Start Your Shelfathon Goals & TBR

If there’s one thing I’ve been meaning to do since forever, it’s read the books that have been gathering dust on my shelves. Have I done that? Well erm…no not quite. I’ve not devoured a nice hole in my TBR in a hot minute but I do love to buy books regardless. My TBR just keeps growing and I have no idea why or how. since it’s not my fault at all, nope

I’m taking part in the #StartYourShelfathon which was created by CW @ The Quiet Pond and I am so stoked for this readathon. You can read all about it on the linked post, where CW has included some more resources and explains it a lot better than I could. Ahem the aim of this readathon in a nutshell though is to read books that have been on your TBR. You can create your own rules, goals etc and I love that about this readathon.

CW also introduced a new pond character for this readathon so you know, if you want to meet Castor then go check out the post linked! 

My Bujo Spread

This spread was first featured in my Plan With Me 2020 Blogging/Reading Bujo Initial Set Up so if you want to see how that bujo is set up, click away. Anyhoo this post will be explaining my spread in more detail as well as how I plan to create constellations! (as a side note, if you’re also taking part in this readathon, and get inspired by this spread then @ me if you share the spread, so I can see!)

So we’ll start briefly with the title page, I knew I wanted to keep the purple and grey theme for the bujo and carry it into all spreads which is why this spread is full of PURPLE. The telescope and constellation map were a nod to Castor as we’re helping him after all. Then at the bottom I’ve included when it’s running as well who’s hosting it. 

The left side is where the fun stuff happens! At the top we have my constellation key, which will make sense if you read the info post, so I’ve added another colour for DNF. However the yellow, red and blue were the chosen colours by CW…I just went for pink because it looks good with the other colours. Then we have my goals for readathon, there’s a lot of them and I’ll explain them below! 


Ok so my goals may be ambitious but I’ve done my best to make some easier than others so I don’t lose motivation. I’ll also explain briefly at the end of this section how I’ve sketched out the constellations! 

  • read 10 TBR books
  • read 20 TBR books
  • read 30 TBR books
  • read 40 TBR books
  • read 50 TBR books
  • read 60 TBR books
  • read 70 TBR books
  • read 3 sci-fi books
  • read 3 review request books
  • finish 3 outstanding series
  • read 5 books I’ve owned over 3 years
  • read 5 diverse books
  • read 5 books bought because I’m a magpie
  • read 7 contemporary books
  • read 7 fantasy books
  • read 7 dystopian books
  • finish all review requests

They’re all my goals, so I’ve decided to draw simple images to represent each of the goals, some goals may share an image. For example I’ve drawn a heart for the contemporary goal BUT I’ve made sure there’s 7 dots for the 7 books it’ll take to complete that goal AND another dot to mark off completing that goal on the same constellation. Whereas my TBR goals are sharing a constellation with the finishing 3 outstanding series. I’ll show what they look like as I start to fill them out haha but for now they’re all still in pencil so you’d not be able to see them properly.


Now I don’t really bother making TBR’s because I rarely stick to them, I will however be linking to my google spreadsheet when it’s up to date. As I’ve compiled a list of all the books I own and mark them off as either read or unread. So any that are unread are fair game for this readathon!


Clo’s Shelves (link will be here when I finish updating the shelves)

Are you taking part in this readthon? If you are how are you doing? If you’re not I highly recommend you do as it’s such a fun concept and plus I love collecting things…including stars! Lemme know your thoughts in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Start Your Shelfathon Goals & TBR

  1. I think I’ve already told you that I love your -shelfathon spreads, but if not – they are awesome! personally I’ve never been much good at keeping challenge trackers for some reason (the last one I abandoned was for NaNoWriMo, I think), but as always it’s so inspiring to see other people’s setups! and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your star maps ✨

    I like your progressive goals; mine are just monthly (10 or half the read count for that month, whichever is more) since I’m doing quite a few other challenges so I’m inevitably going to forget to keep track if I don’t keep it simple 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thank you Izzy, I don’t think you did…or maybe you did and I forgot ❤ I've strugged with trackers before but it was more because of the way I'd laid it out.

      Ah thank you, I like having specific things to reach otherwise I'll just erm…forget to read the things and stick to like two genres xD Simplicity is sometimes the best way to go though!

      Liked by 1 person

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