Thoughts I Have Writing Discussion Posts (Off Tangent Thoughts)

Hi I love discussion posts. Writing them, reading them, boosting them just gimme discussion posts please. If you’ve frequented my blog for a while, you’ll probably know I post a fair amount of discussion posts. My train of thought whilst writing them is quite something though…

So I listen to music whenever I write. Doesn’t matter what I’m writing, I like to be listening to music, it keeps part of my brain distracted so I can focus. Hehe it also can distract me though, which can lead to my train of thought being interrupted. Resulting in more word vomit than I knew I was capable of, and wondering if I even knew what a keyboard was. 

Off Tangent Thought’s Prompt

Thoughts You Have About Book Reviews or Discussions

*opens up a blank document*

*puts music on*

*starts typing*

“wait what’s that word again?”

“hold up that makes zero sense.”

*deletes the entire first paragraph*

“does that need rewording?”


“I like it…yes that is…what is this?!”

“Clo, what were you trying to type here? This makes no sense…oh wait.”

*adds in two missing words*

“Yay it makes sense.”

*leaves it to stew in the pending review section*


A week later…





*deletes half finished sentence*

*rewrites the entire post annoyed at herself*

“There. Much better.”

my brain: You spent how long rewriting a post instead of doing-

me @ my brain: Shut up. That post was diabolical and I can’t believe you spat those words out

my brain: *smirks evilly* 

me @ my brain: No. It’s being scheduled now.

*frantically schedules it before her brain can talk her out of it, saying something else needs correcting*

Share some of your thoughts, you have whilst writing either book reviews or discussion posts! Do you relate to any of mine xD (if you click on the OTT logo it’ll take you to the memes main page!)

7 thoughts on “Thoughts I Have Writing Discussion Posts (Off Tangent Thoughts)

  1. Bwhahahaah. I haven’t written one yet but I don’t doubt I would think pretty much along the same lines as you love 😂😂😂😂😂😂 momma makes me laugh so much. 😂😂😂

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