Weirdest Places I’ve Read (Novel Newcomers: Sam @ Fictionally Sam)

We’ve all read in some weird places, I think the weirdest place I’ve read to date would be either my bathroom or erm whilst I was walking home from school. Yes I once walked and read at the same time and I tell you, I wish I could perfect that skill of reading in public and being able to not trip and land in the road. Anyhoo today we have one of my lovely friends on the blog for Novel Newcomers, it’s Sam @ Fictionally Sam! 

You can find Sam’s social links at the end!

What’s Novel Newcomers?

The idea of debut authors being featured across the blogosphere, but with book bloggers instead. But there were so many features already focusing on debut authors at the time, why not focus on newer bloggers in the bookish community as well?

In 2016, Nori from ReadWriteLove28 and Sophia from Bookwyrming Thoughts joined forces to feature some of the newest additions in the book blogging world. In 2017, Sophia started it… but dropped off the face of the planet due to other commitments and put the feature on a hiatus for 2018.

Now Novel Newcomers is back for 2019! With me, Clo, as Soph’s co-host. Are you ready for this years fun, as we shine a light on newbie book bloggers who started in either 2017 OR 2018?

Happy Monday Storytellers!

I am so excited to be able to waddle over to Clo’s neck of the woods, with a guest post because I tend to feel like Guest posting is like confessional, where you can say anything and it will be fine because it isn’t your neck of the woods. With that in mind, I have a confession to make…

I’m addicted to reading. 

I know you are probably saying, “Well duh Sam, you are a book blogger–of course you like to read.” Which is very true, but you storytellers don’t understand the avenues I’ve taken in order to read a book…or even the places. I’ve read in the most oddest of places and at the oddest of times that I thought it would be fun to share the top five weirdest places I’ve read! So grab some popcorn (or cuppa–I don’t know your life), get comfortable and let the confessional begin!

The Bathroom

Let’s start this one off with a pretty semi-common place. The bathroom is probably my go-to place to read if I’m not in my bed. It’s the one place with zero distractions in it (unless you are super fancy and have a TV in your bathroom, than to which you go dude!). From the shower, the tub, even to the toilet, I’ve read in every area of my bathroom.

A Funeral

Now I know what you guys are probably thinking with this one. But let me reiterate my addiction to you–I LOVE reading. So much so, that yes–ya girl did read at more than one funeral. Before the funeral, during the funeral, and of course after every single one. You could blame Jennifer L. Armentrout and her killer heroines and heroes for this awkward confession, because it was her Lux series as well as the Covenant series that I binged during each of the funerals I read at (the summer of 2015 was a time). 

Work Meetings

This one is partially not my fault. If the meeting was stated in an email than I could have just read the information and gone back to reading at my desk. But no, they just had to have an all company meeting exactly when things go all kinds of south in This Cruel Design by Emily Suvada. I cannot be shamed for this. If you read this book, you would understand the necessity to get to the ending above all else.


Now, this one is probably dumbfounding a lot of you that know me, because I. Love. Romance. I absolutely adore love, and getting to see it first hand makes my heart swoon in a thousand different directions. Except for this one time that I was a plus one at a wedding and knew exactly no one and sat amongst strangers because my friend was the bridesmaid. The wedding was long, the crowd more so (and I don’t do well with crowds). So I did what any other semi sane person would do–I whipped out the kindle app, and binged a nice fantasy sci-fi. Nothing like a good action packed tale of the world on the verge of imploding to invoke those soft touches of heartfelt proclamations and tender moments.

Middle of the Pasta Aisle at Walmart (Grocery Store)

Okay–I was super hungry and my mom was taking forever choosing between penne and the bow tie pasta, so in order to not get shot by my mother for telling her to hurry up and pick one, I did like I always do–picked up my phone and read. This happens more often than I’d like to admit, as some of the workers at my local grocery store now know me as the reader girl, and will often ask me what book I’m reading this week. It’s as endearing as it is weird.

What weird places have you read before? Let me know! Huge Thank you to Clo and those in Novel Newcomers for allowing me to guest post and share my addiction with you!

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15 thoughts on “Weirdest Places I’ve Read (Novel Newcomers: Sam @ Fictionally Sam)

  1. My sister has been rip-sticking (kinda like skateboarding) around our house before while reading? I was amazed bc i cant rip-stick for the life of me 🙂 one time I was reading when i was out hunting in the woods with my dad, we were up in a tree stand for around 5 hours and we didnt see anyting so I just read a book 😂

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  2. These are some interesting reading locations! My weirdest place I’ve read would have to be my senior prom. The DJ we had was not reading the room very well and was playing poor song choices again and again. I ended up at a table reading off of my phone while waiting for something fun to play, my friend even took a picture!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What do you mean reading in the bathroom is weird???? lol

    I’ve read in the tub, atop a counter top, hood of a car, on a tree branch, at a meeting, under a table, not on my couch but on the back of a couch (like a cat) and in the gyno during an exam xD

    Loved this post, girls! Love both of you!!!! ❤

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  4. I think I can safely say I once read in class because the professor liked to spend like 45 minutes telling stories and I wasn’t about that life. In addition to blogging, though, because I did have to pretend I looked somewhat interested and taking notes about the stories when really I just felt it was completely unnecessary. 🤣

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  5. Both a funeral and a wedding? Bold move, Sam. I’ve uh, definitely read a whole bunch in church 😂😂 Can agree with the shopping. I only like shopping for books and pet toys. Anything else I whip my phone out and off to my kindle!

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