The Pancake Book Tag

Ah I love pancakes, I always have lemon and sugar on mine, which I think is a really British thing. Anyhoo Charvi @ Its Not Just Fiction did this tag a while ago and tagged anyone who wanted to do it. Mwahaha so here I am doing it, several months later because PANCAKES! 


  • Link back to the original creator in your post.
  • Feel free to use any of the original creators pancake graphics in your post, or create your own!
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Pancakes & A Sprinkling Of Sugar

A Book That Has A Dusting Of Beautiful Prose/Description

I don’t take a whole lot of notes of prose or description…unless it’s brief because I’m more into dialogue/action scenes. Anyway Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor comes to mind. I’m pretty sure that book has some pretty descriptions in it.

Pancakes & Lemon Drizzle

A Sharp Character In Wit Or Temperament

Just read the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill ok, The amount of sassy comebacks, quips and wit in the series’ pages is lovely. Specifically I’d say Merit is a sharp character in terms of wit as is Catcher, they’re both from the Chicagoland Vampires series.

Pancakes & Chocolate Nutella Drizzle

A Comforting Read You Could Devour Again And Again

My go to answer for this is A Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare HOWEVER another book that is also a comforting read is Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. Even though that book made me cry, it also made me laugh and feel seen. 

Pancakes & Golden Syrup

A Novel That Gave You A Seriously Bad Book Hangover (Sugar Crash Alert!)

Trail Of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse this book was so good gah, I devoured it in one sitting and afterwards was super annoyed that I’d have to wait to get my hands on the sequel. 

Pancakes, Strawberries & Cream

A Book That Gave You All The Indulgent Feels

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. This book was super cute and features dogs so of course it’s a great read. I also loved how it wasn’t just focusing on a love story hehe.

Pancakes & Blueberries

A Character That Seems Sharp At First But Actually Has Hidden Depths

Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices. I will forever remember how I found him to be really sharp, witty but also at times he was hurtful to those who were just trying to be there for him. Of course that was because he has hidden depths haha, as a lot of characters do. 

Pancakes & Crispy Bacon

A Romantic Pairing You Weren’t Sure You’d Like At First But That Ended Up Being The Perfect Match

Rose and Dimitri. Look I’ve mentioned this before but I honestly wasn’t loving those two as a couple, ignoring the age gap that they have, I just…I wanted her to be with Mase ok. I don’t think I’ll ever fully forgive what happened to Mase but Adrian deserves better than Rose so by book 6 I was like, you know what Rose and Dimitri deserve each other. It took me till the last book though before I was like yeah they deserve one another. 

Pancakes & Peanut Butter

A Character That Makes You Recoil

Warner from Shatter Me. Y’all can come for me saying how I’ll end up loving him, I just don’t see how but I’ll be sure to let y’all know if that changes when I continue with the series haha. Warner is just a big NO from me. 

Pancakes With A Bit Of Everything

A Book With Wonderfully Diverse Characters

Two diverse books I have read and enjoyed are American Panda by Gloria Chao and Somewhere Only We Know by Maureen Goo. It’s been a contemporary kind of year friends.


Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites

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Don’t feel like you need to do this tag if I did tag you and if I haven’t tagged you and you wanna do it, then feel free to say I tagged you! Do you agree with any of my answers? What would yours be?

6 thoughts on “The Pancake Book Tag

  1. Mmm, pancakes. I agree about Daughter of Smoke & Bone being well-written. That book will probably end up on my “best books” list this year. Eliza and Her Monsters is high on my priority list for December. I swear I’ll read that book before the year ends!


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