Monthly Rewind: August 2020

I’m still trying to figure where August went cause in my head, I’m processing May – July still and August hasn’t even happened yet. Somehow we’re in September and I’m very confused. I spent most of August lost to YouTube, ignoring life as best as I could and realising that erm…I’m not ok. Let’s rewind August shall we friends?

Books Read

If I DNFed the book then I’ll include it in brackets and the page number I DNFed at..providing I remember!

Harley In The Sky (currently reading)

The Bone Witch (currently reading)

Books Gained

I’ll put in brackets whether the book was bought, pre-ordered, won or gifted to me. If it happens to be a review copy/arc then that’ll also be in the brackets! 


What I’ve Watched This Month

Whether it be TV shows, movies or a YouTube video I really loved and wanted to share with y’all. You can find it all in this section! Along with a lil ramble of how I felt about what I watched!

Thumping Spike 1: Ep 1 – 20
Hello there K-Drama…I binge watched this one night and I regret nothing. Ok maybe I regret binge watching the entire first season of the drama because the second season has different main characters and YES I am salty. This drama was very cute, fluffy and I recommend this is you’re looking for something to watch that’s light, fluffy and wholesome. The episodes are under 20 mins long so you can probably binge it in 6-7 hours like yours truly…or you may actually sleep. what is sleep whaaaa

Stray Kids The 9th
Season 1: Ep 1 – 4//Season 2: Ep 1 – 5//Season 3: Ep 1 – 3
Season 4: Ep 1 – 5//Season 5: Ep 1 – 4
Uhm…I have no explanation for this other than I got into Stray Kids this month. When I get into a group I tend to just consume all their content and ignore everything else, which is what happened this month. sorry ateez but I still love you Anyway I really enjoyed watching these episodes, seeing the members of Stray Kids have fun and enjoy themselves. Still hurts to watch though, knowing that Woojin ended up leaving :((( That being said I still enjoyed the episodes and spent a lot of time laughing in my room at their antics ❤

SKZ Talker: ep 1 – 16? (I forgot where I got to)
These are vlog type videos of Stray Kids and yes I have started from the very beginning. Anyway, there’s 28 so far to walk so I’m sure by next month I’ll be all caught up!

Life Updates

August was…a month. Wow can we tell it was a long month and I have absoloutely no memory of what happened. I spent most of August wallowing as my mental health spiralled pretty badly, I found happiness with Stray Kids and I began consuming a ton of their content. Basically I’ve become a pile of mush for SKZ, mostly Felix, Lee Know and Han and I’m ok with that. I watched a fair bit of YouTube but honestly it’s again mostly compilations of Stray Kids.

Anyhoo I’m pretty pleased with the blog posts I posted in August and I’m hoping to get some up in September although, I apologise if I just vanish because coupled with work, assignments, mental health and a lack of interest in anything I may be lacking posts. I will do my best to get one up each week though for you all! 

I did order some stuff this month but not all of it’s turned up yet so I’ll share those photos in September’s wrap up I think. Oh towards the end of August I got back into doing Korean and y’all…please I am so happy with myself for doing this. I’m on Unit 0 Lesson 3 of Korean at the moment but I can read some Hangul. I can’t tell you what it says though but I could attempt to pronounce it and probably get it wrong. It’s ok though I’m still learning anyway, that’s been giving me joy and I enjoy taking notes for it to be honest.

I nearly forgot, my blog turned 3 in August and I baked a cake to celebrate! It was a plum cake and it was really yummy hehe. I’m sending you all so much love, positive energy and if you’re struggling…you’re not alone. Even though it feels like it a lot of the time ❤ I’ll still try my best to be about online and post once a week on my blog but I may fall off the blog hopping train because no energy 😦

Around The Blogosphere

As I go about my blog hopping ways, I save some posts I loved, to share with you here. Ranging from reviews to tags to recommendations to discussions and if I stumble across any announcement posts from others in the community…yep you guessed it they’ll be going here.

Announcements can be from a blogging event (e.g something like Bookending Spring) to readathons to a bloggers new features. 


Jayati @ It’s Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile and Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader are hosting a month long readathon throughout September! The Coffee Readathon comes with prompts, cute badges to earn and I would totally take part if I wasn’t stuck in a slump.

Shealea @ Shut Up, Shealea is back to blogging (in case you somehow haven’t heard hehe), she’s relaunched her site and has a giveaway running that you can enter until September 16th 12am Philippine time.


Charvi @ Not Just Fiction shares her experience when She Tried Reading 30 Books In 30 Days

Kay @ Hammock Of Books shares her thoughts On #OwnVoices And Checking Boxes As A Biracial Reviewer//Who Gets To Decide What I Represent? (this is such an important post and I highly encourage you to give it a read!)

Ruby @ Ruby Rae Reads shares Her History With Book Reviews

Chana @ Paper Procrastinators talks about Books She’d Die In Because She’s Weak And Pathetic

Rhi @ Marshmallow Harmonies discusses Why She’s Stopped Rereading Books (this is such a wonderful discussion post friends)

Reviews & Recommendations

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea is Recommending Some Diverse Books She’s Read This Year

Kerys @ The Everlasting Library is Pairing School Subjects With Her Fav Books

Rhi @ Marshmallow Harmonies has posted so many amazing posts and no I have zero self control so I’m sharing like most of them for you all! Six More Books She Cried Over ft Emotional Reads From 2020 Because She’s A Trainwreck Of Emotions, 7 More Things People Like To Read In Books, Book Recommendations Based On Zodiac Signs (would like to say I enjoyed her zodiac signs post, the recs are of course based off of your sun sign!)

Saoudio @ With Love, Saoudio shares her Most Anticipated September 2020 Releases (definitely recommend reading this one if you’d like more books for your TBR hehe!)

Marley @ Dragon On A Book shares 6 Books With Characters Who Play Instruments


Malka @ Paper Procrastinators shares Her Thoughts On Discussions// ft How She Comes Up With Ideas

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books discusses Why She Doesn’t Believe In Fake Engagement In Blogging (she also shares some tips and tricks for how to build genuine connections and friends…go read this post. It’s such an important post and I will forever stand by this post of Marie’s!) Marie also has a post where she’s Shining A Light On Book Bloggers’ Work: What Do We Really DO?

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea created this fabulous post A Guide To Stanning Book Blogs// What Are Book Blogs, How & Why You Should Support Book Bloggers & More (y’all I can’t stress this enough that you should read this post, it’s everything and I’m just in love with it.)

Shealea @ Shut Up, Shealea shares 7 Things She Wishes She Had Known Before Book Blogging

Kate @ Your Tita Kate shares her tips on How To Make Friends In The Bookish Community

Lauren @ Northern Plunder shares How To Format A Book Review Using Block Editor


El @ Elated Books and Amber @ Amber’s Reads did 2 collab posts where they talk about British Slang and friends…I haven’t laughed so much in a good while. British slang (arguably the posts focus on English slang) is a trip and it makes no sense the way we re-purpose words but boy did these posts make me chuckle.

Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen does the Behind The Blogger Tag

Sophia and Lupe @ Bookwyrming Thoughts do The Book Blogger Tag

Olivia @ Purely Olivia kicks of a new series on her blog 5 Stories Of Bloggers Finding The Blogging Community // Blogger Origins pt 1


Bookish Collision

Just a reminder that you’re welcome to join this discord server! It’s a place for all book lovers, whether you’re a book blogger, bookstagrammer or booktuber. Hell if you’re just a reader you’re welcome to join, you will need either a twitter or goodreads which can verify you are indeed a reader. (just because we don’t want trolls ruining our bookish fun!)

The whole idea of the server, is to bring the bookish community together. We can also support everyone better, across the platforms which is great, spreading love is so important in this community. Particularly across platforms I feel, you can also make friends too.

At the moment we’re still a smol server, but we truly hope you’ll swing on by and join in the fun. ❤

Join Bookish Collision

Rewind The Posts

3 Important Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned

How I Curate My Social Media Feeds And Tips For How You Can Too!

Why I Chose Not To Use A Pseudonym Online, Balancing Content On The Blog & Privacy

Celebrating 3 Years Of Blogging With A Long Q&A (Including My Thoughts On BTS, Favourite Posts I’ve Written And More)

Imagine A Book Blogger On Their Blogoversary

My Blog Hopping Process

I’m tired friends. Also I had so many more posts I wanted to share but I didn’t want to overwhelm you all so I tried to narrow down to some of my all time favourite posts I read last month. Ahem I did my best and now I’ll be watching Stray Kids videos and contemplating my life choices xD

How was your August? Did you read any books? (sksksksk it’s ok if you didn’t, I didn’t finish anything in August and am still currently reading the two books listed here :/) Chat with me in the comments and important question…are you a sweet or savoury/salty type of person? As much as I enjoy sweet things I also prefer savoury and salty things to be honest. My sweet tooth is long gone. Hope you all have a lovely Septemeber and for those who are returning to school, hi…you’re doing amazing you’ve got this. I believe in you! ❤

21 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: August 2020

  1. August was a blur for me too, where did it go? I somehow read 5 books and began school and learned how to drive and it was all crazy.
    I really can’t decide between sweet and salty but right now I’m craving ice creams so I think I’ll go with sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lmao I don’t know, I want a refund, I want to redo august please *sobs* Aaaah you did so many things though and I’m proud of you! Ooooo sweet things, honestly the few times I’ve craved sweet things it’s because I’ve had too much of the savoury/salty and my bodys like yeah we need something sweet now to balance it pls hehe. Hope you have a wonderful Sept ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. thank you so much for including my posts clo 🥺 i can’t wait to see what you think about harley in the sky because it’s a book i’m excited to read but haven’t heard much about. and lol this month i think i just really got into bts 😭😭 still super hesitant about it because of armys but i’m so proud of them and dynamite! and lmao i don’t really know anything about stray kids but felix is such a cute bean, and i didn’t like god’s menu at first but it was fine after a few listens 😂 i mostly like it for felix’s 5 star michellin line 😌

    Liked by 1 person

    • eeep of course I love your posts so much Caitlin and I can’t wait to finally finish harley in the sky. mood on the armys but like kpop stans in general, I’ll sit in the corner away from them and the drama I think and yessss Felix is a cute bean and I adore his sunshine self. Honestly, same? Like I wasn’t keen on Gods Menu at first but its grown on me, though I prefer Back Door to Gods Menu haha


  3. Ah hope next month is a lot better for you 💞
    I’ve actually been…ok recently, I thought I’d really be feeling the stress of going back to school but I’ve kinda made peace with it – it’s definitely going to look a lot different but I hope this year is a good year 🤞
    Thank you so much for the shout out, glad we made you laugh 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well Sept seems to have been a better month I think and oof I definitely don’t miss being in school. Particularly not during this year, the whole online classes would’ve been a no from me. Hope this school year is good to you tho El and of course, your posts were wonderful ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh how’s Harley In The Sky going for you? Aww take care of your health and also good luck with those assignments. Last I remember you were making some progress with them so keep going ❤
    Eep thanks for including my post 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • I…I’ve been putting Harley In The Sky off for ages because I started to get annoyed at Harley ooops but I’m planning to push through it and finish because I know you really loved the book! Eeek thank you and yes slow progress which is better than none. Of course I love your posts hehe ❤


  5. Hi! I had a lot to say but I joined the discord server and then spent 15 minutes there so I completely forgot about what I wanted to comment so here’s a summary of what I remember:
    — congratulations on 3 years! and it’s awesome that you took the time to celebrate with a cake. I need to do stuff like that.
    — WHY did I not know about the discord server before, I’m going to live there from now onwards.
    — I have 8 tabs open because of links from this post lol.
    — hope your September is better!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I hope you enjoy the server, you just reminded me that I need to work on a blog post about the server xD

      Ah thank you, hehe hope you enjoy hopping to all the tabs and thank youuuu. I hope you have a wonderful Sept too!


  6. I know I’m about a month late, but my September was super stressful and I did not blog hop whatsoever! But I’m here now! I’m sorry August was such a terrible month, I really hope that September was better for you! I’m super impressed with how much you managed to blog hop in August because when I’m exhausted or having a tough time, that’s one of the first things to go. Which explains why I’m first getting to this post a month after it was posted!

    But thank you so much for including both my post and Chana’s! There were so many other fantastic posts on here, some that I just got to a few days ago, and others that I still hadn’t read yet, but your list gave me the push to check them out!

    Also, is it cheating if I say I’m both a sweet AND savory person? I feel like I’m sweet in the morning and at night, and savory in the middle of the day, if that makes any sense. Basically, cake and cookies for breakfast and midnight snack, salty/savory food in between!

    Liked by 1 person

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