How I Curate My Social Media Feeds And Tips For How You Can Too!

There is so much content around us to consume that it’s super easy to get lost in the noise of it all. By noise I’m talking when you’re endlessly scrolling through your feeds, randomly clicking videos on YouTube. It’s easy to get lost to the endless scrolling and lose so much time online. There’s an abundance of free content, waiting to be found by YOU. Whether you’re interested in blog posts, videos, photos or you’re more naturally prone, to conversing in a language of GIFs and 260 character limit tweets.

I used to follow so many people on the platforms I had but I got to the point where it was too much. I wanted to consume content with intention and be mindful of who I was following, the channels I was subscribed to. I wanted to share my thoughts and my process of how I go about curating spaces and feeds full of content I enjoy. It’s so important to curate your feeds accordingly to protect your mental health, as well as to inspire yourself and top of that creative pool! (as a side note never feel like you’re being rude for “breaking” a mutual on a platform, you don’t owe someone your energy/time and I think that’s really important to remember!)

I’m going to style this post slightly differently, so in each “section” I’ll have a Live Updates subheading with date and time stamps of my thought process as I tackle each process. As well as including my process and how I tackle each category, as I approach each platform slightly differently!


My Live Updates

15:25 14/06/20: 68 channels…look I can tell you now I am not regularly watching all these channels content. I know that for a fact.

15:40 14/06/20: We got it down to 29…and that’s like technically 27 because one channel has yet to post anything at the time of me doing this and the other is a channel I keep meaning to watch their videos. So I can decide if I want to keep subbed or not.

16:44 11/08/20: I would just like to pop back in and mention that I had to set up everything on a new YouTube account and as of now I’m currently subscribed to 29 channels (3 are music based channels, Ateez/KQ Entertainment/E’LAST)


The choice I make to unsubscribe from a channel isn’t a light one, I take into account several things before I click unsubscribe, some I have to think harder about than others.

  • Do I enjoy their content? Am I actively watching their content?: By this I mean am I normally watching their videos within the week it posts, does their content inspire me/allow me to escape. If I’m not enjoying their content then it’s likely I won’t really be actively consuming content.
  • How does their content make me feel? What does their content bring into my life?: There’s not really one answer fits all. For some channels they inspire me, for others I just wholeheartedly enjoy the human behind the camera, creating the content. I enjoy consuming content which helps inspire and motivate me to grow as a person, as well as to refill my creative pools. I also enjoy consuming content which feels like an escape, where instead of making my brain burst to life with ideas, is soothes it and allows it to just be.
  • Type of channel: In the past I used to sub to a load of music channels, VEVO channels, fan channels and the list just went on and on. It was a mess of my past loves colliding when I originally tackled it. Now I do my best to be super mindful of the type of channels I subscribe to. At the moment, I did double check I’m only subbed to one music channel type and that’s Ateez. Hi I’m an Atiny and I enjoy consuming their content hehe. (edit me is here to clarify I’m also subbed to KQ Entertainment and E’LAST who are a new K-Pop group who’ve recently debuted.)

Taking all of those questions in mind, I then go through the process and cleanse my subscription list, I do actually need to go through the process of replenishing my subscription list. With new channels that inspire me/provide an escape and then later on in the year I’ll repeat this process. It’s all about making sure I’m consuming videos that truly inspire, motivate and allow me to grow as a person, learn new things.


My Live Updates

16:17 14/06/20: So I’m just sat here being terrified to actually tackle this. I genuinely want everyone to know that if I unfollowed you, don’t take it to heart. I just really want to get a hold of who I’m following on twitter again because I’m following 640 people (that’s after unfollowing a good 60 or more who were still following she who must not be named). 

16:56 14/06/20: Can we appreciate that I’ve spent like half an hour procrastinating doing this task…yeah so I’m going to be back in a bit because I need to check some other things off my GYST list, and tea is required before I dive into this.

17:25 14/06/20Ok time to tackle this, I’m going to say that I may unfollow like…half? So I may go from following 640 people to 320 or around that…honestly I’m just scared at this point because this is a ruthless unfollowing time so I can curate my twitter timeline to be full of accounts I love, appreciate and tweets that I like.

17:29 14/06/20: I’m going to be scrolling to the start and working from the accounts I’ve been following the longest, to the most recent.

17:41 14/06/20: Real talk I’m not even 1/4 of the way through this but this is genuinely so hard to unfollow people. Particularly my fellow my bloggers but I also know that at the end of the day it’s for my own mental health. There’s literally no point following someone when I don’t engage with them or even see their tweets.

17:56 14/06/20: Hello a nice check in so we’re at 478 now and I’m probably half way through? At least I hope am and honestly, this and instagram are going to be the harder ones to cleanse.

18:13 14/06/20: Well I have finished cleansing and from 640…I’m now following 365. Ooop my guestimate wasn’t too far out then to be honest, I feel happier knowing I’m following accounts I want to interact with and see on my timeline though.

16:49 11/08/20: Currently following 368 people


I’ve never ruthlessly gone through my twitter list, I’ve casually gone through it before but this will be the first time I’ll be ruthless. So below are the factors I’m taking into account on who I’m unfollowing and who I’ll keep following. I’d also like to state that whether the person follows me back or not, does not play a part in this.

  • Friends won’t be unfollowed: when I say friends, I’m talking online friends who I actively chat to, sometimes across multiple platforms and sometimes it’s mostly on twitter xD
  • Do I engage with their tweets?: I engage with people’s tweets a fair bit when I can, sometimes I may not because I’m an extremely awkward person on twitter unless the other user is my friend. Then I tend to dive in and engage. Anyway, am I engaging with their tweets, if not do I want to engage more with this person?
  • Do I like seeing their tweets on my timeline?: Pretty simple, if I enjoy seeing their tweets then they’re probably staying regardless of whether we’re friends or I engage with them. If I don’t like seeing their tweets then…bye.


My Live Updates

11:05 15/06/20: So we’re sitting at 351 accounts I’m following on here, I’m guessing it may go down around 100 or so, shouldn’t really go down too much. Problem is my bookstagram is also…my personal insta too now which is an all round pain.

11:28 15/06/20: It’s down to 322 now. I feel like I unfollowed more than that but I’ll take it, may do another sweep through later on.

21:52 15/06/20: No one asked but I just finished organising all my posts into the new categories I’ve made, so I’m slightly giddy off of finally accomplishing that task. Anyway, I’m going to be doing one last sweep through on my insta to see if I want to unfollow anymore accounts.

22:02 15/06/20: Ok we started at 351 and I’m now at 275. I’m ok with that, it’s likely that I’ll follow more bookstagrams in the future so that number will steadily increase again, which is fine.

17:06 11/08/20: Currently following 289 accounts


  • Friends stay: I may erm…unfollow some in real life people I know we’ll see, but online friends are all staying and so many of my online friends have fabulous bookstagrams!
  • Do I remember who this person is?: Hi this probably applies to twitters process as well but when I scroll through, there are many people who I’m like…I don’t know even know who you are? Cause sometimes I just randomly follow people back. Ahem so if I don’t remember or know the account, we saying bye.
  • My bookstalore group stays followed: this is just an engagement pod I’m part of on insta, but I need to remember to stay followed to these lovely people.


My Live Updates

22:05 15/06/20: EXCUSE ME SOMEONE YELL AT ME I’m only following 35 blogs on Feedly, who let me be such an awful blogger *sobs* (that said it’s ok to not follow loads of blogs, I personally would like to follow more blogs, and I’m sure there are blogs that are not on my Feedly list) Ok first I’m going to go through the 35 blogs I’m following and make sure I want to still be following them all, then I’ll ensure they’re in the right list. THEN I’ll start updating with new blogs!

22:28 15/06/20: Whoop sorted the feeds out, and also cleared down any posts I’m not interested in reading and tomorrow I’ll probably be back so I can update with new blogs to follow!

11:13 16/06/20 I think I’m mostly done now, just need to find more blogs to follow and unfollow any that haven’t been active in several months!

17:11 11/08/20: I’m now following 54 blogs, mostly thanks to the Book Blogger Awards where I discovered so many more to follow and have more still to discover!


I use Feedly to hop to blog posts! she says having not blog hopped in weeks at the time of writing this post 

  • How often do I click on their posts?: I do follow some blogs where I don’t always click on their posts, not because their posts aren’t fabulous. It’s because there are a few blogs where they mostly post reviews or types of content I don’t ordinarily gravitate towards. That aside if I’m rarely clicking on a blog post then it’s perhaps time to unfollow that person.
  • Do I enjoy their content?: this point links with the first one, some people’s content I genuinely adore with my whole heart. Other people’s a like but it’s a hit and miss with their posts for me personally. That’s ok, you know not every post is going to appeal to everyone. If I enjoy their content overall, they stay.
  • Inactive/hiatuses: I tend to unfollow blogs which haven’t been active for 3+ months UNLESS that person happens to be a friend of mine. In which case they’re not getting rid of me unless WP decides to keep unfollowing for them *glowers at WP*

‘Skinny Ratios, Breaking The Moot & Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilt

I just wanted to briefly talk about the whole skinny ratio aspect that this can potentially cause, if you have a lot of followers and then you unfollow a load of people. For me, it’s so noticeable on my twitter now as I’m following 368 people but I have 1.8k followers…and that’s ok. People have been unfollowing me since I did my cleanse and that’s ok, I don’t know their reasons for unfollowing me. Maybe they’re sick of seeing Ateez tweets on their timeline when they came for books. Just like they don’t know why I unfollowed them. 

You can of course choose to mute the person if you don’t want to unfollow them yet but I just find it easier to dive right on in. Be unapologetic and set those boundaries, they’re important for us all to have both online and offline. I may write another post on boundaries we’ll see.

Breaking a moot is something one of my friends had mentioned and I get that, it’s very daunting at first and you do feel rude in a way. Once you get past that though, it’s a whole new world. A more inspiring timeline full of people you actually want to engage with!

If you follow me on any platform, I hope from the bottom of my heart, it’s because you genuinely enjoy my content/me as a person. If you’re following me to get a follow back you’re wasting your time on me. I used to follow back because I felt like I was obliged to do so, that’s how you end up with a ton of content on your feeds that you’re not really interested in. 

Don’t feel guilty for curating feeds to help you grow and flourish as a person.

Eeek so I hope you all liked this post? It’s a bit different to my usual posts in terms of layout but I hope seeing my process, can be useful for you all! Something to keep in mind is it’s ok for you evolve as a person, for the content and people you followed to no longer inspire or connect with you. It’s part of evolving and growing as a person. However clinging onto your ‘digital past’, by staying subscribed/followed to all these people, isn’t going to help you in the long run. Not if you no longer enjoy their content.

Do you curate your social media feeds? If so how do you go about it? If not, are you planning to? 


39 thoughts on “How I Curate My Social Media Feeds And Tips For How You Can Too!

  1. Ahh, another post I love so much and want every blogger to read! and, am i the friend that said that breaking mutuals is rude :”‘) because I think I’ve changed my mind about that, haha. Like you said, it’s important to curate your social media feeds and only follow people who bring you joy. After I went on an unfollowing spree, I felt so refreshed. Yes, I felt bad because I knew that most of the people I unfollowed hadn’t done anything wrong, but I also knew that unfollowing them was best for my mental health. I’m a little too focused on numbers (something I really need to work on), so it’s a little hurtful to see people unfollowing me, but having a social media feed that truly brings me joy is way more important than the number of people following me!

    I’ve never been the type of person who likes following lots people. Like, I see other people who follow 1000+ or 2000+ people, and I’m just like… how. I could never handle that. How do you see the tweets/posts you actually want to see? 😭😭 so going on a Twitter unfollowing spree was ultimately the right decision, and i’m probably gonna do one for Instagram too. I’m only following about 65 people there, but i can already think of a few accounts I follow who I don’t even know and whose pictures and stories don’t bring me joy.

    Ultimately, it can be hard to go on an unfollow spree because I feel guilty about unfollowing people who haven’t done anything wrong (unless they’re following you know who, why would you follow her after everything she’s done), but it does wonders for the mental health. I’m actually still unsure if I’ve unfollowed all the people I want to on Twitter, and this post just reminded me that I really need to go through my following list again! ❤

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    • aaah thank you so much Caitlin and yes you were Caitlin hehe ❤ It is super hard to let go of that guilt the first time you do it, particularly on twitter and instagram but at the end of the day your mental health comes first in my opinion.

      I think the most I've followed on twitter was 800 or so accounts and just that many I was beginning to feel really overwhelmed. I also wasn't seeing the tweets from people who I love like the majority of my blogging friends. Like if you can't see the content from the people you enjoy and love…then I honestly think it's time for an unfollow spree.

      Gah yeah it still gets to me now that people are unfollowing me BUT I see it that if they're unfollowing me because I unfollowed them…then there really wasn't a genuine reason for us to be following one another as it was all very base level and probably for numbers. I also remember that new people will follow me, people who's values will probably align with mine more and people who genuinely enjoy my content and who I am.

      I think I did two sweeps on my twitter to make sure I'd unfollowed everyone I wanted to. I'm so happy though that you did this for yourself Caitlin ❤

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  2. Clo!! I’m so proud of you for doing this!! I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been and how much time it took.

    I really enjoyed reading this post and I agree so much with all your reasons for unfollowing accounts. I feel really inspired to go on an unfollowing spree of my own now! It is a bit daunting because I follow way too many people 🙈 I tend to follow people that talk about books or that are bloggers and that really adds up quickly to the point where I can barely even keep up with the people I genuinely care about and interact with.

    This was an awesome and thought provoking post and I loved reading it!! Hope you’ve been doing good! love you 💛

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    • Awh thank you so much Kerys ❤ Aha it took a while many hours but it was worth it!

      Eeeek I hope you do and I'm glad the post could inspire you hehe, yeah I used to follow back a lot of book bloggers and readers who I just…didn't know? I just followed them back because they were a book lover which adds up super quickly like you said, it also meant twitter buried a lot of tweets from friends with tweets from people I don't really know or care about.

      Ah I'm so happy you enjoyed this post Kerys and I've been doing ok, hope you're doing good too lovely! Love you too ❤


  3. Hi ! I just found your blog through the BBA ( book blogger awards ) and I love your blog ♥️also this post was so helpful….I always am feeling guilty about unfollowing someone….. I started blogging 2 months ago and for the first month I made the biggest mistake I would follow anyone who followed me ….and then I realised I did not enjoy their content or it was just not for me….this month I actually unfollowed some bloggers and now my reader is not flooded as usual where I am not able to keep up with posts 😅 I just joined insta 3 days ago and I am already following 70-80 accounts 😭 all in all great post and I am definitely going to keep in mind a lot of your tips

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    • Ah hello and thank you so much ❤ Unfollowing someone is daunting the first time you do it, particularly if you do it in bulk BUT the feeling afterwards of freedom and knowing now the people you follow, you enjoy their content is so worth it.

      Yep I did that once, I used to follow back blogs and people on twitter and it quickly adds up to the point you're just seeing content that doesn't really inspire you :/

      I'm glad you were able to take that leap and unfollow some bloggers, ahaha instagram is a time, it's algorithm can make it hard for you to grow at first so I'd really recommend if you've not already looking up bookstagram posts and how to grow on there. I still struggle with bookstagram but I'm mostly on there to post for myself and give other people some nice bookish photos in nature xD

      Thank you so much for commenting lovely ❤

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  4. Ah this is such a great post! And I can tell you put so much effort into. But also so true about everything you said. I used to have that Twitter mentality (lowkey hate Twitter now but anyways) and I had a whole bunch of people who just didn’t interact with me anyways so I just unfollowed them all. And I did so recently with WordPress as I’ve been getting into blog hopping and I just DID not like my Reader feed. But really love all your tips Chlo and GO YOU for doing that!!

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    • Ah thank you so much Ruby! Yup this post took a lot of time and effort to make, at one point I was close to scrapping the entire thing xD Twitter can quickly become super toxic for your mental health if you spend to much time on it, even more so if you’re not curating your feeds on it, at least I’ve found that. Yayyy I’m so happy you’ve been getting into blog hopping and wooo for unfollowing a bunch of people. I don’t use WP reader at all, I never have, I just don’t get on with it xD

      Eeek thank YOU for reading and commenting ❤

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  5. This was such a good reminder! I finally dived into my following on blogs & it wasn’t that daunting once I started? I don’t know what I was so afraid of… I realised a lot of people I follow haven’t been active for ages so automatic unfollow unless I really liked their content & am over here hoping & praying they come back but I figure people will drop me a comment if they make a sudden reappearance 🤷‍♀️
    And then recently, like you, due to the book blogger awards I’ve followed a bunch more new people! I’m still curating my feed & seeing if I vibe with people’s content but I love finally seeing some new faces 😂

    (Also I haven’t blog hopped in so long it’s so bad 😬)

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      • eeek yes Feedly has helped my blog hopping so much! Honestly I think a lot of us think build up this idea that we’re following so many active blogs so it’s going to be really hard to cleanse them…in reality a lot of blogs we followed are probably inactive and have been for several months. Like you said though, once you start it’s pretty easy to work your way through it. I find the process pretty therapeutic to be honest.

        Gah I have so many blogs I want to check out! I fully plan to go through the entire google doc at some point so I can try and find as many new bloggers as possible and hopefully I vibe with some of them. I’ve already found quite a few which makes me super happy hehe. Thank you so much for commenting El ❤

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  6. I loved reading about your curation process since i think we’ve talked about that on Twitter a bit! I actually ended up completely deleting my Instagram accounts this month because I know that’s the platform that causes me the most emotional distress. I also want to look at my YouTube subscriptions even though I don’t follow that many people because I’m finally figuring out what I like to watch better.

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    • Yes I think we did talk about it a bit on twitter! Ah I deleted my two personal accounts off instagram, suffice to say I find more joy with my blogging/bookish friends then the majority of ppl I know in real life so I just merged it into my bookstagram. If they want to follow me they can but they’ll also learn pretty quickly that my insta is a place for a lot of bookish/blog related chats *shrugs* Aaaah I love it when that happens, finally figuring out what you like to watch more is one of the best feelings. Thank you so much for commenting Mel!

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  7. This was a fascinating post! I don’t engage with social media that much, so I usually never go and clean it out, but you inspired me to go and clean out my Youtube subscribers list (just cleaved it in half… i feel ruthless) (just kidding) but your questions were very thought provoking and helped me a lot! and i know that there’s a lot on twitter and not breaking the mutual (though I don’t know that much about it since I’m… not that active there LOL) but you ARE right. your social media feed should be what matters to you and honestly, if you’re not really engaging with somebody / don’t enjoy their tweets, then why are you following them? this is something i will definitely consider as i try to be more active on social media.

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    • Ah I’m so happy my post could inspire you to clean your YouTube haha. Hey cutting it in half is amazing! Aw I’m so happy my questions could help you out ❤

      I think social media has caused a lot of people to forget it's core purpose, in that it's meant for us to connect with others…not for it to become a place for external validation and a competition of who has the most followers. This is especially more prevalent within kids who are in school and even I went through that feeling of likes almost validating me which is an awful mindset to get into :/

      Thank you so much for commenting!

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  8. yaaaay the post is finally here!!!
    I’ve definitely gone on some Instagram and twitter unfollowing sprees and it really feels good to cut down on people you don’t interact with. I used to feel guilty but like you said, there’s no point in following if you don’t interact with them or they don’t bring joy. I don’t think I’ve ever cleared up the blogs I follow though. I’m a rare person who doesn’t blog hop through WP reader. I’ll follow literally everyone from the WP reader but subscribe via email to blogs I really interact with so I entirely depend on my emails to blog hop (it’s what I’m doing rn). And honestly, the system works for me so I’m gonna stick to it 🙂

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    • ❤ I think we've all felt this guilt for unfollowing people but at the end of the day, you'll also quickly learn who was following you just for "numbers"/"for the mutual" and who was following because they enjoy who you are and your content. Since I unfollowed people I think in total I've lost close to 40 followers, which yeah sucks but also…bye then if you weren't following me for who I am and my content xD

      OMG Charvi how?! You are magic, I literally forget my emails exist then have to mass go through them and I'm terrible with them. I don't use the WP reader either, never have I've always blog hopped using channels in Discord, Twitter and now I primarily use Feedly and sometimes Twitter haha. But I'm happy that system works for you! ❤


      • Lmao I’m a huge email checker? Like idk if that’s a thing but I check my mails like twice a day lol and I have like 4 accounts??
        When I started college my university would send like 20 mails every day (still does) and nobody could keep up whereas I was like oh yeah this is fun 😂

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        • omg *cackles* I can just imagine you having a blast with those emails, whilst all the other students are just drowning xD I have like 4 emails too now but erm I am horrible at keeping up with them, it’s something I need to be better at.

          Yes it’s definitely a thing, someone I know in real life checks their emails like twice a day xD

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  9. This post was so helpful! I follow WAY too many people on my social media and it’s sooo overwhelming. Honestly what is really annoying is that sometimes I would miss the content I want to see because of the number of people I’m following. But I also feel guilty for unfollowing people because I’m sure they put a lot of effort in their posts, in their Instagram photos… That being said, I really need to unfollow people I don’t really talk to or don’t engage with their content. Anyway, thanks for posting this!

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    • Ah I’m glad you found it helpful! Feeling guilty seems to be a common response to the thought of unfollowing people but at the end of the day, you want to be seeing the content that makes you happy/inspires you.

      Thank you for reading commenting ❤

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  10. Clo, this was such a good post! 🥰 I think this is a really good topic to talk about (especially for someone like me who follows WAY too many people). When I first started out, my main tactic was to follow a lot of blogs and people on Twitter so that I could see their content and get a feel for who they were, and after a while, I could decide on whether or not I cared about them enough to continue following them. It sounds like a good plan, but it very quickly turned into so many accounts and “mutuals” that I didn’t want to feel bad for unfollowing them if I didn’t know them well enough yet. 😅 I’ve known for a long time that I just need to break mutual and only focus on the accounts I actually care about, but I think this post has finally convinced me to do it!

    For the past year or so, I have definitely been feeling a lot of social media noise around me, and although it will take a long time for me to go through a media cleanse, I think it’s time. I follow too many accounts on all of my platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, and I think it will make me feel better in the long run if I just cut ties with everything that doesn’t add value to my life. 🙂 Thank you for writing this!
    (Also, I’m so sorry at the irony but while I was trying to get to this post on my phone, I accidentally unfollowed you here 😦 so please don’t be confused when I follow you again right now! Love you! 💜)

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    • Eeeek Xandra ❤ I am so happy my post could give you that push to finally start breaking those mutuals and curating your feeds!

      I'm sending you all the positive energy for you working through your socials .>)


  11. I love this post! My twitter is so chaotic I’m following like 900 people and tbh I only know like 100 of them probably… but honestly I don’t really care with twitter. I mainly only use it to promote my blog posts and stay marginally aware of whatever fresh controversy of the day is happening. Where I’m really selective is my blog though–I used to follow whoever would comment on my blog or whatever but now I only follow people if I consistently engage with their blog posts and am pretty much aware of every single person in my reader, and I don’t really go on unfollowing sprees but every now and then if I see someone in my feed I don’t interact with anymore I’ll just unfollow them in the moment. I’ve turned off all email notifications though lol my emails are a mess I have 1000+ unread in my inbox email notifications would just get lost. I’m even more chaotic on youtube and instagram lmao since I don’t have bookstagram or booktube accounts and only view those with my personal accounts–I follow like 3 big “famous” booktubers, and nobody on instagram although I’ll periodically lurk and look at photos without following or liking them lmao so nobody gets a notification about my irl account liking and traces it back to me. I always want to watch booktube, especially when people I know from blogging or twitter make videos but like… I’m a reader. I read books and blogs and don’t have the attention span or care enough to watch videos.

    The moral of the story is my socials are a chaotic mess and I’m amazed at how organized you are, go you for unfollowing and cleaning up!

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    • Thank you so much Kay! Lmao my emails are a complete mess, I’m trying to organise them but yeah I just don’t check them at all so they just build up…and then I bulk delete them xD

      Aaah I get that, I used to use my personal account for YouTube but now I have a different account I use for youtube so it’s fine now but like you, I really struggle to sit through videos. I only follow one BookTuber who is also a book blogger and a friend of mine, the rest are all more lifestyle channels because I prefer to consume that content in video form.

      Ah thank you, I’m just happy I managed to clean so many of my socials up to be honest. Chaos can be good though hehe, thank you so much for commenting ❤


  12. God Clo you have way more patience than I ever will (I re-set up feedly by deleting everything and starting over 😂). But I’m glad you’re finding the time to curate your space and it hopefully helps your feed be more about what you want to see! x

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    • phahaha I think it’s also that I was in the right mindset to just sit and go through everything, also knowing I’d get a post out of it helped xD I mean that’s another way of resetting your spaces, just deleting and starting over haha. Thank you for reading and commenting Becky! x


  13. Okay I love this post so, so much and this is much needed. I know it’s something I really need to do, especially when it comes to my twitter account, because I am following WAY too many people on here, and I’m probably not genuinely interested in their content or not as much as before and… twitter is so overwhelming sometimes, too, probably because I follow too many people as well 😂😂 thank you so much for this post and the inspiration, I’ll have to do my best to do this soon!!

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  14. I think I’ve told you how you inspired me to unfollow blogs I’m not really enjoying or reading much content from, and I’ve done objectively well so far, but this post just put me back on the mojo! Not gonna lie, I still feel really obligated to follow back and I do feel guilty whenever I hit unfollow on someone’s profile so that’s how I end up with such messy timelines on every social media app I have!

    WAIT HOLD ON, I think I just had a revelation. You know how I always disappear off the internet and randomly pop up on your DMs for minutes at a time? (Of course you know that lmao) From reading your post, I finally realize that aside from personal stuff going on, maybe I follow too many people and get overwhelmed by the amount of people I follow??? So I retreat to the confines of YouTube, where I won’t be required to keep up with hundreds of tweets and photos at the same time. 😳

    Anywayyy, thank you for this much needed discussion! I love how you shared your live updates and your own process as well so we have an idea on how to curate our social media feeds. And I can’t believe you follow 68 channels on YouTube before and narrowed it down to 29, although I’m sure that by now, you’re subscribed to 30 channels alread *cough* Stray Kids *cough* 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is my reply to you reminding you to get back on this, if you fell off of curating your feeds! But I’m so happy my post could inspire you again 🥺

      Yep that could be why, if you follow to many people then you just get overwhelmed and hop between socials trying to avoid the overwhelm but not…really managing to. I did that a lot and for months literally only stayed in my notifs section on twitter or the dms because my timeline was so overwhelming.

      The irony is I think I am actually subscribed to 30 channels cause of stray kids, which I’m not mad about at all cause erm…we know I’m in love with them xD

      Thank you so much for your long comment Luxe and I’m so happy this post could help you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Okay so don’t be mad but I STILL haven’t continued curating my feeds. I’ve probably made around 5% progress on my Twitter and 30% on WordPress Reader, but that’s it. I promise to make time for it later though!



  15. I know I’m quite late to the discussion, but I just recently discovered your blog and I love it so much! I adore thoughtful discussion posts like this!

    The only social media I use is Instagram (I am subscribed to some booktubers but I haven’t really watched videos in a while, maybe I should curate my feed there too?) I don’t follow a lot of people on Instagram either, because when I did it made me super overwhelmed and it was not great for my mental health. I feel guilty sometimes for unfollowing people, but at the end of the day it is my choice and it should make me happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah you’re not at late at all hehe, awww thank you so much, happy you’re enjoying my blog and it’s contents.

      I mean I honestly don’t watch BookTube at all these days, which is a shame cause I’d love to but I just don’t enjoy watching videos about books anymore unless they’re more vlogs. Ooooo I mean if you want to, I would highly recommend curating your feed over there too!

      Yep I understand the guilt but we deserve to be happy on our social media, instead of feeling overwhelmed and depleted of energy. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Fleur! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

      • Same, I the only booktube content I’m enjoying these days are vlogs! I already went on an unfollowing spree, and I’m more excited about my feed now!

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  16. […] You should also make it a priority to curate your online spaces. There is no rulebook dictating you must follow back everyone who follows you. Or that you have to follow every single person. You are allowed and you should set boundaries online for yourself and your mental health. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of following back everyone who follows you because it seems like the nice thing to do. To stay subscribed to the same YouTube channels you have been since you were ‘xyz’ years old because well you feel bad for unsubscribing. Just like our physical spaces can and do affect our mental health, so do our online spaces. The content you are seeing and consuming does impact you and it is so important to curate it. […]


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