Imagine If Two Bookdragons Got Married

I hear wedding bells? Oh no it’s just the screams of a bookdragon having their heart torn out, as a fictional character died. My bad. Hehe, sometimes us bookdragons just want to settle down, what happens though when we want to settle down with a fellow bookdragon?

“Imagine” is what I dub these series of posts, where I take a topic and write an imagine themed around it, for you all to enjoy! They don’t have follow an order and can be read out of order, I hope you enjoy these posts, as much as I enjoyed writing them.

If you’ve missed any of the other posts in this feature never fear, all past posts in this feature are linked below for you! 


Imagine If Two Bookdragons Dated

Imagine A Bookdragon Dating A Human


It was a typical morning, where your bedroom looked like rainbows and books had a baby in your room and waltzed off into the sunset. Aiming the camera at the pretty flatlay you’d arranged, you clicked away. Muttering about the right angle, lighting, so absorbed in getting just the right angle you’d not noticed your partner come in. 

There was a cough, you mumbled not even turning round “In a minute babe. I’m trying to get the right angle…aha!”

“My knee hurts,” they grumbled lowly, causing you to chuckle “Why? What’d you do this time? Hit the bookcase again?”

There was an indignant huff, a groan and “Babe seriously put the damn camera down, and turn around.” 

You turned around, the camera dropped onto the bed luckily, as you stared. Seeing the person you love most in the world down on one knee, a ring in one hand they smiled at you, blushing faintly “Finally…”

“B-b-babe?” you question wide eyed, the shock still going through your system.

Clearing their throat, they said “Y/n will you marry me?”

“Yes.” you breathed before tackling them into a hug, you lay sprawled on your bedroom floor. The flatlay long forgotten. 

Planning The Big Day

“Wait babe are you sure you want it at a library?” you double checked with your fiance.

They hummed showing you a wedding magazine “Isn’t that dress gorgeous?”

“Sure babe, did you hear my-” 

They giggled “Didn’t you always dream of having a wedding in a library?”

“Well…yes. Or at least being surrounded by books.” you admitted.

Nodding they closed the magazine shut “That’s what I thought. The only thing better than being with my love, is being with my love surrounded by books.”

At that you smiled, you could feel your face slowly going pink, knowing how lucky you are to be able to get to marry this wonderful bookdragon.   

Night Before

Lying awake, you could hear them snoring softly next to you. Sighing you turned over, switched the lamp on and got up. Your mind was way too awake for sleep now. All you were thinking about was tomorrow…your big day. Would everything go to plan? Or would it all fall apart? What if something went wrong? What if the cake wasn’t delivered on time…

By now you’d reached your lounge and sitting on the sofa your eyes flicked to the photos on the wall. You and them when you first met, another few of you two when you’d been dating for several months, then a year. Smiling faintly the knots stopped forming in your stomach, your nerves settled down, as you remember that this was your person. You couldn’t imagine spending your life with anyone else. 

“Mhmm babe why are you up? You need sleep, we’re getting married tomorrow.” they said sleepily coming through.

Glancing at them you smiled “I know, I was just about to come back to bed.”

Your Wedding

It was everything you’d dreamed of and more. Saying “I do” surrounded by books, with family and friends watching as you exchanged rings with the person you intended to spend the rest of your life with. The cake had arrived on time and the day went off without a hitch. 

As your wedding day drew to a close, the sunset basking you both in a warm orange, they said softly “Here’s to a new beginning.”

“Don’t you mean a new chapter?” you giggled, kissing their cheek.

They chuckled “Yes, a new chapter.”

“I hope our story never ends babe, I hope that when our story ends it ends in the middle of something. I don’t want us to have an end.” you whispered leaning your head on their shoulder.

They said voice thick with emotion “We’ll leave everyone on a cliffhanger…deal?”

Glancing up at them, eyes locking you smiled widely, and as you leaned closer you whispered “Deal.” Before your lips met and you forget what you’d been talking about.

If you were going to marry a fellow bookdragon, what would your ideal wedding look like? Would it be in a library? Or perhaps you’d have the after party in a library?

37 thoughts on “Imagine If Two Bookdragons Got Married

    • phaha I love writing the “Imagine” series too, it’s a lil bit stressful at times but so worth it hehe (I’ve always wanted to get married in a library or at least a place surrounded by books xD)


  1. oOOH this one is a mushy cute post!
    Isn’t this the dream though 😍😍


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