Trialing A New Blog Schedule

As a book blogger I sometimes feel like I’m stuck on this hamster wheel. A wheel that. Never. Stops. Spinning. I did a wee bit of reflecting at the end of December 2019, when I was planning January content and I remembered, how I’d ended up taking a 3 month long hiatus to recharge my batteries. Don’t get me wrong, the hiatus was hard but lovely and eye opening. I just don’t want to have to go on such a long hiatus again if I can help it. This is where the new schedule comes in….

Whilst I love creating content, interacting with everyone on my blog, on social media and getting involved with the community. I also recognise that I need to take time to unwind, to just chat with you all without also thinking about the bazillion other things I want to be doing or get done.

Our blogs and TBRs shouldn’t be running our lives…we should be running them. Our lives all have so many other pieces than just blogger and reader and whilst these two are arguably for the majority of us, the larger chunks of who we are. We shouldn’t forget to live our lives, live in the moment and be present. 2019 was another rough year less so than 2018 but still rough but one thing I’ve taken away from it, is I need to live in the moment and be present more.

Whether that’s online or in my day to day life. Being present isn’t something we all do or are because our brains are busy thinking of something else to create or read etc.

As I was planning out the content for January, I kept looking at where I’d plotted in the monthly rewind for the last day and how…maybe I could just have a set period of time before that rewind post where I didn’t have any posts. It was ME time, whether that time was spent on games, reading, blogging or something else. It would be time to take for myself, to recharge and just not feel the pressure of needing to get a post up.

My new blogging schedule as you’ll have noticed, there’s less posts in a week, we’re on 2 posts a week for now and any extra posts will be a bonus. I also changed the posting time from 4pm to 7am…why? Well I really wanted a change and mostly i just hate even numbers with a burning passion I wanted my posts to be up early like I will hopefully be. Ahem when I get myself together that is and get back on track with my sleep schedule.

Other than those changes, there will be a post going up on the 4th Monday (sometimes it’s the 3rd Monday!) of each week that will be the 2nd to last post of the month. The last post goes up on the last day as its the rewind post and the days in between will be my recharge/unwinding days in the hopes that they’ll help me not be a totally stressed out soul who burns herself out.

I will still be responding to comments during that time and blog hopping, providing I’m in the mood and mindset to…otherwise you can catch me over on Discord almost guaranteed and probably on twitter and/or instagram.

With that being said my loves, I’ll see you in the January Rewind at the end of the month and I’ll do a post later on in the year, on my thoughts of how this has been working for me.

What’s your blogging schedule like? Do you have a schedule or are you more spontaneous? Lemme know down in the comments! 

12 thoughts on “Trialing A New Blog Schedule

  1. Sounds very sensible! ❤️ Personally, I try to post every Friday, which is already a challenge for me. Sometimes I do an extra (usually time sensitive) post on Monday. I know it’s not that much compared to other people, but my blogging has gone up and down a lot in the past years so I’ll be very proud if I can stick to something consistently.

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  2. Hey Clo! It’s great that you’re looking after yourself! Don’t worry about posting too much content because I’m sure whatever you post will be absolutely amazing!! Super excited for all the posts you’ve got coming! (i might have to start stalking discord soon too!) hugs! ❤

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  3. Prioritizing your health is so important! I blog with a friend and we try to each post twice a week. There’s been a couple times where we missed one, but overall with out new schedule that we started with in January, we’ve been more consistent than we were last year.

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    • I totally agree Fleicia, our health is so important but so many of us forget to prioritise it. (I forgot to for most of last year and the year before) and I’m glad you and your friend have been able to figure out a schedule that allows to be more consistent! 🙂


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