturated posts 👀

      Sksksk what is energy at this point but yayyy your blog deserves to still do well cause it’s wonderful, ran by an awesome human whom I adore 🥰 and your content is everything 💜

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  10. ahh hi clo, new follower (and new blogger haha) here!!
    I adore this post so so much! as someone who really struggles with knowing what’s the ~right~ time to post things, this post really helped solidify some things in my head. one of my biggest fears is that im going to post something that had the potential to be great but I posted it while it was still raw and not ~ready~ and so!! I love that this post made me reflect a bit on the pace of my content, and im so thankful for the advice on here~
    love your blog!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah hi Sara, thank you so much! A lot of the time there is no ‘right’ time, there can be a better time for each blogger individually, in terms of when they get more traffic but that’s subjective and can change.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting, glad my post could help you reflect 💜

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  11. Such a great post! I’ve only been blogging for a year, but when I started I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I’m consistent with Top Ten Tuesday and my reviews, but everything else is bonus and depends on my moods. It’s kept blogging enjoyable for me. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thank you so much Dedra! Yes keeping blogging enjoyable and fun is a must, otherwise there’s no point doing something you hate. I also do that now, I try and post once a week but if I don’t, it’s fine I may post twice the next week instead xD Anything else though is a bonus now hehe, thank you reading lovely 💜

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  12. I love this post SO MUCH and I really needed to read it, too. I agree that when someone spends a lot of time on a blog post, it really shows, you can see all the work behind it and it’s absolutely wonderful. Yet… I also always struggle with balancing between quantity and quality, because in my mind, I more often than not want to do both quantity and quality posts, especially when I’m in these moments filled with inspiration and so many posts I want to publish SOON. Then… well, you know what happens next, I am slowly but surely burning out because of this, too. Your post is such a good reminder that I need to focus on quality and on my mental health and, if these ideas I want to put out now can’t be done without me screaming or burning out, well… they can wait. Hopefully. Ahah.
    I loved this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and yes, I feel you on the wanting to do both. It can be such a struggle, particularly when you’re in the midst of having all this energy and drive, so you feel like you can do everything. Only to realise later doing everything comes at a cost, which is often burn out 😦 Your posts won’t go anywhere and neither will your audience love, so many of us care about one another’s mental health that I find this community to be one of the most supportive and understanding ones out there. We understand the time, stress, energy and work which goes into the posts. But we also care about the person behind the blog, at least the vast majority of us do 💜

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  13. Clo!!!! Love this post! Some months I feel the blogging bug more than others, so while I’d love to like 5 days a week, definitely won’t be able to 😭 I like at least 2 to 3 posts a week – I’ve found I can keep to that through scheduling posts (which I really think you for introducing me to that.
    It’s sad that something we love can so easily burn us out 😥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eeek I’m so glad you liked it 🥰 ugh yes I feel you on that, there are definitely months where I’m more energised and excited to create content, then there are others where I’m too tired to focus much on content 😭

      Aaah scheduling is not for everyone but I’m so happy it helped you out 💜

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  14. “The dizzying highs where we felt like we’d never run out of content to the dark lows where we consider quitting forever.” Damn this actually hit home hard and I’m definitely guilty of this. I’m also super guilty of wanting create multiple posts a week… which I mean… it definitely ups engagement for sure but I just have less energy for that (plus lack of internet access blah blah blah).

    But I definitely notice, especially now when book blogs are filled with promo posts. It used to be completely normal to do so and I was definitely guilty of doing so as well… but book blogs have definitely shifted to quality over quantity for sure now. (Not gonna lie, it’s actually more fun creating fun posts.)

    I think I’m still trying to figure out this consistent scheduling thing but I think I’ll eventually get there. And I don’t know, maybe my consistency IS being inconsistent lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It hit home when I wrote it like damn I just called myself and most of the community out 😅

      I can’t imagine blogging when promo posts were the norm 👀 like I struggle when I stumble over a blog saturated with promo posts today, cause it’s like… cool but I wanna know you dear blogger as well not just all the promo. But yay for post creation being more fun 🎉

      I mean that sounds like a solid plan to me 🤔😂 I do think we put too much pressure on ourselves to be consistent though.

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