Plan With Me November 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

November is nearly here! Despite my love of planning in advance, I do try and wait before I create next months spreads so I can alter things if I want to. With that said, let’s get into my spreads for November and my theme was hot chocolate *drools*

Feel free to share a link to your bujo posts in the comments as I love seeing the way other people lay things out! Also if you have any questions about my set up etc ask me in the comments ❤

I now have a quote page, it’s nothing fancy, pretty simple but I really like the quote “great things never come from comfort zones” and I hope I can try and implement this quote into November, as I really struggle stepping out of my comfort zone. Both because social anxiety is sometimes a struggle and also I like control…which means being cozy in my comfort zone where I have the control. Anyhoo, we’ll see if I manage to step out of my comfort zone at all in November. Oh, and the pink thing is a marshmallow in case that wasn’t obvious. my dad was mean and made fun of the marshmallow not looking like a marshmallow

Similar layout to October, only change is having all of the side for Important Dates and shoving birthdays at the bottom. Anything in pencil are just my blog post ideas that I may post for that day, though that is subject to change, anything in pen is scheduled for that day and won’t be getting moved. (cause we’re not about to make a mess of the pretty spread m’kay.)

Again the sleep log hasn’t changed, same layout, its just what works for me though. The blue coloured column is when I should be asleep and when I fill it in it’ll have x’s. As for the habits, I’ve kept some from last month but also changed one. I’m gonna start back up with learning and practising German. So I actually took two languages at secondary school, French and German and I ended up dropping French really late in year 11 because the amount of coursework was overwhelming me…coupled with ya gal struggles to memorise passages of text it wasn’t happening. So I stayed on with German and I passed it but then I also stopped practising languages.

I’ve always loved languages, although school did kinda ruin that love BUT I want to get back into learning languages. So I figured I’d start back up with German, as for some reason my brain found it easier to pick up and remember German than French. (even though I’d been doing French from 7-15 and German from 13-16) When I’ve done a habit I’ll just circle the date with either my blue or pink glitter gel pen. 

So this is where most of the changes happened. I swapped the pages around, so the routine is on the left page instead and instead of it being a landscape spread its a nice portrait one…where I don’t have to twist my neck to read it. My idea with my routine isn’t for it to be set in stone, it’s more “this is what you should be doing if you’re in the mood”. Anyhoo the blue ink is the days priority task and the purple is the social media I’ll try to focus on. For Youtube/BookTube its for me to watch videos, catch up on my watch later playlist as well as my feedly lists and to leave comments if I feel like it. For Bookstagram, it’s to like posts and try and comment on the ones where I have something to say.

This time though I’ve also included the weekend as one of the things I noticed was I kinda got lost on weekend in October, and I spent a lot of them watching YouTube… also watched a lot of tidying videos and morning routine ones

Now for me personally, there’s a difference between Admin and GYST, although you could argue they overlap a lot.

  • Admin for me is  more digital based tasks: emails, organising photos, sorting out files on laptops, blog stuff.
  • GYST for me is more physical stuff: tidying up, planning out my week, self care, catching up on shows maybe.

You’ll noticed my weekend is either Admin or GYST in terms of priority, I have admin days on Tuesdays but by the time we hit the weekend…there’s probably some more stuff I can get done to make next Tuesday not as time consuming. Likewise with having GYST as an option on Saturday, tidying my room/s isn’t a 1 day job even now, I’m still decluttering my spaces and sorting out things. (for real I have too much stuff and it’s time to sort through it bit by bit.)

Oh I’ve also added in reading as a priority just because if I don’t, I will keep pushing it aside which is bad. Now onto the next page, we have space for my playlist, so my favourite/most listened to song of each week will get written down in here. I may also include another song just because, sometimes I discover/rediscover songs and get obsessed with them. (if any of you are interested here’s the link to my 2019 playlist so far)

Then the sections for books read and books bought are there in all their glory, which is the end of the Nov spreads. I think for December I’ll try out having weekly spreads too, as I want to have weekly spreads for 2020 but first, I should probably try them out and see how I get on with them hehe.

Whilst I still prefer my Oct spreads, Nov is a special month for me as it’s my birthday and also NaNoWriMo hehe. I’m also in love with my colour scheme, do you use a bullet journal/planner? Or are you more of a digital planner?

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