3 Important Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned

Blogging has taught me so much, I’ve gained new skills, learned that I am terrible at using commas correctly, made amazing friends and so much more! However I’ve also learned a lot about myself, for instance I love schedules but they can also be the reason for my burn outs. Even though this month I’ll have been blogging for 3 years, I still catch myself comparing my blog, my journey to others. In the spirit of my blog turning 3 this month I’m going to be sharing 3 important lessons my blog’s taught me.

Sometimes Rigidity Only Serves To Break You

Perhaps the hardest lesson I learned, was that having a rigid schedule only served to break me into pieces, as I broke myself apart, trying to make sure I met this schedule I’d created. My own schedule, my own organisation wasn’t helping me, it was running me to the ground. For some slight background info on myself, I really like sticking to schedules, I don’t like missing things that I schedule and I like things to look consistent and have a nice pattern in my bujo. So I really struggled with schedules, I tried so many different schedules, posting 4 times a week, 3 times a week, alternating days, testing different spacing and time of posting.

In the end though, I’ve learned I work best when I have a flexible schedule, so that means drawing out monthly calendars in my bujo and pencilling in when I’d ideally like posts to go up. That then means, I can erase it if I change my mind of I missed the post. It gives me breathing room and means I don’t need to get the post up that day. I learned that flexibility works wonders for me, so now I’m no longer stressing out over blog posts, or burning myself to the ground. Schedules, a bit like ratings, are subjective. What works for one blogger won’t work for another, which can make it tricky to find your own.

Ask for advice, read up on people’s schedules but remember, your schedule shouldn’t be draining you of energy and making you so stressed you’re coiled and ready to unravel. Or that you can’t sleep at night because your mind is buzzing with all the things you need to get done for your blog. There may not be a right or wrong book blogging schedule but there sure as hell is a healthy and unhealthy schedule. Prioritise your own health and well being lovely!

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You’re Enough, Your Blog Is Enough

I think we all get into this mindset that our blog’s aren’t enough. That we’re somehow not enough. Whether it’s because we feel we’re not churning out content often enough, feeling guilty for constantly being on a hiatus. The list is endless. In the 3 years of blogging, I’ve seriously thought about quitting a handful of times. I’ve had a meltdown where I’ve just been sat crying over my blog because I feel like it’s not enough. That I’m less than and that may I should just quit. 

I didn’t. We can thank my online friends for reminding me that my blog is wonderful and that I’m not a failure of a blogger. It can be really hard to love your blog when you view it as something that constantly needs improving upon. For me it’s always been the graphics, the visuals of my blog have caused me the most pain. Now though my blog truly feels like me. Ahem because I am purple and purple is me xD 

I want you to take a moment to just sit and reflect on your blog, on all the posts you’ve spent hours creating, all the friends you’ve made. The books you’ve read! Look at what you’ve created, isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t your blog wonderful and your blog is enough, so are you. Please remember that, when you feel like throwing your blog away.(Of course if you do want to quit then the community supports you because overall we are a community, who has each others best interests at heart. Who else can best understand the struggles of blogging than our fellow bloggers?)

Related Blog Post: every so often when I manage to get myself together, you may catch me posting over on Bookwyrming Thoughts (which is run and owned by Soph!) I did a post on We’re All Successful Book Bloggers because we are all successful, even though there are times when we feel like we’re not.

Breathe, Be Still, Take A Step Back

The second hardest lesson for me has been learning when to take a step back. Accepting that I need breaks and that I need to go on a hiatus has been really hard. I like to be constantly on the go, creating content, doing things. I’m actually writing this whilst on my hiatus so hi, hello. Taking my most recent hiatus has honestly felt like a breath of fresh air. I originally took it so I could focus on my course, now it’s because of my course and blog maintenance. You know, the glamorous side to blogging none of us know we’re in for when we first start *chuckles*. 

I needed to sort out my blog categories, which I have done as well as sort out all my blog posts. That’s still an ongoing task at the time of writing this. Back to my point, people take hiatuses for all sorts of reasons and I was always supportive of others taking a hiatus. Yet I couldn’t support myself going on hiatus. Whilst 2020 hasn’t been the year we were all expecting, back in December of 2019, it has been a year of growth for myself. Not only learning when to go on a hiatus but learning how to be still in a world that constantly promotes a hustle culture. There’s so much more of course, like reconnecting with nature and the casual magic of seeing the sunrise/sunset. We constantly feel like we should be on the go that we miss out on so many small things that can light us up inside. (for me some of the little things are waking up early, seeing the sunrise, walking among nature, which I am able to do as I live in a village surrounded by nature.)

Remember to listen to your body, to your intuition/gut and take breaks. Maybe you only need a day or a week, perhaps your month break turned into 2 and a bit. That’s ok. Blogging for the majority of us is a hobby so remember to look after yourselves. Your hobby isn’t going anywhere. 

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I hope you all enjoyed this post and hopefully you took something away from it 🙂 It’s honestly wild that this month my blog turns 3 haha. How long have you been blogging? What’s something blogging has taught you? Lemme know in the comments!

36 thoughts on “3 Important Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned

  1. Ah I love this, reading about your journey! I highkey relate to thinking you’re a failure. I went through a stage where I felt like I had no idea what I was doing until I eventually found my blog’s footing and feel so much more confident. Literally feels like I’ve only recently started blogging lmao

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  2. Happy blogiversary! I’ve been blogging on and off since 2005. My current blog is the one that’s lasted the longest. I struggle constantly with feeling like my blog isn’t good enough, especially when “blogger awards” and things like that happen. I don’t know how to make an award-worthy blog! I try to be a good member of the community, but I never feel like I’m good enough. The books and my friends keep me going when I want to quit.

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    • Thanks AJ! Aw I think it’s always important to remember that whilst it’s nice to win awards and be validated externally, it’s also so important to have a blog that feels like us and one we’re proud of, full of content that we enjoy creating. You’re doing your best and for sure my friends have kept me going when I’ve also felt like a failure. Thank you so much for sharing ❤


  3. Thank you for sharing, Love ! xx

    Yeap.. I still struggle with ALL OF THOSES aswell xd Although i’m telling myself that even though I have a schedule, I can decide to skip a day at any time if I feel like it (sick/tired/nothing to post.. whatever!) and yet… yeah I still can’t. Even when I went on vacation, I needed to pre-write posts so I could breathe and not go on hiatus 😅

    Happy Blogiversary ❤️
    You’re one of the sweetest and most helpful within the blogosphere, i’m very glad I got to meet you !

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    • Ah I feel and understand that, I struggled so much with the idea of missing “posting days” that I’d just have to post or feel super guilty if I didn’t 😦

      Thank you so much Kris, awwww I’m so glad I got to meet you too ❤

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  4. CLO, I LOVE YOU AND THIS POST SO MUCH!! i think every blogger needs to hear these words from time to time 🥺🥺 i am… not an organized person at all lmao. i just can’t stick to schedules, to-do lists, and all of that stuff, so it’s only natural that i don’t follow a strict schedule while blogging 😂 even so, i can’t help but wonder if my blog would benefit from a posting schedule, especially because i usually forget to draft a post for the week and have to scramble to write it last minute! but what you said is so true—the best blogging schedule is a healthy one! i’ll try to remember that whenever i feel guilty for not posting much :((

    ahh, clo your blog is more than enough 😭💖 i love you and your blog so much! even though i’ll miss your posts, you should 100% go on hiatus if you need to! happy advanced 3 year blogiversary ❤ i really can't wait for your q&a, especially to read about your thoughts on ateez, hehe ❤

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    • Awh thank you so much Caitlin ❤ I think it's very easy to look at other bloggers and feel like well a schedule works really well for them, so I should have one so it can help me but that simply isn't always the case. Sometimes a schedule does the total opposite and I 100% believe it's better to have a healthy one, even if that means it's disorganised slightly chaotic then one which slowly drains you and drains the fun from blogging.

      Thank you so much Caitlin *sobs* Eeek well I have just returned from a hiatus so I'm hoping I won't need to take another one this year but who knows, I may do when work starts again 😦 Aaaah thank you and lmao it'll be fun to see if I can form a coherent answer for the Ateez question hehe

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  5. I think these are excellent lessons, especially scheduling. I usually post every third day but I might mix things up or skip a post if I need to and I don’t feel guilty about that at all 🙂

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  6. This is a fantastic post, Clo! I completely agree with a lot of these things, and yes we do quite often need to remind ourselves that our blog is enough. I have had those kind of negative thoughts before 🙂

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  7. I totally agree 😀 I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years but I used to really beat myself up when I went on hiatus, to the point that I didn’t even think I should come back. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of believing that you’re not doing enough and that’s hard to deal with. Thank you so much for putting into words what so many of us are feeling 🙂

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    • Ah yes, it can be really hard to find the energy to return, particularly if you’re also struggling with feeling people appreciate your blog and the work which goes into it. At times it can feel like it’d be easier to just quit but I’m glad so many of us choose to return to our blogs, to come back time after time and share our thoughts and opinions with others. Thank you so much for reading lovely!

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  8. I have to agree with all three pointers, especially the one about taking a step back once in a while. That’s something I have been quite often and then feel guilty about it promptly. Sigh, baby steps.

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  9. Blogging is definitely a struggle and I agree with all you said though I often fail to apply it in real life.
    Though recently I have been more liberal with myself, giving me the time and space to post as when I can (mostly because I do’t have my laptop haha) but well, there’s still a lot I need to learn about taking a step back when needed because last year I tried so hard not to do so even when I had a lot of important things going on in my personal life.

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    • Biggest of moods.I think it comes with time and practice, making sure you catch yourself with the thoughts were you begin to pressure yourself/stress yourself out. At least that’s how it’s been for me and even now I’m still having to catch these thoughts 😦 It’ll get easier the more you practice giving yourself that time and space ❤

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  10. I was about to go to sleep but I saw this post across Twitter and decided to click 🥰

    I always love your insight, and all of these lessons are so important. We should be so proud of the content that we’ve created, and breaks are ok!! It’s important to always be taking care of ourselves but also being proud of how far we’ve come ❤️

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    • Ooop my reply is so late but I’m so happy you enjoyed the post! Totally agree, I think it’s super easy for us to just not feel proud of all that we’ve done with our blogs. When actually…we’ve done so much and have every right to be proud. Love youuu ❤


  11. Oh god you’re not alone, I throw commas all over the place and just hope I used at least one correctly 😂 Anyway, this post really got me thinking, in the few years that I’ve been blogging, the most profound lesson is to not be to hard on yourself. I haven’t really thought about this properly until now but in the process of wanting to create the best version of the blog as possible, it seems that most of us forget that we just end up burning ourselves out. As much as I love planning and schedules too, it does get tiring and really stressful especially when all you can think about is meeting the deadlines you set yourself. Then, blogging becomes more like work rather than something to enjoy. After taking multiple hiatuses caused by blogger burn outs (the longest being almost 2 years omg), I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t be too rigid as you’ve said. I still have a planner to jot down rough schedules but I won’t be forcing myself to keep up with it if it’s evident that I can’t.

    Thank you for sharing this post with us, Clo! Not only is this very relatable and thought-provoking, it’s also a nice reminder that we’re not alone in these struggles. I love you so much! 💜💜💜

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    • The amount of times my friends (mostly Soph) yells at me when she proof reads some of my posts for the commas being all over the place is often xD Yesssss, agreed. We put aside our struggles, the indicators that burn out is approaching because we’re so focused on trying to create the best version of our blog that…we burn ourselves to the ground in the process. Definitely feel like that’s partially due to the hustle culture and that mentality 😦

      Awww I’m happy my post could help you out Luxe ❤ Love you so much too!

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  12. Oh god, I still and forever catch myself comparing my blog and my journey to others and I’ve been here…. 6 years this november. oops. I guess these anxious feelings never really go away, but they should ahh, I hope we know can get rid of them or at least, keep them at bay as much as possible.
    I love that you’re talking about schedule! I personally love having a schedule that’s set because I know what’s next and coming, but I agree that it’s important to keep some flexibility in it all, otherwise it…can make you a little stressed out, too. I know it does sometimes to me.
    AND OH GOD that you’re enough thing, I feel attacked by this. I constantly need to remind myself of that, too. So thank you for writing this. and the breaks, oh the breaks. I need to learn to take more breaks too and be okay with it, too, ahah.
    Thank you for this amazing post and this is your own reminder that your blog is amazing and so are you. ❤

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    • Ooooo you’re blogoversary is in my birthday month hehe ❤ I feel like it's something we never truly let go of completely, there's always going to be times where we catch ourselves comparing our blog/journey to another and like…that's ok. As long as we remember it's their journey, not ours and we're at different stages. You're welcome for the reminder and my late reply to your comment is another reminder for you, to take breaks and that YOU ARE ENOUGH MARIE ❤ I adore you and your blog, thank you so much for commenting 🥺

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  13. Heck yes to all of these!! Especially the last one. It is never bad to take a pause and step back to reassess or reconsider things. In fact it may lead to cool improvements.

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  14. Clo, I loved this post. I haven’t been blogging for a long time. I actually closed an old blog I had because I lost inspiration, opened this one a few months later, and didn’t use it for about a year. During this new journey, I’ve learned that is okay to step back [like you said] and that is okay not to post in a schedule, to give myself a break if I need one. I’m truly enjoying blogging because of this mentality 🙂


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