Best Friend Guesses My Bookish Answers

What better way to test a best friends knowledge of you, then asking them what my bookish answers would be? Honestly this could be some form of torture because we bookdragons are so indecisive which means guessing our answers is HARD. 

I first saw this over at Jamsu @ jamsudreams blog and bookmarked it for later, when I had Shan to do this with me. So the idea is to pick out 14 books one for each questions, did I do this? No. I’m indecisive and didn’t feel like ruining my bookshelves. Instead I just wrote down my answers for each question then got Shan to guess by looking at my bookcases and shelves. 

Longest Completed Series

Shan: *points at Chicagoland Vampires books and then Morganville Vampires books* One of those, I think Chicagoland Vampires. (she only guessed Chicagoland Vampires because she read the first two books and knew it was a long series.)

Me: It’s the Morganville Vampires series at 15 books they’re the longest series to date, I’ve finished.

Most Read Author

Shan: I wanna say Cassandra Clare, I don’t know why but I’m gonna go with it.

Me: *starts questioning my answer and googles how many Cassie Clare books there are* Nope my answer still stands. Rachel Caine.

Favourite Cover

Shan: The City of Bone thing. The fire one with the crown. (gives her a clue that its shiny) What about The Problem With Forever one cause of the colours? Nope. That one at the top *points at Kingdom Of Souls*, *then points to Eliza and Her Monsters* that one, I know you loved that one. *points to Songs About A Girl* That one it’s shiny. What about Throne of Glass?

Me: I mean, none of these are all good ones but erm not the one I have in mind which is Trail Of Lightning.Mostly because my paperback copy is shiny and I’m a magpie ok.

Least Favourite Cover

Shan: Probably one that’s cut out because I know you don’t like them. (I don’t own any for that reason and then my clue was that it’s a book I like but prefer the US edition) Chicagoland Vampires.

Me: Yassssssss.

A Book In My Shelf That I’ve Owned The Longest

Shan: I’m gonna guess the Chloe Neill ones? nope. Vampire Academy? nope. What?! Is it a Sarah J book? Assassins Blade? I’m gonna guess it, Throne of Glass, is that one?

Me: I’m gonna give you those, I read Throne of Glass back in 2012 but probably didn’t own them till 2013. The right answer is  Morganville books 1 – 11 as I got them for 11th birthday I think.

Shan: I got the right genre though, I know you and your vampirey self.


Shan: I feel like it’s one you’ve read loads. A Clockwork Prince?

Me: I mean it’s Jessa/Wessa or Sydrian so you get that one.

Favourite Book

Shan: I know you really like Eliza and Her Monsters but I don’t know if that’d be your favourite out of all of them. I don’t know it could be one of those ugly lovey ones. I might just go with Eliza and Her Monsters.

Me: It’s not that one. A Clockwork Prince.

Read Most Times

Shan: I keep going to either Chicagoland Vampires, The Vampire Academy or the Clockwork things. I don’t think it’ll be The Vampire Academy, I don’t know why. The Infernal Devices.

Me: I mean it is, but specifically A Clockwork Prince.

Shan: That’s because of Jem. (she knows me too well.)

Push Most People To Read

Shan: I feel like it’ll be the one you made me start reading, Chicagoland Vampires.

Me: It is.

Most Recently Finished Book

Shan: Is it contemporary? yes. Is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before? no. Damn it yes it is. *snorts* I’m being told what I last read now haha.Somewhere Only We know?

Me: Yes it is.

Favourite Book Of 2019

Shan: Eliza and Her Monsters?

Me: I’ll give it to you cause I can’t choose out of Eliza and Her Monsters, Frostblood and Wild Hunger.

Favourite Author

Shan: Chloe Neill.

Me: Yassssss.

Made Me Cry The Most

Shan: A contemporary? no it’s not. Oh wait to be fair people die in things like supernatural. (its a series I say that you keep forgetting the series name) Infernal Devices?

Me: Yes, specifically A Clockwork Princess.

Most Want To Read

Shan: To Kill A Kingdom? nope. Damn, is Caged Queen? nope. The Boy Who Steals Houses? What If Its Us? Is it the top one? Girls of Paper and Fire? nope. Is it The Mortal Cold? (this is what she actually said and I was laughing xD)

Me: This Mortal Coil hahaha.

Ah this was a lot of fun to do, I’m still snickering now as I format this post at Shan sayin This Mortal Cold. I get why though, because the spine on the UK edition makes it hard to read it clearly still haha. 

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