What Made Me Rebrand My Blog?

I had a blog identity crisis. Rebranding your blog isn’t something you should do without properly thinking it through. There are several things you should take into account before you think about changing your blog. Whether that’s just the blog name and graphics or includes the URL as well. Today I want to share what caused me to rebrand my blog when it was just over 2 years old, what I’ve learned and more! 

I Didn’t Connect With My Blog

I think this was the main thing I started to notice. I often pull up my blog on the home page, and originally it was called Book Dragons and when 16 year old me created the blog that name clicked with me. However as I’ve grown in the 2 years and counting of blogging, my blogs grown with me and as much as I adore books and am a bookdragon…that name no longer connected with me. When I pulled up my site I no longer felt inspired to write and that was down to the graphics so my blog did go through several graphic revamps which for a while helped as the name still felt right.

It was when the name Book Dragons no longer connected that I knew I may have to rebrand, coupled with the fact I’d been contemplating rebranding for quite a while. Originally though I’d planned to rebrand when I went self hosted but considering I have no idea when I’ll be able to go self hosted…I knew it had to happen sooner rather than later. 

Things To Do If You Don’t Connect With Your Blog

Before you jump the gun so to speak and think you need to totally rebrand your blog, ask yourself these things and try some of them out, see if they help you reconnect with your blog. As humans we’re very visual creatures, sometimes all we need is a change on our blog or a restructure and BAM we click with it again.

  • Change the colour scheme: this is a pretty easy one to do, colours play a HUGE role in whether we connect with something or not. They also affect our mood, so a great place to start is the colours on your blog.

  • Change the blogs theme: if you’re on free wordpress then you can choose out of quite a lot of free themes. Find something new that speaks to you, that you think will help you make your blog reflect more of who you are.

  • Change the graphics: changing the graphics depending on how you create/use your graphics can be easy or hard. For myself, as someone who studied both art in school and graphic design in college, I create my own. I’m lucky enough to have the software to be able to. A lot of the book blogging community though use various sites that offer royalty free graphics/stock photos. (e.g canva, unsplash etc) 

  • Ask yourself what is it that isn’t connecting with you? If it’s the appearance of your blog then you probably don’t need to rebrand at this point…not unless its the appearance AND blog name.

Blog Identity Crisis

Like the name suggests, you no longer connect with the identity of your blog. It’s a totally normal reaction I think if you’ve been blogging for over 1 year and have grown as a person and blogger. Particularly when your interests widen, change and develop, as bloggers and particularly for us book bloggers we want our blogs to reflect us. When our blog no longer reflects this, whether through the name, the appearance it can cause us to have a blog identity crisis and us go screaming into the wilderness as we consider changing EVERYTHING about our blog.

Any logic, sense or calmness leaves us because we’re just a mess of panic wondering how we can fix it. The idea of rebranding will cross our minds before we dismiss it usually because of the amount of work it requires, no matter how new your blog is…you’ll still have work to do to rebrand. Rebranding takes energy…energy not all of us have. 

Once I realised I was having an identity crisis and revamping the graphics wasn’t helping, I realised the main reason why was with the name. Book Dragons didn’t click with me anymore and that was ok maybe not at the time though because I was just a ball of stress trying to think of a new name. I then began the process of figuring out what name I wanted, at the end of the day if you talk to me on a regularly basis or know me in real life, I will mention needing a cuppa/tea at least once. The amount of tea I drink for a teenager is a lot. let’s not talk about the fact I’ve managed to drink over 12 cups of tea in a day before

I had numerous meltdowns over choosing a name because whatever name I picked, would be the name I’d stick with for hopefully the rest of the blogs life. Also as a sidenote for those who are on free WordPress, you can only change your URL ONCE. My old url used to be bookdragons247.wordpress.com but I instead changed it to cuppaclo.wordpress.com which means if I want to change it again…I erm can’t. I’d need to set up a new blog to get the URL to match with the name. (of course if you’re not bothered about the URL matching the blog name…then you’re fine)

Eventually I settled on Cuppa Clo as it included the word “cuppa” which if you look it up is the informal British word for saying cup of tea. It also includes my nickname and it feels like me, the name feels right and I feel connected to the name. I also love the freedom it gives me as whilst this is a book blog and a lot of the content is about books. I do enjoy posting about other things and being able to without feeling restricted by name. Likewise when the blog was called Book Dragons, I felt like I had to have a graphic of a dragon and books because it was the blog name. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, I don’t like being restricted to things, it doesn’t sit well with me. 

Halp I’m Having A Blog Identity Crisis!

Remember to breathe, relax and don’t make any impulsive decisions. Or…try not to? Sometimes impulsive choices work out well, often though they don’t so try not to, think things out. You’ll need to consider whether you do want to rebrand your blog, if yes do you want to rebrand everything or just the name and graphics? You don’t need to change your blogs URL as well but I do recommend that you do, so everything matches and is cohesive. 

I’d also suggest talking with your fellow blogging friends, bounce ideas back and forth and do some mind maps, drawings yourself of some of your ideas if you do want to rebrand. It took me easily 5+ months before I settled on Cuppa Clo, then I had to tweak the graphics and switch up the colour scheme. I also switched out the featured images from being my own photos to being more cartoon like with my graphics. They feel like they reflect me and my personality a bit better. I love photography don’t get me wrong but the pressure I was putting myself under to take photos for the blog wasn’t great.

In Conclusion…

Rebranding isn’t something I’d willingly put myself through again. Below I’ve compiled a list of things to consider when you know you definitely want to rebrand, so I hope the list helps you out!

  • Name: what about your blog name doesn’t feel right? is it to restrictive? does it not fit with your niche? is it too difficult for people to easily remember? 

  • URL: are you going to change your URL as well as your blogs name or leave it as the old URL? if you leave it as the old one, this may cause confusion BUT it will make it easier for people to still find your blog instead of seeing a deleted site. (unless you’re moving to self hosted in which case you use a plugin to do a redirect for peeps!) 

    If you do change your URL, try and keep it as similar to the new blog name as possible and try to avoid having A LOT of numbers in it. Even having 3 numbers in your URL like mine did was a pain. People will still find your site and it’s helpful to forewarn your readers that you’re going to be changing the URL, whether that’s in a blog post, on social media or via email etc.

  • Appearance: try to keep to a colour palette, it allows your blog to look cohesive and helps create a brand. I’d suggest a max of 5 colours although my colour palette is more than 5 I do reuse the colours within the graphics on my blog, so everything blends. Are you going to include photography or maybe you love drawing digitally and are going to use your own art on your blog! Let your blog reflect you in its appearance and overall aesthetic, however you want to do that is up to you, just be sure you’re not infringing on any copyrights!

I hope this post helped you if you’re struggling with what to do with your blog! I also hope it was fun to see how and why I chose to rebrand my blog, have you rebranded yours? If not do you plan to? Lemme know in the comments! 

29 thoughts on “What Made Me Rebrand My Blog?

  1. This was so interesting to read! I have been thinking about changing my blog name for a while now and I keep going back and forth. Part of me is also thinking it would be sensible to postpone any rebranding till when I go self hosted (which is still something I want to try) but that will have to wait till I get a job. Decisions are HARD.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much AJ! Ah yes, before I rebranded my blog went through a few makeovers hehe. I love that with each makeover you do though, you get closer to it feeling like “yours” instead of just another blog 🙂


  2. I also semi-rebranded in 2019 and it was mainly because I didn’t feel like my content matched my URL/site identity anymore. I went from Strangely Pop Cultured to Strange Storyteller and I feel so much better about it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It sounds like you’re in love with your blog again! I recently thought seriously about rebranding my url. I didn’t know free WP changes it once for free. I’m glad now I didn’t because you’re right. Sometimes a graphic and theme change is plenty. I added a secondary name and it all clicked together. ♥️ Great walkthrough what to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I am very much in love with my blog again although I am still figuring out how to get grey into my colour scheme without making my entire blog look sad xD (i will have a purple and grey scheme somehow…someday)

      aw I’m glad this post helped you out Dani!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Such a helpful post, Clo! I’ve thought about rebranding my blog for almost as long as I’ve had it – the name sounded cool when I started but kind of has irked me for not rolling off the tongue easily, too. BEcause it’s difficult, like my real name lol, people get it wrong when linking back or referring to me… which drives me nuts! But i love the identity I have now with the graphics. Mostly. hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you kalkal! Awww you know, I really love your blog name, yes people get it wrong but I just remembered your blog name off by heart a while ago and its easy to remember…at least I find it is.

      I love your graphics, and your blog and you ❤


  5. your rebrand was definitely a huge inspiration for mine, it was so inspiring to see how excited you were about updating your blog image, coming up with a name/URL you really connected with (bookdragons is great, but tbqh a bit generic – especially compared to how unique and memorable cuppa clo is), and generally getting to rethink and reorganize your corner of the Internet! I also got a peek at how stressful it could be, but clearly that didn’t scare me off 😜

    I definitely relate to a lot of the points you make; I think for me it helped that I had years of experience on Tumblr constantly changing my themes/HTML/username so I had some ideas for what I wanted to do with my blog 😅 but taking the time to think things through was for sure a huge help in the process – BookwyrmBites was pretty much an impulse pick, and over the months I started to realize that it was really never as clever as I had thought it was oops.

    the rest of the tips you include were also really important; I would’ve found them super helpful if I’d had this list when I was working through my redesign, but thankfully it seems to have gone mostly alright!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaah I’m happy I could be an inspiration for your rebrand! I love your rebrand even though I’m still trying to remember your new blog url off by heart still (I’ll get there eventually) Yep book dragons was quite a generic name and still is vs the new name which is a lot more unique and fits me and the blog better. Ah the stress…it’s stressful but the end results are worth the stress imo.

      Aw well my old url wasn’t as clever as I thought it was because people don’t remember numbers like I do…247 in my head get’s remembered as 24/7 I break the numbers into two’s it’s just…easier for my lil brain to remember haha

      Aw yay I’m so glad the rest of the tips were useful, your redesign seems to have gone really well ❤

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  6. yeah.. i’m quite an impulsive person. I went self-hosted on a whimp without doing any research at all 😅 which didn’t ended up too badly, in my opinion, but I had no idea what I was doing at all.
    I’ve also broaden up what I post about – and yet don’t bother switching my Books and dachshunds name because well, there’d be other things but books and dachshunds will be a constant with me.

    Thank you for sharing your experience Clo!
    the one thing I did quite frequently at the start was changing graphic and themes ahaha — which is a special pain for posts’ covers because unless you’re self-hosted and have a plug-in (THANK GOD) you need to change it on every. single. post. and when you have 200+ it’s quite a task ahah.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love all the rebranding, Clo! Great post about all the losing motivation and love for your old blog and refinding it with the new name – because that can and does happen – when you get bored with your blog or don’t know what to do (obviously I’m not saying to change your blog name every time you get bored 😀

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