Book Blogging 101: Tags/Awards

Book Tags, Awards both content types are a great way to boost our view stats as well as discover new blogs! Of course, this all depends on whether you’ve been tagged or have tagged others. Both types are also great content fillers, for when you maybe have no other content ready, or you just want a break.

Let’s recap briefly, what exactly book tags and awards are, before we dive into how to create this content type.


Definition: a (Book) Tag is usually a post with questions, where you get tagged in. You can do them without being tagged though, the idea then is to tag others. Awards, you need someone to tag/nominate you.

Pros: great fillers for your blog content if you’re struggling/need to break up all the reviews etc

Cons: they can take a while to do, awards also can wear thin on you depending how many times you’ve been tagged in them

Stats: totally dependant on your blog and if you’ve tagged others

I have a confession. I LOVE tags…I love tags more than awards but that’s because I like collecting things. Tags I can collect and I’m working on creating an extensive book tag archive on my blog. It’s fun, except for when you’re drowning in them.

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Book Tags

These are a tag with questions relating to a topic, usually found in the title where you also have to answer with books or characters. Hence the term book tag. You don’t have to be tagged to do them either, I’ve done a ton where I didn’t tag anyone. Since back when I was a newbie, I knew no one haha. I also wasn’t tagged in a lot of the ones I’ve done but it didn’t stop me, I was determined to collect them hehe.

You can also create your own tags! Of course you should probably research first, that no one else has already done one. But if they haven’t then the floor is all yours, make that tag, tag some people. If you do create a tag it’s a good idea to include in the title it’s yours by saying (Original) somewhere in the title.

If you’re stuck for people to tag, take to twitter and ask, there’s plenty of us who don’t mind being tagged. (including myself, feel free to tag me in tags and awards if you’re stuck).

They act as a great breaker in between other post types as well as that, they’re relatively easy to throw together if you’re short on time.


You HAVE to be nominated to do these. Another blogger will nominate you and your blog for the award, there’ll be rules you’ll need to follow. Along with questions you’ll need to answer for the award. Of course, you don’t have to do the award if you don’t want to. Most of us do, even if we’ve done it once, I just do two awards to a post now because I let them build up so much *smiles sheepishly*

Awards Currently Known

Where possible, I’ve provided a link back to the original creator, of the award. If there’s no link attached, and a note below saying creator unknown then I’ve not been able to source the creator of that award.

The Sunshine Blogger Award
(creator unknown)

Mystery Blogger Award

Liebster Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Out Of This World Blogger Award

The Supporter Award

Oh, and anyone can create an award! So if you create an award or know of an award and the creator, who aren’t listed here. Let me know in the comments or by Twitter. Please include the link to the creators post. This way, we have a hope of tracking all these awards circulating the blogosphere.

I hope this post has helped you out, feel free to tag me in any book tags and if I’ve not done them, I’ll get round to doing them at some point. Likewise with awards!

As always, any questions or any topic you’d like me to cover let me know in the comments!

25 thoughts on “Book Blogging 101: Tags/Awards

  1. “fun except for when you’re drowning in them” should be the warning label on tags! I’m trying not to hoard them but I also don’t want to post too many too close together – though I’m sure there will come a day when I have not finished a post and I’ll throw up a tag instead 😅

    your archive/list of existing tags and awards is such a great idea! I’ll definitely be peeking at them every once in a while 👀

    Liked by 1 person

    • *snorts* it should totally be the warning, I’m still drowning in them it’s a problem. I mean I usually throw them up when they’re finished or I’ll schedule them ahead and space them out xD

      Ah I wanted to have an archive for awards as a point of reference for us all, as for tags I like collecting them I have a problem *shrugs*

      Liked by 1 person

    • I relate to that, I’m debating not posting awards anymore unless I’ve not already done the awkward *muses over that* And no problem ❤


    • Ah thanks Kelly, and I mean I’d loved a post like this when I first started too *sighs* still at least it’s here for future newbies to find and help out! Eh I don’t think we’ll ever keep on top of tags, they’ll keep building…until we’re enclosed in a tag fortress phahaha


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