Bookending Winter 2019 Announcement!

Snow is already falling for some of us, which means Bookending Winter is right around the corner! December is bringing you some wintry fun as our Winter event takes place all month long, we’ve got some awesome prompts lined up, twitter chats planned out and much more! Thank you Sam @ Fictionally Sam as always, for being my partner in all things, these events wouldn’t be possible without Sam and I working together. 

These events are open to all book bloggers – so if you’re a book blogger looking for something fun to get involved in – keep reading!

What Is It?

Bookending Winter is one of the quarterly events, running under the umbrella term “Bookend Events”, aspiring to bring the book blogging community closer together! Bookending Winter has a vague theme of Christmas and All Things Winter, but you DO NOT need to stick to this theme at all!

What Counts?

  • Posting a minimum of 3 blog posts (you can use the prompts or not, up to you)

The Rules

  • Book reviews don’t count as part of the event – but you’re more than welcome to still post them throughout the month. Just remember they won’t count as part of your 3 posts
  • Not restricted to a theme/topic – you can post about whatever you want, however, we do encourage discussion posts and/or creative post types to branch out and have fun!
  • General Topic Ideas: Discussion Posts, Tags/Awards, Memes, Writing Themed Posts, Blogging Themed Posts etc.
  • You MUST include the Bookend Events logo somewhere on/within your post, this is so we know which posts are part of the event/got inspired through the event. It also helps us with blog hopping.

How To Sign Up

Join in on this fun by filling out the form! When you sign up, this allows us to see who’s taking part/planning to take part. It’s totally OK, if you end up not being able to take part etc. It’s to give us an idea and make sure we know who we’re blog hopping to. (your info will then automatically populate the Blog Hopping Masterlist spreadsheet to help us out with blog hopping)



Hosts & Prompts

We’ve got some wonderful hosts again this event, who create prompts to help you out if you’re stuck. You don’t have to do these prompts if you don’t want to, you’re free to come up with your own, or use some of the prompts as inspiration. 

Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts (1st December)

Sunday 1st December

What’s in the Stocking? – SURPRISE PROMPT

Pinterest contest winner chooses the topic! If there’s none, there will be a prompt created on the spot (apparently I do like to torture my brain and keep everyone on their toes).


Laurie @ Laurie’s Bookshelf (2nd – 4th December)

Monday 2nd December

Reflection time

Prompt Explanation: December is here and that means it’s time to look back on the past year. How was your 2019 regarding books? Did you haul too many books? Did you have a great reading year? Too many (E)ARCs left? And did you pass your reading challenge? Furthermore, it’s time to look forward. What goals would you like to reach in the last month of 2019? Certain books you want to read before 2020 is upon us? Do you have reading goals for 2020? So, let’s reflect on your bookish 2019!

Tuesday 3rd December

Blanket, Tea, Read!

Winter is the ultimate time to get yourself comfortable with blankets, tea and books. Which books would you like to read this winter, or which books are getting you in the winter/Christmas mood?

Wednesday 4th December

The Organizing Christmas Challenge

 Uh oh, Christmas is just around the corner. Life happened and therefore you totally forgot to prepare yourself for the holiday. Answer the following questions and choose which character from books/movies/series would help you to fulfill this task and help you prepare for Christmas.

  1. At first, we need a Christmas tree and decorations.
  2. Oh, and we need presents too!
  3. Then, let’s think about dinner. Who will help you plan, cook (or cook for you) and who will serve?
  4. Maybe it’s nice to have some extra guests. Who will you invite to celebrate? This/these character(s) are not allowed to help you with preparations!
  5. Of  course someone needs to make drama. Who is this year’s drama king or queen?

Tabatha @ Broken Soul Reviews (5th – 8th December)

Thursday 5th December

Let’s Talk Big Screen

Discussion post about favourite Christmas movies. This will be a Top 10 kind of thing, but if you don’t have 10, that’s okay too!

Friday 6th December

A Very Potter Christmas!

 If you are anything like me, you have one healthy (or rather unhealthy) obsession with all things Harry Potter! Christmas/Winter time in Potter land has always been one of my favourites. It introduced us to Hogsmeade and opened up a door to tons of adventure for the crew. Today, we are taking a trip – right down to Hogsmeade, to grab ourselves some Butterbeer and talk about the upcoming Winter Ball! To get us in the Potter Winter Ball Spirit; there are some things I want to know about all of you! 

  1. What is your favorite Harry Potter Book and why?
  2. Who is your favorite Potter Character (or top 3 if you wish) and why?
  3. Which Harry Potter Character will YOU be taking to the ball? And why?

Saturday 7th December

Sport-tacular Christmas!

Prompt Explanation: Tis the Season for Sports! I don’t know about you, but when I think winter, I think sports. There’s hockey; football and many others going on at the same time. Nothing makes me happier than some snow, an arena, a sheet of ice and men adorned in hockey uniforms fighting for that win! What sport (or sports) does it for you? Who is your favourite team(s)? Favourite Player(s)? — but above all; I want to know what your favourite Book and/or Series featuring a sport player is!

Sunday 8th December

Christmas Eve Traditions

Prompt Explanation: In my family; we have a Christmas Eve tradition! The same thing we do every year (of course some of it changes a little as they get older) – today I want to know if you have one and what it is! Don’t have one? Maybe you have seen some traditions around the internet, or know people that have one – share away!


Danielle @ PoetryBooksYA (9th – 11th December)

Monday 9th December

Polar Express Discussion Post 

I love watching The Polar Express movie during Christmas time. The main character boy rediscovers his love for Santa Claus and the holiday after a wild journey far from home in one night. Describe a book or experience you’ve had this year that made you rediscover your love for the genre after reading it. 

Tuesday 10th December

Christmas Changes Discussion Post

We always wait until New Year’s to make our resolutions, but why not start at Christmas? What’s one thing (or several things) you want to change about your Christmas season this year? 

Wednesday 11th December

Un-Christmas Music 

What are some of your favourite songs that remind you of the Christmas season, that aren’t Christmas songs? 

Heather @ The Frozen Library (12th – 15th December)

Thursday 12th December

The Great Alaskan Race Tag

An original book tag themed around the Iditarod and the movie The Great Alaskan Race that tells the important story of what the Iditarod was inspired by. 

Friday 13th December

How to Have A Bookish Christmas! 

A “how to” guide of making (and also using whatever you have) bookish decorations for your bedroom and decorating your bookshelves for Christmas. (With pictures of decorating my own room along the way!) 

Saturday 14th December

Bookish Snow Sculptures! 

Make a list of what books/characters/settings you would theme a snow or ice sculpture after! (Extra fun points if you can find and share image inspiration from Pinterest or somewhere, or actually build one yourself and share a pic!) 

Sunday 15th December

Christmas With The Kranks Tag!

An original book tag themed after one of my favourite childhood Christmas movies, Christmas With The Kranks.


Emmie @ Another Night Of Reading (16th – 18th December)

Monday 16th December

Weasley Jumper Book Tag

You’ve been invited to spend Christmas at the Burrow! Just like Mrs Weasley knits everyone a jumper each year, you have decided to gift each member of the Weasley family a book. For this tag I will give a few adjectives for each Weasley to help people along but hardcore fans can, of course, go by their own HP knowledge. I’m also considering adding the extended family (Harry, Hermione, Fleur) as a bonus.

Tuesday 17th December

Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Take photographs and show off the prettiest books you own.

Wednesday 18th December

Winter Poem

Find a Winter-themed poem and explain what you like about it. The really brave among us may also write their own poems.


Anisa @ Bookish Bibliophile (19th – 22nd December)

Thursday 19th December

Oh no! Power Blackout During Snowstorm!

Imagine yourself in a snowstorm with a power blackout. You have to read books to pass time and comfort yourself. Which 3 books would you choose?

Friday 20th December

Christmas book Wishlist 

Prompt Explanation: Christmas is only a few days away, so it’s time to make a list of the books you’d love to get under the tree! Maybe you’ll even get some!

Saturday 21st December

Gingerbread Latte Tag

It’s Christmas and you’re ordering Starbucks infamous gingerbread latte what extra toppings and syrups would you add? (For this tag I will give names of different toppings and sauces from Starbucks as prompts.)

Sunday 22nd December

Top Ten 2020 Highly Anticipated Releases 

List out 10 of your highly anticipated releases for next year that you’re excited for! 


DB @ DB’s Guide To The Galaxy (23rd – 25th December)

Monday 23rd December

Naughty And Nice Things About Winter

What’s your favourite and least favourite things about the winter season? 

Tuesday 24th December

Holiday Game Nights

What type of games do you play around Christmas time? Are they passed down throughout the family and years? Or are they a new tradition you’ve created over the years?

Wednesday 25th December

All I Want For Christmas…

What book-related gifts would you want to find under the Christmas tree? Fictional characters may apply.


Jeimy @ A Novel Idea (26th – 29th December)

Thursday 26th December

A Bookish Carol Book Tag

An Original Book tag.

  • Ghost of Bookish Past: What book from your childhood do you hold dear? Did it change you/ make you the reader you are today?
  • Ghost of Bookish Present: What Author have you discovered recently that you can’t live without? What about them do you love?
  • Ghost of Bookish Future: You’ve travelled into the future. Which of your favourite books has been made into a movie/tv show? What actors were cast as your favourite characters?

Friday 27th December

Winter Vacation 

Pack your bags again because we are going on another vacation! List of the five snowy fantasy worlds/cities you would like to spend your Winter in.

Saturday 28th December

It’s A Snowflake Story 

This is for all my writers! Using the words below write a story:

Flurries, Snow, Christmas, Blush, Smirk

Sunday 29th December

12 Days Of Bookmas

A fun little book tag that forces you to look at your TBR (self torture here we come!) Hopefully, it helps you rediscover books you’ve forgotten or even help you clear up some of the ones you don’t want to read anymore!

On the 12 days of Bookmas, my tbr gave to me:

  • 12 oldest add dates
  • 11 3 star books
  • 10 books that are YA
  • 9 books with girls on the cover
  • 8 books with highschool settings
  • 7 books non-contemporary themed
  • 6 Golden Guy love interests (popular guy)
  • 5 books with the same author
  • 4 books out of your comfort zone
  • 3 4 star books
  • 2 book recommendations
  • 1 book that you can’t wait to read

Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads (30th – 31st December)

Monday 30th December

Late on Gifts (Oops!)

Prompt Explanation: Now that the holiday season is over, let’s talk about some gifts you still haven’t  delivered yet! List down some of your favourite bookish characters and what you would (meant) to get them for the holidays but completely forgot.

Tuesday 31st December

New Years Eve Book Tag

An original book tag to ring in the new year with our love of books and the bookish community!

Using Hosts Prompts

  • MUST link back to the original prompt
  • Prompts can be posted AFTER the Hosts prompt date, but NOT BEFORE e.g you want to do Emmie’s prompt which goes up on the 17th. You can post it on the 17th and after that date but not before the 17th

Other Information

Sharing On Twitter

  • tag our twitter account @bookend_events in any posts you do towards the event so we can see them. Blog hop to them and share them.
  • Also mention our personal twitters to doubly make sure we don’t miss you.
  • Tag the tweets with the #BEwinter19!

Twitter Chats and more!

We’re trying something new this event, we’ve got three twitter chats that will be taking place and hopefully you can swing by to one of them! (if you can make it to more than that’s awesome!)

Wednesday 28th November with Sophia & Clo

Sunday 15th December with Clo & Sam

Saturday 28th December with Clo and/or Sam & Tabatha

We’ll be upping our game with interacting with you all on twitter, so swing by and say hey!


(this section will be updated with new and relevant information/links, so make sure you bookmark this post to find all relevant links in one place)


Events Running Time: 1st December – 31st December 2019

Participants Sign Up Form (sign ups WILL CLOSE on the 15th December 2019)

Blog Hopping Masterlist

GET THE OFFICIAL LOGO! (You will need this logo for posting during the event! it’s says Bookending Summer!)

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