Yearly Rewind 2019

How is 2020 going to be smacking me in the face in less than 8 hours…2019 felt like it lasted 5 years honestly but at the same time it flew by. So much has happened this year for me, on the blog, off the blog and this post is gonna rewind it all. So grab a cuppa and get comfy as I unpack 2019…


My blog bless it has gone through the mill this year, it went through a rebrand and overall I’m a lot happier with how it looks and is now than before. It feels more like me and I love that. I will of course still be tweaking and changing things up, like sorting out the blogs menu…one day I’ll make it all nice and organised in the menu. For now the way I want it will remain in my head haha.  Below are some sections where I share some posts that relate to the sub heading, you totally don’t have to check them out if you don’t want to. However if you do then feel free to leave a like/comment, even if its an older post, I’ll still reply ❤

Top 7 Most Viewed Posts

These are in order of most viewed to least viewed, the most viewed sits at 235 views at the time of writing this and least viewed sits at 102 views. I have skipped out some posts and my highest viewed post is erm more than 235 but I didn’t include as it was one of the announcement posts for Bookend Events. Anyhoo I just wanted to provide a bit of transparency on my stats ❤ Whatever your highest is, is still wonderful and you are a valid blogger, never forget that!

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Top 3 Favourite Posts

Blogging Pressures We’ve Faced As Teens (ft Charvi @ Not Just Fiction)

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Imagine A Bookdragon Dating A Human

Honestly I love all the posts I’ve created for the Imagine series and I loved all the collaboration posts I managed to do this year. If you ever wanna collab with me on a post then let me know! DM me on twitter/discord/instagram or mention it in a comment and I’ll get in touch! 


3 Posts I Wish Had Gotten More Love

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My reading this year has been all over the place, despite that I have managed to read over 35+ books which is great considering my original goal was 12 books since I was struggling with a reading slump. The slump lasted almost a year from Aug 2018 to June/July 2019 and then I got back into reading without it feeling like a chore I guess? 

Favourite Reads Of 2019

Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill & Wicked Hour by Chloe Neill

These two are spin off’s to the Chicagoland Vampires series and the synopsis does kinda spoil one of main plot points in the main series. So…be spoiled at your own risk. I will say though I love Chloe Neill’s books and the Chicagoland Vampires world is one of my favourites.

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

I caved and finally read this masterpiece after Kal, Soph and Sam yelled at me to. It’s so so so good and if you’ve not read it, please go read it. I adore all the characters and the world that’s created as well as the tech and just aaaaaah. Let me shriek and stress in piece over this book.

Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse & Storm of Locusts by Rebecca Roanhorse

The first two books in the Sixth World series. I wouldn’t have picked these up without Kal so thank you love, my TBR hates you but my heart and soul adores you for feeding me such lovely books. Also the editions I have have such pretty covers, they’re metallic and just *swoons*

Ah there are so many more, honourable mentions to Somewhere Only We Know by Maureen Goo, American Panda by Gloria Chao and Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. All the books mentioned are in either the a strong brew or just my cuppa shelves on my Goodreads, for reference a strong brew is a book I really enjoyed but I may not totally connect with the character/story which is totally ok. I’m not going to connect with every character or story, but they’re still awesome books and just my cuppa are books that I would love to live in…a lot of urban fantasy lives on that shelf actually haha.


I finally started a WIP that isn’t fanfiction and y’all I am so excited for it, hopefully one day you’ll be able to read it. I will say it’s Urban Fantasy, the MC has a German Shepherd and NO the dog isn’t going to be killed. I couldn’t do that. It’s also set by the coast and I’m enjoying writing it, being in that world and with those characters, figuring out where things are going. It’s fun and I’ve missed it, if y’all are interested though I can keep you updated on the stories progress next year? Not sure if I’d make it into its own post series or include it in a monthly rewind, either way…I love magic, supernaturals and German Shepherds and I’m writing them all in one book. It’s great.


2019 wasn’t the best, wasn’t the worst either and I have my friends and family to thank for that, as well as all the books I’ve read. Videos I’ve watched and podcasts I’ve listened to it all helped. I finished college this year, back in July which is crazy as I’m done with education I think for now. Despite there being moments of me questioning my choices but no…I trust myself that I made the right choice to not go to Uni right now or do anything else education wise. 

I also got my first ever job and started that in September, whilst I’ve only been working there for 4 months, I’ve grown so much already. Though balancing work and life is a struggle bus and I’m only working 1.5hrs on weekdays. Honestly I think it’s because I’m working in a primary school as a midday supervisor and the kids just zap me of my energy. That being said the kids do make my day a lot of the time and bring me so much joy. 

Oh I turned 19 hahahaha my last year of being a teen, though I don’t turn 20 until 1st Nov next year. So I have some time to enjoy my last year as a teenager. Towards the end of this year I started digging into astrology and moonology some more, I’ve always been into astrology honestly but the moon is a new interest of mine. I bought an astrology book and moonology book to try and learn some more about both things. Meaning 2020 will more than likely feature some astrology and moon related content as I share what I’ve learned with you all.

Oh I also tumbled into the K-Pop world and y’all need to go check out Ateez if you haven’t already. I adore them and they work so hard, so talented gah my heart. I’ve not heard a song by Ateez I haven’t loved/liked.


Bookend Events

2020 means there’ll be another full year of Bookend Events…which will mean Sam and I attempt to find balance once more. We’ll get there one day loves. Just know that we appreciate every single one of you, who hosts, takes part, gives us feedback…you’re all angels and we love you for joining in on these events we created. 

At a quick glance here’s the events info for next year!

April 1st – 30th 2020 = Bookending Spring 2020

July 1st – 31st 2020 = Bookending Summer 2020

October 1st – 31st 2020 = Bookending Autumn 2020

December 1st – 31st 2020 = Bookending Winter 2020

Reflection And Looking Forward

2019 Reflection

My yearly goals I set back in 2018 are below and I’m gonna unpack on how I did…

  • Eat healthier food: cut out crisps (chips) from my diet, most sugary foods too
  • Self Love/Acceptance: Be able to look in the mirror and not always hate what I see (for the record, mirrors are rude and society’s “standards” suck)
  • Grades: Finish my College course and get the grades I wanted (this will happen half way through the year eeeeek!)

I didn’t totally get the grades I wanted, I was after MMM (Merit, Merit, Merit and is the equivilent of BBB at A Level) Instead I got MMP (Merit, Merit, Pass which is the equivilent of BBC at A Level) so I was down by one grade. But honestly, I’m hella proud that I got MMP. College was a whirlwind ride and it taught me a lot, more than just about graphic design haha. 

Self love and acceptance for myself…I was doing ok with this until I wasn’t. I’ve got a post planned for this sometime next year but I’m working on loving my body and accepting my body, and all that I am regardless of what other people day. It’s hard but it’s worth it for the moments when I can look in the mirror and genuinely like what I see.

Eat healthier food, I’d say overall I did alright with this one. I failed at cutting foods out of my diet though but you know what, that’s ok we’ve got a new year and so many more day to try and cut foods out of my diet. 

2020 Goals

  • Eat Healthier: I’ll fully hold my hands up and say I sometimes eat crap on days and other days I don’t eat enough. I genuinely crave healthy food a lot of the time and it’s rare for me to crave unhealthy food but I do erm just eat utter crap if it doesn’t require as much energy to cook/bake/make
  • Be Present: live in the moments, be there and not there through a lens or be partially there but my minds elsewhere. 
  • Learn About Astrology & Moonology: I’ll have a couple of posts I think throughout next year on these two things, as I learn and grow.
  • Learn Tarot & Oracle Cards: I already have Moonology Oracle cards but I probably won’t dive into tarot until much later into 2020.
  • Finish First Draft Of WIP: I love this WIP with my whole heart but I need to finish the first draft by this time next year. If I haven’t…I may just cry.

Bring on the new year, a new decade and all the new books I get to sink my teeth into! I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and I’ll see you in the New Year, with more content! Feel free to share your 2020 plans in the comments below as well as anything else you have to say! ❤

10 thoughts on “Yearly Rewind 2019

  1. 2019 felt like it lasted 5 years honestly but at the same time it flew by.

    This is a fucking big mood.

    Seems like 2019 was full of a bunch of change, but you are growing up and ACK! Congrats on your accomplishments and being happier with your blog, too. Also MUAHAHAHAA I am glad 4 books you loved were forced on you by me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is such a mood haha and yeah it was, aaah no don’t remind me that I’m growing up kalkal haha. Thank youuuu and well you do have fabulous taste in books! ❤


  2. blog redesigning is such a long process, I’m finding, but also such a rewarding one! yours looks great so far, and I look forward to watching it change and grow 🌱

    kids definitely take a *ton* of emotional and physical energy to look after, I only volunteer once a week but they always leave me tired out, haha. they are so worth it, though; they say and do the most precious things!

    congrats on exceeding your reading goal and vanquishing the slump! and on making progress with each of your goals – all three were quite ambitious, so I’m impressed that you managed to make some headway towards all of them! (btw, one of the tricks I’ve learned while trying to eat healthier is to stock up on alternative snacks/easy meal options – such as dried fruit instead of potato chips – and focus on that instead of cutting things out 😉)

    I didn’t end up following through my plan to try monthly challenges through 2019, so I’ll be doing that in 2020 – for January I’m hoping to re-establish a daily journaling practice, since I’ve had quite a bit on my mind lately. honestly I have no idea what the others will be, but I’m excited to find out.

    a brand new year (decade!!!) is upon us, and I hope it’s a good one for you! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • ah it is such a long process but like you said, so worthwhile in the end! thank youuuu and yeah I’m still slightly salty that I can’t have a grey background because it just makes the blogs mood feel sad *glowers at grey* I’ll figure out how to include grey somehow I’m sure hehe

      they do take a ton of energy but the things they do and say make it worthwhile hehe

      ah thank you Izzy and yes, I do need to do that…at some point. I don’t know when or how because living in a village kinda means we only do one weekly shop and its usually my mum who does it soooo, but I do plan on switching things up somehow! ❤

      I can't believe its a new decade honestly, I hope its a good one for you too ❤


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