The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger Tag

I had a strong sense of deja vu writing this tag post, I feel like I may have already done this tag but I can’t find it on the blog, either way. Welcome to this wonderful tag, feel free to say I tagged you, even if I didn’t, if you want to do this tag!

Thank you Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Kal @ Reader Voracious for tagging me in this one, it’s taken me a little while to get round to doing this one. Now with the cobwebs dusted off it, we’ll be diving into this one!

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

2 years 10 months. Not to be precise or anything haha, so my blog shall be turning 3 in August which is crazy to think about. But also makes me happy since 3 is one of favourite numbers and it’s odd!

At What Point Do You Think You’ll Stop Blogging?

When it loses the fun factor I suppose. Having said that, there could be times where I take long breaks, to then return since the fun factor can return after taking a break from it. Honestly though I don’t want to stop blogging, it’s not always smooth sailing here, we’ve been on some stormy seas. BUT I love my little space on the internet even if people think blogging is dead. It’s not. Not unless you’re saying we’re all ghosts.

What Is The Best Thing About Blogging?

For me it’s the community, which is something I say time and time again. Recently something I’ve become a fan of is formatting my posts, as I’ve finally figured out some sort of, formatting routine? I guess that’s what we’re calling it, but it makes me happy seeing the post at the end when it’s all nicely formatted and doesn’t resemble a dumpster and someone randomly throwing words onto a page.

What Is The Worst Thing? What Do You Do To Make It Okay?

 Visuals. As someone who took a graphic design course and also did art at GCSE, I know the vast majority of us humans are visual creatures. If it’s not eye catching we’ll scroll on past and the amount of pressure I have put myself under in the past, and even now, is absurd. Feeling like my featured images are too simple, not eye catching enough and whilst I know I could spend more time to really make awesome featured images, unique to each post. That’s more time than it’s worth in my opinion. Second I could totally use free stock images but I don’t because that’s just not me. I tried using my own photos and whilst it was cool it just didn’t feel like me.

I’m still trying to be ok with the fact my aesthetic is just purple, grey and simple things. Simplicity is amazing but it’s hard to love it when I feel like it’s too simple…anyway I have had many meltdowns over my graphics and hating them. Just know that it’ll be ok, you’ll figure out what your aesthetic is eventually and you’ll know when you connect with it. yes I connect with my simple af designs but that does not stop the voice in my head saying its crap thank you inner perfectionist

How Long Does It Take You To Make/Find Pictures To Use?

Mhmm anything not created by me will have credits next to it somewhere. That being said the graphics are created by me, I have 3 templates which I use for different types of posts. Originally to make them it took 3+ hours but since I’d already created the basic elements I needed, I just had to figure out how to overlay them, how the colours would work together etc.

Who Is Your Book Crush?

 I’ve noticed these days I don’t really crush on characters like I used to…that being said Aaran, Kai, Ezra and Zak are my most recent crushes from The Guild Codex: Spellbound series. I tend to just want to protect the characters these days, lemme bubble wrap them from the author who’s going to hurt them *sniffles*

What Author Would You Like To Have On Your Blog?

 I’ve had C G Drews and Chloe Neill on the blog, however I’d love to have Chloe Neill on the blog again with erm me asking better questions this time. I’m not sure who else I’d like to have on the blog…

What Do Your Wear When You Write Your Blog Posts?

Depends when I’m writing the posts. For instance the other day I was still in my PJ’s, normally though I’ll be in leggings and a t-shirt. thought right now I’m wearing a jumper and jeans

How Long Does It Take You To Prepare?

 Depends on the post. I also don’t write a post, edit, format and schedule it in one go anymore. So my preparation time is spread over several days. With tag posts for example I like to set up the skeleton of the post so copy over any rules, link back to who tagged me, copy over the questions (and convert the questions to title caps for each word). Then I’ll leave it in either my drafts or pending for a couple days, before returning to it, which is then when I start to draft out my answers. Usually I write and format at the same time but will give it another check through before scheduling it.

Imagine and Island Adventures posts take the longest for sure, as it requires me to write creatively vs just writing my thoughts. Island Adventures will probably take longer as its an interactive story whereas my Imagine posts I split into “scenes” almost so each sub heading is a new scene giving me some structure.

How Do You Feel About The Blogging Community?

Overall I adore the community, there are some toxic corners of this community, as with most community’s I’d say. Overall though I adore my fellow book bloggers and the other bookish people.

What Do You Think One Should Do To Create A Successful Blog?

Create a blog. Write posts/reviews. Be YOU. Don’t be afraid to engage on other people’s posts. Have fun. Success comes in many forms, if you’re all about numbers and stats then I can’t help, if it’s about finding people you enjoy engaging with. Then show some love on their posts and eventually people will stumble across your blog!

Related Post: I wrote this post over at Bookwyrming Thoughts a while back, but I’d like to remind you all that We’re All Successful Book Bloggers


Camilla @ The Reader In The Attic

Vee @ Vee Reading

Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads

Tell me all friends, who’s your newest book crush? Do you draft posts whilst snacking/drinking? Lemme know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger Tag

  1. Ahh, thank you for the tag, Clo!! As a fellow tag-hoarder I will add this to my growing pile (I actually have a list, it’s shameful), and get to it soon!!
    I am all about bubble-wrapping characters!! 💕

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