Plan With Me: Personal BuJo June 2020

It’s almost June which means it’s time for another plan with me, where I share my spreads for the upcoming month, to give y’all some ideas and also if you wanna be nosy. You’re welcome hehe.

As I mentioned in my initial set up post, my 2020 theme is the moon and astrology. May’s moon is the strawberry moon. So I went with reds and a deeper pink for the colours this time, and some green but I also included coloured pencils this time. And some of my new washi tapes because I bought more washi tape and I am in love!

I wanted to include coloured pencils this time around, because they’re just softer and also I felt like it would help make the strawberries look somewhat decent. Me colouring with pens just gets a real cartoon look which is fine, but I wanted something softer for June.

Ok I know I was saying about softness, but I think this spread is like my favourite? I just really love how it turned out. Calendar is the same as normal, this time though I switched to putting the notes section beneath the calendar. Right page at the top we have an important dates and looking to July sections. Below is the quote section, which I think really brings this spread to life. The quote says “a beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.” Someday’s I feel like I need that reminder that a beautiful day truly begins with your mindset. 

Again this spread hasn’t really changed, I’ve swapped up the habits I’m tracking and I’ve still got space for one more, which I need to decide on still. I think this spread has a soft spot for me, partly because I chose to doodle some strawberries and then got the idea to write strawberry in the two languages I want to focus on learning again. So we have strawberry as Erdbeere (which is German) and then 딸기 with ttalgi (which is one way of saying it in Korean.) Habits I’m tracking: reading, writing, blog hop, engage insta, gyst, journaled, korean, period.

Eeek ok so the playlist side is still pretty simple but the books read features some of my new washi tape and honestly, it makes my heart so happy. It’s more glittery in real life on the photo, and it’s so pretty and I’m just in love. It’s just what I needed to help spice up the otherwise simple spread!

This spread has remained the same, we have a box for income and money sources and then on the other side we have my log for tracking my expenses throughout the month.

So last month I added a GYST flap which has been pretty useful, however I wanted to try and change it up this month. So the June GYST spread was born, I’ve split my tasks into Weekly, Bi Weekly and Monthly and then there’s space for 5 dates against each of the tasks. Now obviously, for things that in the monthly section I don’t need to write in a date for them for each week. My idea is, that this will allow me to see the date I did the task as well as if I’m doing certain ones more often/less often and if they need to be moved to another section. 

For the monthly section, it’ll help be keep track of which week I’ve done the task/s in, so I no longer feel like I have to rush everything into one day. Also one of my monthly tasks is burning things to discs which honestly, may end up happening more than one because I have a lot of things to archive. mostly photos ooops

Weekly spread are kind of back! So the way this has been designed is different to previous months, as I used to just roll with a running task list. Sometimes I’d miss a day other times I’d be using it religiously. However I wanted to have a spread, to help me prioritise tasks each day, which is the purpose of the left page. Each box will be home to 3 priority tasks (max 5!) which I will be aiming to get done that day, I’ll still be using my colour coded system of green = done, yellow = started and orange = moved. Then we have some space at the bottom for weekly goals, so things which aren’t a set priority for any one day. They’re more weekly priorities/goals but I’m not going to feel bad if I don’t complete them. (hehe can y’all see the first one is to complete a Korean lesson, like please I’m probably going to spend most of that time sobbing as I try and remember all I learned on Duolingo).

New addition for a weekly spread, is my “on my mind” page, so the idea of that page is for me to write down anything that’s on my mind throughout the week. Whether it’s tasks, things to look into, or something else. It’s like a weekly brain dump, but I want to see if it can help me in some way.

How do you plan out things? Do you use a planner, a digital method or do you just go with the flow? Hope you enjoyed today’s post, if you have themes what’s your June theme?

19 thoughts on “Plan With Me: Personal BuJo June 2020

  1. Ahhh, I love all your spreads! My BUJO got finished in early March and while I ordered it a few days later, it didn’t come then due to the lockdown but, it’s finally here as the restrictions have eased up a bit and I can not wait to get started on my June spreads!

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