My Blog Hopping Process

I’ve been wanting to do a post about my process for a while now. Blog hopping is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, I enjoy hopping more than I enjoy consume videos. Simply because I prefer to consume written content over visual content. I also love spreading love to other book bloggers, it brings me a lot of joy. In this post I’ll show you how I go about hopping as well as linking to some other book bloggers, fabulous posts which can help you improve your blog hopping!

I use Feedly to blog hop, before Feedly I relied on Discord Servers and Twitter, as I’ve never liked the WordPress reader. I won’t be explaining the details of Feedly but I will be linking to some other posts from other bloggers, which will explain Feedly, far better than I could.

Related Blog Post/s: Kal @ Reader Voracious posted Why I Switched To Feedly For Blog Hopping last year, it may be an older post but it’s such an informative post. If you’re considering using Feedly, highly recommend checking out Kal’s post. Similarly Lauren @ Northern Plunder did a post on Be Efficient Blog Hopping How (Not) To Use Feedly.

Organising My Feeds

Whenever I follow new blogs I have to put them into one of my feeds on Feedly, the feed aspect of Feedly has been a lifesaver for me. I have at the moment 4 feeds, although one is temporary, as it’s whilst I try out new bloggers content to see if I enjoy it.

My feeds are as follows: Book Blogs Priority, Book Blogs Extra Time, Book Blogs Rest & From Nominations Posts. I categorise blogs into each feed depending on how often I hop to their blog. There are some bloggers who I simply adore, they’re fabulous but their content isn’t my cuppa, which is ok. I know my content isn’t for everyone, a lot of them end up in either “extra time” or “rest”.

From Nominations Posts is a new feed I recently created, to be able to quickly follow blogs I’ve found via people’s Book Blogger Nomination posts. I separate them out from the rest of the blogs until I’ve got a feel for how much I enjoy/vibe with their content.

Mass Deleting Posts I Know I Won’t Read

Ahem so you may have noticed the number at the moment on my From Nominations Posts feed is ridiculously high. This is because Feedly’s pulled each bloggers posts from the past 30 days and added it into the feed. Each time I blog hop I will go through each feed and delete any posts from the feed, I know I won’t read. Typically its book reviews, blog tours that will get deleted along with most of the memes. They’re not something I really read and book reviews I’m picky about whose reviews I will read.

The above screenshot is an example of what I’d do, if I’m not interested in a post, I’ll click the “x” which says mark as read and hide which then eliminates it from my feed. 

At first, I felt a lot of guilt for doing this however it not only makes my feeds less overwhelming for me, it also means I know the posts that are left are ones I’m excited to read! There’s no point in me reading/skim reading a post just for the sake of it. When I blog hop I like to engage to the best of my ability leaving comments and like where possible.

Saving Posts To Boards

Feedly has a wonderful feature of boards. You can create multiple boards and save posts to multiple boards too. As many of you know, I enjoy sharing posts I’ve loved, in my wrap up posts. In order for me to do that I’ll save posts I’ve enjoyed to that months rewind board. This gives me easy access to all the posts that I wanted to include in the wrap up, sometimes I do have to go through and cull the posts if I’ve saved too many or I’ve saved a lot from one blogger.

I highly encourage you all to blog hop, you don’t need to hop regularly, it can be sporadic hopping. One of the best ways to find friends in this community is through hopping and we all have our own methods to hop. One thing I love about Feedly is the fact I can follow blogs on WordPress, Self Hosted and Blogger, which I appreciate having them all in one place.

Related Blog Post/s: As part of my Book Blogging 101 series I have a post all about Blog Hopping & Commenting. Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea wrote a fabulous post sharing All My Thoughts On Blog Hopping// Why I Do It, My Blog Hopping Process & More which I highly recommend you check out. Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books also wrote a post 2 years ago on How To Blog Hop, Why I Do It And Why I Think You Should, Too. Again Marie’s post may be 2 years old but it’s still such a relevant post which holds up and can help break down blog hopping for you.

I hope you found this post helpful friends, Feedly is honestly my lifesaver, a word of warning though Feedly limits the amount of blogs you can follow. On the free account you can only follow 100 blogs…so if you follow more than that, Feedly may not be for you unless you feel like creating multiple accounts. I’ve yet to read the limit but when I do I’ll probably just make another account.

How do you blog hop? Do you feel guilty for not reading posts which appear in your feeds/reader? Lemme know in the comments ❤

21 thoughts on “My Blog Hopping Process

  1. I’ve only been blogging for a little under a year, and I’ve never heard of Feedly. I have a feeling you just changed my life! Ha! I’ll be bookmarking this and coming back to it when I have more time. Thank you so much for sharing. ❤

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  2. Oh wow, this is such a wonderful system!
    I’ll elaborate my email system a bit. I think I told you that I subscribe via email to blogs I really want to read cause I almost never open my WP reader. I have set days to blog hop when I’ll open my all the tabs on my browser. I go ahead and like all the posts but like you, I don’t often read through book reviews or tags and just like and close to show my support. There are others that I go through and comment on if I have anything to add and yet other important posts that I want to read through carefully are left for the end. Unless I sometimes leave them for a couple of days cause I’m not in the right mindset. Your post has been open on my browser for three days now lol.
    I usually don’t blog hop apart from my email so I usually only discover new blogs through other people’s blogs unless I’m randomly in the mood of actively finding some on twitter.
    Anyway, I love how you use Feedly and if I were to ever shift to WP Reader I would use Feedly for sure 🙂

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    • Ah I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Charvi! Yes I remember you mentioning your email system and like I’m just in awe of your system. I could never keep up with an email system, mostly because I fail at checking my emails whoops.

      Ah I discovered a bunch of new blogs through the Book Blogger Awards, I still need to go through the spreadsheet and start sifting through them all but that’s generally how I find new bloggers these days. Or via other bloggers wrap ups etc.


  3. Ooh, this makes it tempting to use Feedly! I always fall so behind on blog hopping because the WordPress reader’s lack of organization overwhelms me (which is why I’m reading basically ALL the posts I care about from August tonight 🥴), but it looks like you have using Feedly down to a science!

    Super handy and helpful post, Clo! 💛

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    • Highly recommend using Feedly, even if it’s just to test it out! You can import the blogs you’ve followed from WordPress (although as I said, there’s a cap so you can only follow 100 blogs) that being said I really adore Feedly. Ah I’m so happy you found it helpful Meaghan! 💜


  4. now that i follow less than a hundred blogs, i can use feedly again, but honestly i think i’m gonna have to stick to the good old wordpress reader 😭 i’m way too lazy to organize blogs into feeds HAHA. and i wish i was better at not reading all the posts on my reader! i always feel the need to read them even if the subject matter doesn’t interest me. i mean, sometimes it pays off because the post is still great, but i wonder how much time i’d save if i didn’t try to read every post on my reader *sigh*

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    • Ah I feel you on the organising blogs into feeds, I just never got on with the WP reader and never really used it because I prefer to organise things. Probably why I get on so well with Feedly to be honest. Oof I feel that but I just…I guess I learned that my time is valuable and I’d rather read posts I know I’ll enjoy vs posts I won’t just for the sake of giving that person a view/like (does this make me a horrible person? *hides*)


  5. I totally depend on Feedly for all things blog hopping and I am so much better at it these days. I do not feel guilty if I have to mass delete a bunch of posts if I had missed hopping for a while.

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    • Yep Feedly is a lifesaver for me, it’s super helpful for me to mass catch up on posts when I get behind too and yeah me neither now. I used to but these days I just value my time and energy more, although I tend to catch up on posts I’ve missed. It really depends on how backlogged I let myself get.

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  6. It was really interesting to see your blog hopping process!
    I use Feedly too, but have my feeds split into topics, but since I follow almost all book blogs, and then a few writing and lifestyle ones, it probably would make more sense to split them into feeds based on priority. Maybe I’ll switch it around!
    Great post 🙂


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