Monthly Rewind: February 2020

February is over already loves! How did this happen? It feels like February flew by and I only just managed to keep up. Grab a cuppa and get comfy as I recap how my February went, why I vanished from my blog and you get a looksie at my tidy wardrobe! 

Books Read

If I DNFed the book then I’ll include it in brackets and the page number I DNFed at..providing I remember!

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F C Yee

Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Astrology Made Easy: A Guide To Understanding Your Birth Chart by Yasmin Boland

Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen

Books Gained

I’ll put in brackets whether the book was bought, pre-ordered, won or gifted to me. If it happens to be a review copy/arc then that’ll also be in the brackets! 

Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen (bought)

Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F C Yee (bought)

Wicked Fox by Kat Cho (bought)

On The Fence by Kasie West (bought)

Resisting Gravity by Vera Calloway (bought)

She’s With Me by Jessica Cunsolo (bought)

I’ve already read the Epic Crush of Genie Lo and I started Wicked Fox…I do need to finish it though. As for the last 3 books I bough, I’ve been craving fluffy romances, hence my Kasie West buy. The last two are books I first read on Wattpad though that have been published. Resisting Gravity is self published and She’s With Me is published under Wattpad Books. I’m so excited though to read the finished versions of both books!

What I’ve Watched This Month

Whether it be TV shows, movies or a YouTube video I really loved and wanted to share with y’all. You can find it all in this section! Along with a lil ramble of how I felt about what I watched!

NCIS LA Season 9: Ep 1 – 

RWBY Volume 7: Ep 11 & 12
(yes there’s a 13th episode but I’m procrastinating on it)

Dark Angel Season 1: Ep 1 & 2
I rewatched the first two episodes when my bestie was round, though now I want to just binge rewatch both seasons of Dark Angel. *sighs*

Life Updates

This month has been a tough month for my mental health. I’ve felt pretty unmotivated, most of this month and just…not felt like blogging to be honest. With that being said, Bookending Spring 2020 kicks off in April which is super exciting. However I don’t think I’ll honestly be posting much in March, except maybe March’s Plan With Me post as well as April’s…because I also have felt unmotivated to plan out my spreads. I’m saving my energy for April at this point so I’m super sorry in advance if I just vanish on y’all. 

I’ve not really been blog hopping or really engaging with any of the lovely book bloggers and I feel so so guilty about that. But I know for right now, I’m going to try and chill out in March ready for April, also I want to read more…because February wasn’t a good reading month if we compare to January *sniffs*

As for fun things that happened in my life…I’m hopefully starting driving lessons in March. Excuse me whilst I throw myself under my TBR because the idea of sitting in a car with a person I don’t know terrifies me. I’m also planning on getting a second ear piercing, which I’m so excited and nervous about, mostly excited. 

Oh I revived my bookstagram which was gathering dust, whilst the photos aren’t anything fanceh, I love them and that’s all I really care about at the moment. I don’t have any grand plans with my bookstagram at the moment but I am considering maybe meshing graphic design with my photos somehow…dunno how yet xD

Perhaps one of my biggest accomplishments of February was I finally started the process of tidying my bedroom properly…for me properly means I’m actually getting rid of things. Instead of just making everything look tidy. I have a lot of things, a lot of it has been collected over the years and I’ve just not gotten rid of it? So I’ll probably do a post on my bedrooms transformation at some point but I did want to show y’all my wardrobe.

The first two are the before photos haha, with the last photo being the after. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I do plan to eventually have my whole wardrobe dedicated to clothes…ha but for the moment that’s not possible because I’ve still got a things I own and they need to live somewhere. Also I don’t know if you can tell but my owned clothes in my wardrobe has gone down massively I’d say easily by over half haha. A lot of the clothes in there just didn’t fit me anymore and/or I didn’t want to keep it for whatever reason.

Now my wardrobe is organised, with the clothes organised first by height or rather drop height then by category. Onesie > Dresses > Jeans/Lazy Clothes > Vest Tops > T-shirts > Long Sleeve Tops > Jumpers > Hoodies > Fluffy Jumpers/Hoodies > Jackets. That’s going across on the photo, funnily enough I ended up not having any jeans that fitted me but I did buy a new pair this month. So they live with the comfy joggers I own because of their drop height. 

Around The Blogosphere

As I go about my blog hopping ways, I save some posts I loved, to share with you here. Ranging from reviews to tags to recommendations to discussions and if I stumble across any announcement posts from others in the community…yep you guessed it they’ll be going here.

Announcements can be from a blogging event (e.g something like Bookending Spring) to readathons to a bloggers new features. 

As I haven’t really been blog hopping this month, I don’t have any posts to share with y’all. Hopefully I’ll catch up on blog hopping and have lots of posts to share next month!





Reviews & Recommendations





Bookending Spring 2020

BEspring20 will be kicking off 1st april and I can’t wait for it. I love these events so much, they really help me fall in love with blogging all over again. Anyway, keep an eye out for the sign up form later in March, and thank you to all the people who signed up to be a host for Spring!

Bookish Collision

Just a reminder that you’re welcome to join this discord server! It’s a place for all book lovers, whether you’re a book blogger, bookstagrammer or booktuber. Hell if you’re just a reader you’re welcome to join, you will need either a twitter or goodreads which can verify you are indeed a reader. (just because we don’t want trolls ruining our bookish fun!)

The whole idea of the server, is to bring the bookish community together. We can also support everyone better, across the platforms which is great, spreading love is so important in this community. Particularly across platforms I feel, you can also make friends too.

At the moment we’re still a smol server, but we truly hope you’ll swing on by and join in the fun. ❤

Join Bookish Collision

February’s Playlist

In case anyone wants to snoop on what I’ve been listening during the months, this section will break it down for you! I’ll list the songs and artists and at the end leave the link to the YouTube playlist!

February seems to be a mix of early 00’s and 10’s songs as well as some good ol’ K-Pop thrown in. Honestly I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s old country songs and getting all in my feels…anyway I’m looking forward to seeing how my March playlist turns out now haha.

2020 Feb Playlist (YouTube)

February 2020 Tracklist (29 songs + 4 bonus songs)

Youngblood covered by A.C.E. (original by 5SOS)

Way Back Home by SHAUN

Dun Dun by Everglow

Run Away by TXT

Wonderland by Ateez

Blue Flame by ASTRO

Fearless by Taylor Swift

Price Tag by Jessie J

Mean It by Lauv & Lany

Broken Glass by Rachel Platten

Someone Like You by The Summer Set

You Da One by Rihanna

Red Lights by Tiesto

What A Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers

Oh My! by Monsta X

Fifteen by Taylor Swift

Better by Ateez

Bailando by Enrique Iglesias

Revenge Is Sweeter (than you ever were) by The Veronicas

If You Love Someone by The Veronicas

Think of Me by The Veronicas

Fake Love by BTS

The Man by Taylor Swift

Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Ghost by Jacob Lee

Bad Reputation covered by Avril Lavigne (original Joan Jetts)

The Lucky One by Taylor Swift

Crazier by Taylor Swift

Te Amo by Rihanna

Ignore Me by Betty Who

Fake Love covered by (G)-IDLE (original by BTS)

Rewind The Posts

What’s In My Cart Today Tag

Bullet Journal 101: Is A BuJo Right For You?

Ways To Replenish Your Creative Energy

How was your February? Hopefully you had a wonderful month and I’m sending you all the love and positive energy for March! Lemme know how your month has gone in the comments, as well as any plans for next month!

16 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: February 2020

    • Thank you so much AJ! ❤ City driving makes me want to cry, I get nervous just being a passenger in the car if my parents drives me into the city center. I'm a country gal apparently xD


  1. Ah I love the idea of including a playlist of the month! Though for me it’d be a max of 2-3songs i’d been listening to over and over, ahaha 😂

    Nice job tidying that closet! Mine is so much bigger but erm.. not only clothes lives in it either x) (do some people really only have clothes in there?!)
    February has also been a low month in term of ideas/writing and just.. will for anything all together xd though i’m having the excuse that I was sick ahah

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thank you love! Ahaha I do listen to a lot of songs on loop throughout the month but I switch it up enough that I have enough songs hehe.

      Thank youuuu honestly makes me so happy to just open the door and look in it now. (apparently some people do? I’m guessing they’re really into clothes/fashion).

      I hope March is a better month for you lovely ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, I’m sending you a squishy hug, hope things get better for you mental health-wise <#
    I have to learn driving soon, during my summer holidays and I'm lowkey scared… OMG Clo, do post pictures when you get that piercing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling unmotivated lately 😦 I guess it’s just that time of the year. I only posted one post in February, and I feel really bad about that, but I also just… don’t feel like blogging right now. I want to post, and I have a lot of ideas, but I’m worried about forcing myself to blog while also getting all of my school work done. On the other hand, I did read a few more books than normal in February, so at least I did something nice 🙂

    It’s great that you cleaned your room a bit! I haven’t cleaned my room like that in many years, and I know the feeling – it feels great to do something good like that! And good luck with your driving lessons! I’m still terrified of driving, but hopefully I’ll get better at it soon :/ Good luck with everything this month!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah the energy to blog just isn’t there which I feel super guilty about but I also know not to force myself into it. Woooo for reading more books though Xandra!

      Honestly I was the worst for cleaning and tidying my room, I just lived in a mess most of the time but I definitely think having a cleaner, tidier space makes a HUGE difference to my mood. Thank youuuu, ah well I’m sure you’ll get better at it with time love, there’s no rush ❤

      Hope you have a wonderful March!


  4. Whoa, seems like ages since I popped up into your site and I am surprised to find that you moved into a new space, Clo. Good luck on decluttering. And count me in for the Bookending event, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaah helloooo, it’s been forever since I’ve been to yours too tho 😦 I’ve been awful at blog hopping and yassss I rebranded the blog and the colour palette hehe. Thank youuuu, the decluttering is therapeutic until I realise I have to find a place to stash it whilst I wait to get rid of it. Yayyyyy look forward to seeing your posts for it!


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