Book Bloggers Who Made My 2018

Ahem, *shuffles papers nervously* so I actually am a sentimental person. I mean I kept my secondary school books for 2 years, in case I wanted to look back on them later in life. Pfft I got rid of them a few weeks ago, cause it’s time to get rid of things I won’t use or need. BUT I want to say thank you to these book bloggers, who made my 2018 that little bit brighter.

I realised around September time, that I’d basically been on autopilot since late January (for reasons which are still ongoing, when it’s finished I may make a post explaining what happened etc.)

I turned 18 this year, which is great only I don’t feel any different, nothings changed. I got a year older, my future became a little less clearer to me. The near future that is, yet through this less than stellar year; blogging has been a constant more than my reading has.

Writing has remained my escape from reality and these people, unknowingly made this year easier to manage, knowing they were a keystroke away.

Disclaimer: this list is no particularly order, I may accidentally miss someone out but I love all these book bloggers

Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books

This list probably wouldn’t exist without you Evelina, back in 2017 you made a discord server for New Bloggers which I joined, thinking I didn’t have anything to lose. If I’d known back then, the crazy bunch of friends I’d end up making, I’d have done it without a moments hesitation.

So thank you for having the courage to create a discord server, not knowing if it’d even last a month. Thank you, for giving book bloggers a place to come together and for your endless love and support within the community.

Lauren @ Northern Plunder

We don’t talk a lot but I’m gonna keep living vicariously through you for the different hair colours Lauren haha. Also thank you for letting me guest post on your blog and helping me out with HTML ❤

Vee @ My Reading List

Honestly fangirling over stationary and just about anything, is awesome with you Vee. I appreciate your patience with me too, since I’m crap at this buddy read thing :/

Charvi @ Its Not Just Fiction

Your excitement for books, feeds my excitement which helps, considering I’ve been in a weird slump. But I love your insta stories and I ADORE…FREAKING ADORE YOUR BOOKSTAGRAM (it’s linked guys go check her out).

Also adore your blog posts *chuckles* oh and Charvi recently opened a bookish shop on instagram, link is here so be sure to check out her amazing artwork!

Merv @ Merv Reads

Your calligraphy skills have me in awe, also I love our collaboration posts and the fact we were able to do them to celebrate both our birthdays together. I need to remember to visit your blog more often cause it’s amazing.

Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

You have my soul, which best be comfy in it’s jar, on the bean bag sipping a good cuppa! Our discord chats and DM’s amuse me greatly…wise dragon. You all want a Soph, cause she’s blunt with your graphics if they look crap she’ll tell you. It’s nice. Cause then I know what to do to make them better hehe.

Cam @ Reader In The Attic

Voice chats were A TIME phahaha. I just appreciate you Cam…and that ancient badge you gave me. I appreciate that too hehe. Oh and your blog, and content and the cute graphics and awesome posts.

Jamsu @ jamsureads

I may gift you some stars as a Christmas present *snickers* but you won’t believe me so we’ll see. Adrian is precious and to be protected at all costs, just saying. 

Rain @ bookdragonism

SISTER!!! For the record, Rain and I aren’t actually sisters, we erm just share many similarities and our friendship formed quickly like, one minute we didn’t know the other. The next, BAM, it’s like we’ve always known each other. Also eternally grateful for your friendship and the fact thanks to you we both won a giveaway *sobs gratefully*

Shameless plug here, we also co write Dragons Discuss together and when life stops being hectic for us we’ll get that back up and rolling.

Sam @ Fictionally Sam

My partner in crime. I think…yep I’m going for it.

First and last time me thinks, I’ll ever use a meme. Made by the one and only Sam, the rest of you won’t get it. But it means a lot to little ol’ me hehe. Also you keep me sane, cause planning events is pretty hectic.

Kal @ Reader Voracious

*squishes in hug* I love you and your data loving self so so so much hehe. And the fact you’re scared of birds, means me being scared of chickens isn’t so weird. I also appreciate the work you put in for raising awareness, about International Bloggers reading accesses.

Destiny @ Howling Libraries

The Queen of Dragging Books. Your legacy shall live on Destiny haha, I hope in 2019 we‘ll get to know each other better!

Honourable Mentions

Ruby Jo @ Ruby’s Books – for being enthusiastic with review sprints and just generally a lovely person to talk to on Discord!

Erin @ Blue Stocking Bookworm – thank you for stepping in and taking my host spot in Bookending Winter 2018. Also I’m loving your new graphics for your blog!

Amy @ Little Booknerd In The Corner – still the mum of the discord group Amy hehe. I can’t see cupcakes without thinking of you now, so your cupcake love lives on! Also thank you for joining in with Bookending Winter 2018 ❤

I may have missed a few but you guys all rock. I love all of these bloggers, both them as people and their blogs.

Honestly couldn’t imagine this year without them, cause as Kal and Cam will tell you. I can’t whisper….and when they’re making you laugh at 11pm it’s really hard to laugh silently. Trust me.

So bookbloggers, who are some fellow bloggers you appreciate? Any that made your 2018 that little bit brighter? I feel like these words don’t do these guys justice for how much I actually love them, and their presence. Anyhoo…how’s your 2018 been?

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44 thoughts on “Book Bloggers Who Made My 2018

  1. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CLO I’M CRYING. You’ve also made my year a thousand times brighter and my dark soul ten times lighter. I’m so glad to call you my soul sister forever 😭💖


    Liked by 1 person

    • awwww *squishes in hug* soul sister forever indeed hehe, and thanksssss you can eat as much pastel as you like on my blog 😉 glad you love my redesign hehe

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww Clo 😭😭😭😭
    I’m totally crying you made my day, I want to squish you in endless hugs! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    THANK YOU for all those nice words 2018 without you would have been less exciting also omg loving the new design(hope it’s here to stay 😝)

    I LOVE YOU 😘😘😘😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • *squishes in hug* YOU ARE MOST WELCOME FOR THE NICE WORDS! hehe glad I made this year exciting for you, aye it’s here to stay until the end of 2019…when it’ll be revamped for 2020 hehe


      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mah heart….Mah sole. ❤ MAY YOU ALWAYS BE NUTELLA BONDED BETWEEN RYE BREAD AND ANDY SPREAD. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2019 is gonna be a boss year for us partner!

    LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this post as much as I love reading all guys’ Discord chats. I can vouch for Soph’s blunt talks about blog graphics. She did call mine a crap. Ok not exactly but she did ask me to change AGAIN. Keep rocking, Clo!!


  5. I can see some familiar names here and THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I’m honestly not even surprised because YES, they’re such amazing human beings, I can’t even. The idea of this post is great and I loved reading it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awww Clo, thank you so much for including me on this list but more importantly for being such a wonderful part of my 2018! It’s only been 3 months but wow, it feels like the best parts of forever.

    BIRDS ARE TERRIFYING, don’t forget that. Their beady little eyes are plotting death.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. “I got a year older, my future became a little less clearer to me.” Wow. Big mood. Big mood right there.

    ALSO, WHO ARE YOU TO CALL US A CRAZY BUNCH. *Sniffs* You know you love us, Clo. Also wow, I don’t think everyone wants a Soph. Not everyone likes a blunt bean rolling around their DMs honestly telling them “WOW. THAT GRAPHIC SUCKS. I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO BETTER.” It’s probably the wording, I don’t know.

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  8. This post is just so so lovely and it’s so good to see lots of amazing blogs getting flailed over!! 💖✨I’m SO grateful to Evelina too! She’s so fantastic and really encourages love and support in the community ahhhh!! (I hope you also have a really lovely christmas/holiday season Clo! Being 18 can be really tough. 💛)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thanks Cait! Evelina is awesome, love her to pieces for all her support. Ah thank you, hope you have a great Christmas/holiday season too! Eh being 18 is just really weird to be honest haha ❤


  9. […] Clo is such an amazing book dragon and her blog is to die for. She has the most adorable dragons and teacups over which I constantly keep squealing. And she’s always doing such wonderful stuff like organizing Bookending Winter like are you a super human? I love talking to her and squishing her into hugs(I mean as much as you can from continents apart :() She’s a ray of sunshine! […]


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